Skill Name

Arcane Linguistics

Skill Category


Description of Skill

Arcane Linguistics is considered to be a character’s overall aptitude in reading, comprehending, memorizing and conjugating Principatus in the act of Incantation. Arcane Linguistics is furthermore used to veil spoken mantras in game. Determines total Power Word cap and ability to acquire new power words from extrinsic sources.

Animus Costs

This skill can be raised 1% at a time for a cost of 2 Animus. A total investment of 200 Animus points will raise this skill to a 100% skill value.

Purchasable Skill Abilities

Spellbook Creation

Parchment Handling

Focused Whispering I

Focused Whispering II

Focused Whispering III

Enraged Yelling I

Enraged Yelling II

Enraged Yelling III

ArcaneLinguistics Grandmastery