The Stirring of a Shadow…

Requiem: An Ultima Online Roleplaying Experience is one of the last true enforced roleplaying shards left in the UO player-ran community. Versions and instances of Requiem have been operational for nearly ten years. Over our long history, we have cultivated a strong core community of veteran role-players, talented map makers, proficient programmers and experienced staff.

For the past year, the original staff of Requiem has come back together to re-open the doors of this project for one final foray into the abyss. We have worked closely with our community in determining what our players expect from us. We have examined what has worked and what hasn’t for not only Requiem, but for other enforced role-playing shards. Combining all of these lessons learned, we have embarked on creating what we feel to be one of the most unique, interactive and engrossing role-playing experiences to date within the UO community.

One of the most important tenants of Requiem’s design philosophy is that of character development and customization. In order to achieve promote a sense of true individualized development of one’s character, we have created a completely custom skill system which incorporates both traditional Ultima Online style skill gain through use along with a skill purchasing function, allowing players to develop their character how they see fit. In addition, each skill offers a plethora of “skill perks” that allows players to further customize their skills and their behavior. Become a legendary blacksmith by investing your time, skill points and perks into abilities that will make you known throughout the lands as an expert in your trade. Master the arts of the arcane by specializing in one of many schools of magic and mystical studies. Conquer the battlefield by specializing in one of many different weapon skills, and augment your fighting abilities further by utilizing one of the Stratagem skills.

As for characters themselves? Players can fully customize their character, from simple aspects such as height, weight, age and appearances to more advance features, such as choosing backgrounds, heritages, and more. Players are also given the opportunity to choose from one of many Personal Story backgrounds, of which bestow a variety of special items and abilities. Personal Story backgrounds are further incorporated in events involving staff, allowing GMs and Seers to involve players into plots and stories in a more individualized basis.

Ever wanted to play a witch hunter or even an inquisitor? How about a mage, distrusted but wielding powers that let you crush mortal men and bend them to your will? Maybe you just want to be a farmer, looking out for their family. What about the engineer, using machinery to carve humanity’s mark on the untamed wilds? All of these are possible on Requiem. Sure, it uses Ultima Online as an engine, but it’s so much more than just a near ancient MMO. It’s a roleplay enforced exercise in masochism and unbelievably visceral RP. To give you an idea, some of the phrases used to describe the experience are as follows: “Hard Core”, “Survival Horror”, “Awesome”, “Like Thief, Warhammer fantasy, and the walking dead had a baby”.

The core of our build, known as Requiem 2.0, has seen a substantial amount of time put into it. Before Act V was planned and conceived, 2.0 had nearly a year and a half of development time put into it. From assets, to mechanics, to everything in-between, the 2.0 build was created to be a highly customizable game experience, one that was focused on character development through a hybrid skill and perk system, and complimented with a plethora of custom mechanics to encourage role-playing, adventuring and good old fashioned fun. It’s had another two years since then.

The staff has spent countless hours into developing and extremely customized experience that, at this point, truly represents a different gaming experience from other shards (servers) you may have played upon before. The development of these systems has required us to spend a good deal of time with our heads buried in lines of code, and we will no doubt have missed things here and there. We are truly creating a brand new experience from the ground up, from mechanics to monsters, and doing so requires us to have a steady hand, a good deal of patience, and a whole heap of luck.

We are here to provide a stable, fun, unique and above all else challenging gaming experience that is committed to providing to its players a place to truly realize and play out the characters of their dreams, all within a mature and strict role-playing environment. We have created Requiem and have tailored it’s mechanics as to serve as a bastion for truly committed role-players to be able to create the character they have always wanted to play, all within a world that is equally unpredictable as it is deadly.

It is necessary to point out that our shard is not for everyone. It is extremely important to keep in mind that Requiem supports a fully realized perma-death system. Your character can very well find their demise at the hands of PvE, Or PvP elements, game mechanics such as sicknesses and the Torment, or even other players.

We feel that by implementing these sorts of mechanics, role-playing within the world of Requiem ends up being a more visceral and entertaining experience. Secondly, it is important to keep in mind that our shard’s community is built around an ideology that leads to players invest a lot of time and effort into developing their characters through means other than in-game. We promote, encourage and even reward this type of behavior, as it is the reason as to why Requiem exists in the first place; we strive to provide to the players a game and community in which a character can be truly realized down to the very last detail. If this is something that doesn’t interest you, then Requiem may not be your cup of tea. Finally, as we have the luxury of not having to rely on donations or crowdfunding to further development and sustain the shard, we are able to, with prejudice, police our community with a certain zeal to assure that trolls and troublemakers are not welcome here. If you lack the maturity and ability to treat other players with respect, you will not last long. With that said, we, the staff of Requiem hope that you can find your new home here within our community, and we look forward to seeing you in-game in the coming days.


Links & Getting Connected…

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Requiem Forums – Visit the forums to apply for an account and learn more of the game.

DarkMyst IRC Webchat – The majority of our players use an IRC channel on DarkMyst network as the channel of OOC discussion. You can get connected as easily as clicking the link and changing your nick with the command ‘/nick (newnick)’. Our players are more than happy to help new faces to get started and connected on their characters. The world may be grim, but out of character we’re all very nice!

Discord – Requiem has a Discord channel that can be used for OOC discussion.

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