Hall of Wisdom

Hail and well met, traveler. You have happened upon the Hall of Wisdom, the repository for all of Requiem’s available lore and in-game knowledge. Upon this page, you will find various entries, treatises, articles and other works authored by a wide variety of souls. One must take note, however, that while much of the included knowledge within the Hall of Wisdom is often considered common and accepted knowledge within the world of Eden, it does not often always paint the entire picture, for the Republic has much influence over what information is commonly available to its citizens. None the less, responsible scholars would take such works with a grain of salt, and recognize that not all answers can be found by simply browsing a bookshelf!

(OOC: Player beware, everything found within the Hall of Wisdom is written from an in-character viewpoint!)

A Requiem for the World of Eden

The official, unabridged plot of Requiem UO, spanning from 2005 until present.


Geography & Places of Interest

Places of interest and notable geographical topics.


Culture and Faith

A look into the Decusian culture and the Faith of the Venerated Church of Decus.


Factions of Eden

The various noteworthy organizations and factions within the Republic and Eden.



Important and crucial elements of the story, lore and general plot.


Vade Mecum Atrocitas (The Handbook on Wickedness)

An in-character almanac of the metaphysical and macabre, used to help players understand the atmosphere and setting that is Requiem.