Requiem: Getting Started (Files and Installation)

Step Zero: Join Discord!

Our Discord channel is always filled to the brim with helpful staff and community members that are always willing to lend a hand. We recommend joining our Discord before you even get started setting up Requiem.

Requiem UO Discord Link:


Step One: Ultima Online Base Client Installation

Requiem requires a specific client release of Ultima Online to play. The base install of this UO version can be found here:


Step Two: Assistant Program

Requiem requires either the use of Razor or UOSteam when connecting to the shard and negotiating certain features. You can use either one of these two assistant programs. The assistant programs can be found here:




Step Three: Install Requiem UO Launcher and Auto-Patcher

Requiem utilizes a custom-made file patcher to assure players can obtain and keep updated the various custom files our shard utilizes. Download and install the Requiem UO Launcher and Auto-Patcher.

Requiem AutoPatcher:


NOTE: Requiem AutoPatcher requires Microsoft .NET framework. If you do not have this installed already, please download the .NET framework below.

Windows XP:

Windows 7 and beyond:


Step Four: Configure Requiem AutoPatcher

Please make sure that the directories of your UO installation and assistant programs are specified correctly in the AutoPatcher, under the Settings tab.




Step Four Issues: Solving Common Requiem AutoPatcher Launch Problems

If you are having issues actually launching the AutoPatcher, right click on it’s shortcut on your desktop and try and change your compatibility settings to the following:




Step Five: Update Files via AutoPatcher

Click the Update Manager tab in the Autopatcher and click Update All. This will begin a download of all of Requiem’s custom files. Make sure that UO is not running at this time.




Step Five Issues: Unable to Decompress file.extension Error

If you experience an error when downloading a file along the lines of “FILENAME: Cannot decompress library”, go into your UO directory and delete that specific file (in this example, cliloc.enu). We have found that on some systems, some file types are not able to be automatically extracted properly from their downloaded archives and/or are being accessed by memory or the system and can result in a decompression error.


decompress error


Once you have updated all of your files, you can then click on Play Requiem.


Step Six: Set up Assistant Program

Once you have clicked on Play Requiem, the login prompt for whatever assistant program you are using will appear. Assure that the file path to your UO install is correct, and use the following information for the login/server/shard boxes:

Server or Shard:

Port: 2593


Razor Additional Instructions:

Ensure that Patch Client Encryption is checked (as shown in picture below).

Steam Additional Instructions:

Ensure that Remove Encryption is checked under Client Options, and Encryption Required is NOT checked under Shard (as shown below).



Click Okay in Razor or Start in UOSteam, and you’re good to go!


Step Seven: Negotiate Features with Server

Make sure to toggle “Negotiate features with server” in the options menu of whatever assistant program you use, or you’ll be booted out of the game automatically within thirty seconds of logging in. Requiem blocks certain functions of these assistants in order for a better role-playing experience. You’ll get a pop-up in game if this option isn’t activated, as it is turned off in both assistants by default.





Step Eight: Play Requiem!

Once you have clicked Okay or Start on your assistant program, you should see the following screen:



Accounts are auto-created, so simply enter your account name and password, and begin creating your character! You’ll be released into the general playing area of the shard once your application is approved; in the meantime, enjoy the Quarantine District. Welcome to your Requiem!


Custom Client Features

Requiem’s custom client has a few extra features built in to make our gaming experience a bit more enjoyable. One of these features is the ability to use an expanded resolution, as seen below:




You can re-scale your resolution to a maximum of 1600 x 1024. This can be done through the options screen on the assistant you are using. Testing has found that optimal resolutions are 1600×1400, 1400×1200, 1200×1000.




razor resolution



Direct File Downloads

If, for some reason, you are experiencing issues with the Requiem Auto-Patcher, you can download the files required for Requiem directly using these links.