Faction System

The Requiem Faction System incorporates numerous features and options to allow players to go beyond normal bounds of traditional UO play and experience a new and exciting way of cooperation, intrigue, strategy and even hostilities. Player guilds and individuals have the opportunity to become a part of one of the numerous Factions of the Venerated Republic within the First Province, where they will then compete or cooperate with other Factions to capture key resources, raise and build up armies, reign over cities and territories, complete customized quests, and utilize custom Faction Abilities to change the shape of the game world itself.

Joining a Faction

To join a Faction in-game, you must first be invited to the Faction by a current member of a high enough rank. If you are logged into the game when a Faction member invites you, you will be displayed a confirmation gump asking you to join the Faction.




Please note, joining a Faction incurs certain responsibilities. Firstly, Faction leaders have the ability to impose tithes, or taxes, upon individual members at any time. Every week that a Tithe is imposed upon your character, your character will have that amount of silver deducted from it’s bank account. Furthermore, Factions may have alignments set against other Factions, to include hostile alignments. If an enemy Faction has declared your own Faction as an enemy, you will be attacked freely by Conscripts of that Faction!

Upon joining a new Faction, you will have access to a new command: [factiontitle.  This command will toggle your Faction Title, of which can be set by Faction leaders, on and off.


In addition to acquiring a Faction Title, you will now be able to access the Faction Menu Screen by double-clicking your Faction’s Faction Stone wherever it is found within the game world.




The Faction Stone: Main Menu

By double-clicking your Faction’s Faction Stone in-game, you will be presented with the Faction Management Menu. From here, the following options are available:


Manage Faction


Member Management: Opens the Member Management Menu, allowing you to Add and Remove Faction Members, set Tithe/Pay rates, set Titles, and more.

Conscript Management: Opens the Conscript Management Menu, allowing you to reference the total amount of NPC Conscripts your Faction employs, the weekly Upkeep of all Conscripts, and allows for the purchasing of new Conscripts.

Faction Ability Menu: Opens the Faction Ability Menu, allowing you to activate and perform your Faction’s custom Abilities.

Quest Management Menu: Opens the Quest Management Menu, allowing you to reference all active Quests your Faction currently has, reference prior Quests your Faction has completed or Failed, and more.

Faction Hue Management: Allows you to dye clothing and enamel armor your Faction’s official colors for the designated costs.

Logs: Allows you to browse all pertinent logs generated by the Faction System.

In addition to the above options, the Faction Management Menu also allows you to browse your Faction Stores, which represent the quantity of specific supplies your Faction currently has.

Faction Stores and Supplies

Your Faction has a total of 12 separate resources it can acquire and store. Resources are used for a variety of Faction related abilities and actions, from the hiring of Conscripts to the use of Faction Abilities.

All resources can be gained through the capture of Supply Nodes, special points of interest around the First Province that periodically supply a Faction with supplies. Different Supply Nodes can confer different combinations and quantities of resources. Alternatively, eight of the twelve resources can also be crafted, collected and added directly to the Faction’s Stores through crafting and resource collection.

The twelve resources Factions utilize are as follows:

Food: Parcels of pre-packaged and preserved food, used mainly for the purchasing and upkeep of Conscripts. Can be prepared by players and added or removed from the Faction Stores.

Wood: Cords of wood and prepared lumber, used mainly in Abilities, Quests and building objectives. Can be prepared by players and added or removed from the Faction Stores.

Moriums: A chest of the peculiar objects known as Moriums. Used in everything from purchasing of certain Conscripts, the use of Abilities, towards Quest fulfillment, and more. Can be prepared by players and added or removed from the Faction Stores.

Tools: A barrel of various tools, used mainly in Abilities, Quests and building objectives. Can be prepared by players and added or removed from the Faction Stores.

Cloth: Bolts of fine cloth, used mainly in Abilities, Quests and building objectives as well as the purchasing of Conscripts. Can be prepared by players and added or removed from the Faction Stores.

Leather: Bolts of cured leather, used mainly in Abilities, Quests and building objectives as well as the purchasing of Conscripts. Can be prepared by players and added or removed from the Faction Stores.

Metal: Fine crafted ingots, used mainly in Abilities, Quests and building objectives as well as the purchasing of Conscripts. Can be prepared by players and added or removed from the Faction Stores.

Stone: Piles of stone, used mainly in Abilities, Quests and building objectives. Can be prepared by players and added or removed from the Faction Stores.

Silver: The common currency of Eden. Used in all facets of Faction life, and important for the upkeep of Conscripts. Cannot be added or removed directly by Players.

Knowledge: The accumulated special knowledge the Faction holds in dealing with all manor of topics, especially in dealing with ideas of the metaphysical, esoteric, paranormal or specialty realms. Used mainly in Abilities, Quests and building objectives. Cannot be added or removed directly by Players.

Influence: The measured influence a Faction holds within the First Province. Used mainly in Abilities, Quests and building objectives. Cannot be added or removed directly by Players.

Favor: The measured favor a Faction holds with the Republic and it’s parent Faction. Used mainly in Abilities and Quests. Cannot be added or removed directly by Players.

Supplies are crucial to maintaining a working Faction, and every type of Supply serves a purpose.

Member Management of a Faction

Managing individual members of a Faction is a crucial key to running a successful Faction. Faction leaders must be able to balance which members are to be charged a Tithe to help grow the Faction’s silver stores, and which members are to be paid for their service. Additionally, Faction Ranks play an important role in what an individual player can and cannot do in terms of various Faction abilities.

To manage Faction members, click on the Member Management option from the Faction Management menu. If you are of the appropriate rank, the following menu will be displayed:




On the right side of the screen, all current members of the Faction will be listed, along with their Title, Rank, Tithe or Pay rate, and the date they joined the Faction. The options on the left allow Faction leaders to set the Tithe/Pay rates of members, the Faction Rank of a member, the Faction Title of a member, and allow them to Add or Remove members from the Faction. To use the menu, type in the character name of the member you wish to edit values for.

Faction Ranks and Privileges

Faction Rank determines what privileges an individual member has when attempting to utilize various aspects of the Faction system. It is important for Faction leaders to assign and manage Ranks carefully, as saboteurs run rampant through the lands of the First Province. A member’s Rank will allow them following privileges, including all privileges for every Rank below them.

Rank 1: Allowed Access to Faction Stone, Allowed to Add Supplies to Faction Stores

Rank 2: Allowed Access to Faction Logs

Rank 3: Allowed Access to Quest Management and Quest Lookup, Allowed to Check In at Supply Nodes

Rank 4: Allowed Access to Cloth and Armor Hue Use

Rank 5: Allowed Access to Fulfill Quests, Allowed to Capture/Claim Supply Nodes, Allowed to Assign or Dismiss Conscripts to Supply Nodes

Rank 6: Allowed to Take Supplies from Stores, Allowed to Command Conscripts, Allowed Access to Conscript Behavior Menu

Rank 7: Allowed Access to Conscript Management Menu, Conscription of New Conscripts and Access to Enemy List and Behavior Menu

Rank 8: Allowed Access to Faction Ability Menu

Rank 9: Allowed Access to Faction Member Management Menu

Rank 10: Allowed Access to Elite Faction Abilities

Faction Quests and Management

Factions can, at times, be issued various Quests to fulfill in order to gain supplies and other special rewards. To browse your Faction’s current quests, use the Quest Management option from the Faction Management Menu.




Every active, unfulfilled Quest your Faction is currently assigned will be displayed under the Current Quests page. Quests that your Faction has completed or failed will be displayed on the right page. A general summary of all Active Quests will be displayed under Current Quests. To reference and manage a current, active quest, type the Quest Name in the box indicated and click Okay.




Various information concerning the Active Quest will be displayed once referenced. On the left page, you can reference the description of the Quest, along with any and all Fulfillment Requirements that exist. Each Requirement will display beneath it’s description it’s Status. All Requirements to a Quest must be marked as Fulfilled before a Quest can be completed. Some quests may include or consist entirely of Resource Requirements. For Resource Requirements, using the “Attempt to Fulfill Requirements” option will attempt to take any and all Resource Requirements out from the Faction’s Stores and use it towards fulfilling the Quest. If your Faction Stores have enough of the defined Resource Requirement, the Requirement will be marked as Fulfilled. Unique Requirements are normally marked as Fulfilled by a GameMaster once the requirement has been observed or reported to have been completed in-game.

Once all Requirements have been marked as Fulfilled, using the Attempt to Fulfill Requirements option once more will turn in the Quest, and bestow the rewards defined on the right hand page.

Conscripts: Management and Conscription

Conscripts consist of NPCs that are conscripted into a Faction in order to serve a role or purpose for the Faction. Six different types of Conscripts exist, each with their own unique abilities, stats, skills, and equipment, all of which are customized to each Faction.

Guards consist of the bulk of available Conscripts. Guards are used in various functions within a Faction. Guards can be set up as Sentries to protect critical areas and attack trespassing players or hostile creatures, assigned to Supply Nodes to ensure the safety of Laborers, or commanded directly by Faction Members as companions and compatriots.

Laborers, a unique type of Conscript, are used primarily to work Supply Nodes. Laborers are required to reap the rewards of Supply Nodes, and are crucial to the operation of any Faction. In addition, Laborers are used in building projects, Faction Quests and some Faction Abilities.

Conscripts require various supplies to conscript and outfit. In addition, Conscripts have a weekly Upkeep value of both Food and Silver that must be covered each and every week in order to retain the Conscript under Faction control.

The Conscript Management Menu allows for a Faction leader to browse the Faction’s current total Weekly Upkeep of all Conscripts, total counts of all types of Conscripts, the total weekly upkeep cost of each type of Conscript the Faction controls, and allows for the purchasing of new Conscripts of any type.




Each and every week, every Conscript will attempt to draw it’s required Weekly Upkeep from the Faction Stores. Beware; if this upkeep cannot be met, the Conscript will abandon the Faction and be lost. Faction leaders can examine more minute details of each of the six available Conscript types and attempt to conscript additional NPCs of that type by using the menu options listed under the Examine/Buy area next to each Conscript type.




When examining the minute details of any Conscript type, you will be presented with a short description of the Conscript, it’s default name, a summary of all current hired conscripts your Faction owns of that type, and the Outfitting and Upkeep Cost of the conscript. Using the Conscript and Pay Outfitting option will attempt to conscript a new NPC of the designated type, if your Faction stores have enough supplies of each of the types and quantities designated on the right side of the menu. If your Faction Stores have enough supplies, they will be deducted from your Stores, and a new conscript NPC of that type will be added to the world at your location. Your Weekly Upkeep costs will also increase by whatever Food and Silver upkeep values the Conscript requires.

Conscripts: Controlling and Behavior Menu

As stated above, Conscripts can be used in various means and methods within the First Province. Faction members can tailor various behaviors of a Conscript to serve a specific purpose. Two such ways to do this are to utilize the Behavior Menu and Control/Release options, available via single-clicking on a Conscript if you possess the appropriate Faction Rank.


Behavior Menu



The Behavior Menu option allows a Faction Member to designate various properties to a Conscript Guard. These options include setting a Sentry Mode, to set it’s Perception and Patrol ranges, to set it’s Post location, and more. By mixing and matching these various options, Faction members can utilize Guards to fulfill differing and various roles, from acting as stationary Sentries that warn approaching players of restricted areas, to creating roaming and patrolling Sentries that attack players on sight.

Commanding Conscripts

In addition to defining behaviors of Conscripts, they can also be directly commanded by players. Commanding a Conscript takes up Control Slots, of which are determined by a player’s intelligence level. Available Control Slots can be referenced in the Status/Stat Menu of your character. Each Conscript requires a designated amount of Control Slots to command. If your character has the appropriate Faction rank and has the required Control Slots available, they may Command an NPC by using the context menu as seen above.

Commanding an NPC will put it under the direct control of a player, similar to a tamed or summoned creature. Unique commands are available to be used with commanded Conscripts. These include the following key words when used in a commander’s speech:

“Attention”: Makes all commanded Conscripts face towards the direction of the commander.

“Face (north, south, east, west, up, down, left, right)”: Makes all commanded Conscripts face in the designated direction.

Additionally, traditional commands such as “Guard”, “Stay”, “Follow” and “Attack” can also be used.

Supply Nodes

Supply Nodes are found throughout the First Province. Supply Nodes represent a special point of interest on the map that can confer supplies to a Faction’s Stores if properly worked. Each Supply Node can offer up to three different resources of the twelve listed above, at varying quantities. Supply Nodes are automatically harvested by the Faction that controls it once every 24 hours.

Supply Nodes require Laborers in order to harvest resources. Each Node can accommodate up to three Laborers. If a Node has no Laborers assigned to it, it will not produce any resources.

If a Supply Node is provided at least one Laborer, the node will spawn it’s supplies nearby. If a Node is provided two or more Laborers, the Node’s resources will be automatically transported and added to the Faction’s stores. If a Node is provided three laborers, each resources the Node provides will have a 20% chance to provide double the original quantity.

To assign a Laborer to a Supply Node, the Laborer must be escorted to the Faction-controlled Supply Node. Once within range, using the “Assign Laborer” option from the Node will provide a targeting cursor, which you can then target the Laborer.

Laborers must be present and working a Node for the majority of the day in order for a node to spawn it’s resources or add them to the Faction’s stores. That is, a Faction cannot simply assigned Laborer’s to a Supply Node within an hour or two of it running through it’s daily check to supply resources and reap the benefits.

In a similar fashion to Laborers, Guards may be assigned to Supply Nodes to help protect Laborers and Faction interests from hostile creatures and other Factions. Up to five Guards of any type or class may be assigned to a Node, using the menu option “Assign Guard”.

Both Guards and Laborers can be removed from the Node by using the “Dismiss” menu option.

Every day when a Supply Node is checked to produce resources, various checks will be made in determining the daily outcome of the Conscripts present at a Node. If a low Guard presence is at the Node, chances for the node’s supplies to be stolen increase. In addition, having less than the maximum amount of Guards present at a node will increase the likelihood that a Guard or Laborer will fall victim to the many horrors of the First Province overnight. Guards are normally targeted by brigands and thieves first before setting their sights upon Laborers, therefore, it is recommended to provide as much security to a node as a Faction can spare as to reduce the likelihood of theft or sabotage. It is important to also note that more expensive types of Guards will often confer greater bonuses to the safety of the Node’s supplies and stationed Laborers.

Claiming and Checking In on a Node

Unlclaimed Nodes found in the wilds of the First Province may be claimed by any member of a Faction of the appropriate rank by using the menu option from the Supply Node item. Once used, the Supply Node will fall under the control of the player’s Faction, and will be able to accept Laborers and Guards.

If a Supply Node is under the control of a rival Faction, all Guards and Laborers of that Faction must be removed by force before the node can be claimed. Attempting to claim a node with Guards present is considered a hostile action, as is attacking Guards or Laborers assigned to a Node.

Every hour, Faction members may check up on a node by traveling to the Node and double-clicking it. Doing so will add to a bonus to reduce the chances of Guards and Laborers being killed by hostile situations as well as reducing the chances of thievery. Having more than one Faction member present and in the immediate area when checking in on a node will infer additional bonuses to these values.

Status updates for Nodes, including the capture and loss of Nodes, the assignment of Guards and Laborers, accural of resources and other pertinent information is logged automatically in the Faction “Node Log”. Resources acquired by Nodes is also logged in the “Resource Log”.