Community Resources

Internet Relay Chat

Many of our community members find it part of the Ultima Online experience to use an IRC client to keep in contact with the game community. Requiem has an IRC presence on the IRC server darkmyst (, a server friendly to role-players. Our main channel, #requiemuo, is often fairly active and the majority of our community members can normally be found within it. #requiemuo is also the home to ReqServ, our custom-scripted IRC bot that keeps the channel updated constantly with information regarding shard logins, in-game announcements, major events and even player deaths. For the most in-depth Requiem experience, we recommend utilizing the IRC room. For more information about the darkmyst server, including a web-client which requires no software client to install, click here.

To join our channel, simply use the command /join #requiemuo when connected to the darkmyst server.


Our forums, located here, are the home to the most up to date information regarding Requiem and it’s community. The Requiem website is relegated mostly to lore and static content, whereas the forums serve to host the most up to date shard announcements, news, stories and more. Additionally, the forums are used for the announcement of newly accepted character applications (important if you have recently applied to the shard and are awaiting full access) as well as regular in-character stories shared by both the staff and community. We invite and encourage our community members to participate in the forums in a number of ways. Our suggestion boards are routinely reviewed by Requiem developers, of whom attempt to incorporate solid ideas into the shard, be it through mechanics, scripts, art, story or otherwise. Publicly viewable in-character story forums serve to allow our community members to share stories of their characters with the community at large, while private forums exist for guilds, clans, factions and other entities for consolidated organization.