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Application Primer

Applicant Rules

Hail and well met, traveler. Upon this page, you will learn how to apply for a character within Requiem. Please read the instructions and stipulations carefully. If you have questions or concerns, please use our forums or Discord server to speak to a current player or a staff member.

Before you begin, we have a few rules for any player interested in applying to Requiem. They are as follows:

1) We require all players of Requiem to be 18 years of age or older. There are no exceptions to this rule.

2) All prospective players are required to read and understand the shard rules, located here. You must read, understand and choose to accept these rules before applying for an account.

3) Applicants require a working comprehension and ability to use the English language. We will do our best to help players who are not masters of the English language, but if you are not able to read or write with at least a decent level of English comprehension, we cannot subject other players to try and overcome a language barrier.

4) All prospective players are required to have a working understanding of the shard’s lore and storyline. Players who submit applications that include elements that clearly have no place in Requiem (for example, telling how your character slays dragons on the weekends) will have their applications denied.

5) Players who are known to be detrimental to the overall well-being of role-playing communities will not have their applications considered favorably, if at all.

6) Players are required to register a forum account on our forums with a sensible forum handle and a sensible avatar. Forum accounts with offensive or immersion-breaking handles or avatars will be deleted.

Please read the instructions and stipulations carefully. If you have questions or concerns, please use our forums or Discord server to speak to a current player or a staff member.

Character Rules

There are a few rules associated with the application of a new character. They are as follows:

1) Applying for characters from previous Acts must account for how they have survived within Eden from the time of their last playdate up until the current storyline. Players are allowed and encouraged to apply for previous characters from any prior Act, so long as they weren’t subjected to a perma-death during those times.

2) Characters must be of age 18 or older. There are no exceptions to this rule.

3) Characters must originate from Vitaveus or another pre-approved location as dictated by the staff. In addition, all characters are to be considered current or excommunicated Republic citizens.

4) It is allowable to incorporate elements of the shard’s plot or Factions when creating your character’s backstory, if they are practical. For instance, it is permissible to state that your character is a former member of a Faction or was present for a notable event in the shard’s story-line. It is not permissible to state that your character is the secret leader of a Faction or make any other fantastical statement. Please note, the staff and plot elements for Act V may or may not recognize your character’s history or importance in-game.

5) Characters must be created with realistic and plausible abilities; to state that your character has some sort of super-power or preternatural ability that cannot be portrayed using game mechanics will be looked upon unfavorably.

6) While we allow for players to apply and play characters related to one another (brothers, sisters, cousins) and share surnames, we would prefer that if you intend on collaborating with other players in order to make characters to play and live together, you come up with original and interesting applications and concepts as opposed to lumping everyone into the same surname. We have found that these situations often lead to large swaths of players being held responsible for the in-game actions of a single person within their “House” or “Family”, and often leads to negative sentiments; be creative.

7) Please keep in mind lore elements that might affect your player in-game. For example, the study and practice of arcane arts are considered blasphemous and illegal and may very well result in the incarceration and death of your character.

8) Players are not allowed to apply for characters that have knowledge of a character they recently played. This includes children, apprentices, siblings, etc. Children of previous characters may be played if they are over 18 years old (per our server rules).

Please keep in mind lore elements that might affect your player in-game. For example, the study and practice of arcane arts are considered blasphemous and illegal and may very well result in the incarceration and death of your character.

Character Application: Primer Material

It is required that, at the very least, you familiarize yourself with the Act V story primer, located here. This primer briefly summarizes the events of the plot from 2005 until present, and sets the stage for the current Requiem story-line.

It is recommended that you read as much of the material located on the website as you possibly can, as the staff of Requiem is very hands-on in their approach of portraying and playing NPC elements within the game world. Thus, you may encounter scenarios where your ignorance of a particular topic (IE: disobeying a key faction in-game, the use of magic as witnessed by certain elements, etc.) may lead to your character ending up in unforeseen circumstances, or even death.

To help out newer players that may not be too familiar with the ins and outs of Requiem’s plot and story, we have written a few primer scenarios that may assist you in coming up for a reason why your character is seeking entry into the quarantined First Province.

Provincial Treasure Hunter

You are a hardy type of folk, having survived the horrors of the Torment and the proceeding civil collapse of the Republic nearly unscathed. In fact, ever since the Apocalypse has shown signs of its impending arrival, you have done quite well for yourself by scouring the lands for discarded treasures and valuables among the ruins of cities and villages unfortunate enough to have gone unprotected by the Legion and Church.

With the recent fall of Tor, you have now set your eyes upon the First Province as your next big score. While nowhere as near large as some of the mega-cities that litter the Eastern Baronies, you know firsthand that Tor is not without its treasures to be pillaged – from the administrative headquarters for the four factions of the Republic, to the sprawling Residential District, to even the Republic Senate itself, there is sure to be had some coin to be made from sifting through the abandoned former capital. So long as you can avoid the Afflicted, that is.

Monster Hunter

You spent much of your childhood reading of the Old and of the wicked accounts of monsters it spoke of. While the majority of your peers dismissed you as juvenile for embracing such stories of aberrations and the paranormal as true accounts, your resolve could never be swayed. This lust for knowledge of the Ill and the stories of the ancient times carried on through your adolescent and even adult years, lending itself to a near obsession at times.

With the revival of magic across the Republic came with it a sense of vindication; for if such a thing as casting spells had proven to be real, what else from the old texts had been? Then, when the first reports of the Afflicted became widespread across the Republic, your hobby of monster research became a full-fledged profession. You have spent a large portion of your adult life preparing for this day and age, one in which the realm of Men would once again do battle with paranormal and unnatural forces. Recent accounts from refugees of the First Province have spoken of horrible creatures straight of the clerical accounts of the early ages of man, and after having taken account of as many of these tales as you could, you have set off to the fallen city of Tor to take on these beasts head-on.


Many of days have you spent pouring over the Old Texts to garner some insight into the days of old. Grimoires, lexicons and decrepit journals have long been your companions for as long as you can recall. Piecing together what you could from not only Decusian works of ancient history, but that of many of the cultures and peoples it had assimilated early in the Republic’s quest to dominate Vitaveus, you have come to the conclusion that the world is not what it entirely seems.

Driven to discover this unseen narrative of the universe, you have found yourself embarking across the ruined countrysides of Vitaveus since the outbreak of the Torment, desperate to garner more knowledge about the re-discovery of magic, the origins of the Resolve, and the truth behind the dreaded plague. Upon hearing word of the fall of Tor and the quarantine of the First Province, you wasted no time attempting to infiltrate the forsaken territory, confident that that last pieces of the cosmic puzzle you’ve dedicated your life to solving lies within.

It is recommended that you read as much of the material located on the website as you possibly can, as the staff of Requiem is very hands-on in their approach of portraying and playing NPC elements within the game world.

Character Application

The following constitutes an application for a character in Requiem. Please copy the below fields, fill them out using a word processor, and then post the completed application to our Character Application Board, located here. The staff will the review the application, and upon approval, your character will be granted a Quarantine Visa in-game, allowing them to leave the Rumbling Pass Quarantine Checkpoint and enter the world of Eden.


Do you have any prior experience with Requiem? If so, please detail when (and what characters, if desired) you previously played:


Briefly summarize your prior role-playing experience in a sentence or two:

Why do you wish to play on Requiem, and what do you expect from the shard?


What will your character’s name be?:


Please briefly describe the physical attributes of your character, including age, looks, height, weight and any notable features:


Briefly state your character’s intentions or motivations for entering the First Province:


Briefly provide a pertinent detail or notable quality of your character’s history (this does not have to be exhaustive nor revealing of any information you wish to keep secret):


Briefly write an in-character response to the following scenario:


You have finally arrived at your destination; the Rumbling Pass checkpoint. Before you stands a massive outpost, looking to have been erected only recently, of which is patrolled by numerous Legionnaires and Church Templar. The outpost guards the only viable entrance to the recently quarantined First Province; the home of Tor, the fallen capital of the Republic. Sitting at the foot of the massive mountain line that effectively contains the First Province within, the outpost serves as the last obstacle you must overcome before gaining entry into the quarantined territory. You and others like you assemble outside of the palisades of the outpost, awaiting the opportunity to speak your case to the presiding Legion officiant who is processing admittance to the Province.

You watch as but a scant few of the dozens that approach the officiant, whom stands at the outer gates of the outpost flanked by a few heavily armored Legionnaires, are actually allowed to pass through the man-door and into the outpost. You see some slip pieces of gold to the officiant, while others plead their cases and rationale as to why they should be allowed to enter the recently fallen territory. Some appear to provide some sort of paperwork to the officiant, whom promptly waves them through. While eavesdropping, you manage to overhear the well-rehearsed speech the officiant provides to those whom don’t provide paperwork or grease his palm.

“By decree of the Venerated Church, the First Province is considered to be a mortal health hazard, and as such, is quarantined under Article Eighteen of the Republic Treatise of Health Act of 1320. Citizens who do not possess a Quarantine Visa issued by one of the recognized Factions of the Republic are considered non-essential to the reclamation of the First Province. Under Article Eighteen, non-essentials seeking entry into an official quarantine zone must petition for entry into a said zone, and state just cause for the issuing of a visa by the perimeter authority. State your business and make it good, citizen; we’ve enough bodies in there to keep us busy for months without adding yours to the pile.”

You ponder the situation for a moment, evaluating your options. It’s well known that with the right connections and the right amount of coin, one can get their hands on a Quarantine Visa from any one of the major Factions of the Republic, or even a passable counterfeit from more nefarious sources. At the same time, it would appear that the officiant doesn’t appear to be above some simple bribery. However, you’re sure that some of those let in appeared to have made a convincing case with the officiant. Gathering your wits, you make your decision as to how to gain access to the First Province.


Once you have completed this application, please post your responses within the Character Application Board, located here. Thank you!