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Files and Set Up


Hail and well met, traveler. Upon this page, you will learn how to get to setting up your system to begin playing Requiem. Please read the instructions and stipulations carefully. If you have questions or concerns, please use our forums or Discord server to speak to a current player or a staff member.

Before you begin, please remember we have a few rules for any player interested in playing on Requiem. They are as follows:


1) We require all players of Requiem to be 18 years of age or older. There are no exceptions to this rule.

2) All prospective players are required to read and understand the shard rules, located here. You must read, understand and choose to accept these rules before applying for an account.

3) Applicants require a working comprehension and ability to use the English language. We will do our best to help players who are not masters of the English language, but if you are not able to read or write with at least a decent level of English comprehension, we cannot subject other players to try and overcome a language barrier.

4) All prospective players are required to have a working understanding of the shard’s lore and storyline. Players who submit applications that include elements that clearly have no place in Requiem (for example, telling how your character slays dragons on the weekends) will have their applications denied.

5) Players who are known to be detrimental to the overall well-being of role-playing communities will not have their applications considered favorably, if at all.

6) Players are required to register a forum account on our forums with a sensible forum handle and a sensible avatar. Forum accounts with offensive or immersion-breaking handles or avatars will be deleted.

Please read the instructions and stipulations carefully. If you have questions or concerns, please use our forums or Discord server to speak to a current player or a staff member.

Step One: Downloading and Installation of UO Client

The first step in getting into the game world is simple; download and install the UO Client release found here:




Step Two: Downloading and Installation of Assistants

Assistant programs allow you a bit more flexibility over customizing your user experience, including new resolution sizes and the like. They are a required element of playing on Requiem. The two assistant programs you may choose between are Razor and UO Steam. Feel free to try either or.




Step Three: Downloading and Installation of the Requiem Autopatcher

To assist in the distribution of our custom files, we’ve a handy Autopatcher to help you keep up to date with your files and Requiem news. Download and install the Autopatcher using the link below:



Step Four: Autopatcher Settings

Assure that your Autopatcher settings are defined correctly, to include your file paths to your UO folder, what assistant program you wish to use, and other pertinent options.



Step Five: Utilize Autopatcher “Update Manager” to Pull All Custom Files

Your next step is simple – using the Autopatcher to patch your game. Use the Update Manager option to browse all pertinent File Updates. Use the Update All button to automatically download all of the available files.


NOTE: If you encounter a ``Failure to Decompress`` error with any file attempted to be downloaded by the Autopatcher, take note of the file name, close the patcher, and delete the file from your UO directory. It will automatically be re-downloaded and the issue will be resolved.

Step Six: Launch UO via the “Play Requiem” Button, and perform First Time Setup of Assistant Login Information

Once you’ve updated and patched all of the new files successfully, use the Play Requiem button to launch Requiem and your chosen assistant. Upon launching your assistant program for the first time, you will receive a screen similar to the following:



Assure that Remove Encryption is selected and that the login or shard information is as follows:

Port: 2593

Step Seven: Verify Everything is OK!

Press Start or Connect on your assistant program, and your screen should look something like this:


Step Eight: Create Account

All accounts on Requiem are automatically created with the information you enter. If your chosen account name is not already taken, upon entering your desired information and using the arrow GUI button (or keyboard return button), your account should be automatically created and active. You will be then brought to the Character Selection Menu and given the option to “Begin New Character”. Welcome to your Requiem!


Step Nine: Assure “Negotiate Features” Option is Enabled in Assistant Program

As your last and final step, assure that the “Negotiate Features” option is enabled in your Assistant Program of choice. Failure to do so will result in your client being automatically disconnected from the server!




Step Ten: Read the “Getting Started Guide” and Apply for your Character!

You’re all set to begin writing your Requiem. Make sure to read the Getting Started Guide for some general help in figuring out Requiem, and browse the Application Primer if you haven’t yet applied for a character.