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Greetings, curious scholar! Within these halls you shall find generations worth of compiled wisdom concerning the world of Eden, the Venerated Republic and its various peoples, and a plethora of other topics from the wonderful to the terrible. By clicking upon a topic of interest, you will be presented with a category of knowledge to further peruse and explore.

Current Plot Storyline


The current storyline of Requiem: Act V.

Requiem: Act V (Coming Soon)

Main Plot Novella


Prior plot stories and tales compiled into the official lore Novella.

Part I (Coming Soon)

Part II (Coming Soon)

Act III & IV (Coming Soon)

Decusian Religion and Faith


Prior plot stories and tales compiled into the official lore Novella.

Speculatio (Coming Soon)

Creationis I - III

Creationis IV - VI

Exodus Fidelium (Coming Soon)

Eileso Saimros Letter (Coming Soon)

Witch Hunter's Manual (Coming Soon)

Main Factions of the Republic


The various Factions and cultures that populate the world of Eden.

The Decusian Venerated Templar (Coming Soon)

The Apothecary Corps (Coming Soon)

The Republic Foundry

The Venerated Legion of Decus (Coming Soon)

The Consortium

The Venerated Inquisition Corps (Coming Soon)

Sub-Factions of the First Province


Sub-factions and groups that call the First Province home…

The Forlorn Hope

The Enclave (Coming Soon)

The Iron Collars (Coming Soon)

World Concepts


The ideas, concepts and themes that influence the world of Eden and its’ people.

Technology & Science (Coming Soon)

Collection: Atrocitas & Banned Literature

Magic & The Arcane (Coming Soon)

Life in the Republic


Aspects of life and living conditions within the Venerated Republic.


The Prelacy

The Sempiternal (Coming Soon)

Geography and Important Locations


Pertinent locations, territories and geography of the world of Eden.

Vitaveus: Western Territories (Coming Soon)

Vitaveus: Midlands (Coming Soon)

Vitaveus: Eastern Baronies (Coming Soon)