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Guide: Healing & Grit


Healing is a staple of UO combat, and Requiem is no different. With this guide, you’ll be able to get to keeping yourself and others in pristine fighting capacity.

Commands – [aid and [grit

Healing in Requiem is somewhat different than traditional UO shards. To heal your or others’ hit points, you may use the [aid command. As opposed to bandages or healing instruments, lending [aid in game allows you to role-play your character as you see fit. Perhaps your character instills morale into their friends or others, lending them to a restoration of hit points. Perhaps they are an addict to an illicit substance, and by taking a few doses of their “medicine”, they’re back in action. Perhaps they simply bandage up their bleeding wounds like normal. Whatever the case may be, [aid allows players to role-play healing as they see fit.  When utilizing [aid, you will be given what will appear to be an identical targeting reticle as you are familiar with from using bandages


Grit and Grit Pool

The next concept of [aid is what is known as Grit. Grit is a numerical pool of which is reduced every time you use the [aid command successfully. For easy reference, your Grit pool is lowered by the amount of hit points you heal your patient for. For example, healing yourself or a friend for 25 hit points will reduce your Grit pool by 25 points. You can check your current Grit pool by using the command [Grit.



Every time you use [aid upon yourself or others, you will expend Grit. When your Grit is zero, you’ll no longer be able to utilize the [aid command. Similarly, if your end healing value is greater than your current Grit pool, your heals will be lowered to the amount of Grit you currently have. By default, your maximum Grit pool is determined by multiplying your Anatomy skill by 20; this can be raised significantly through the use of Abilities.

Restoring Grit

Restoring Grit can be done in a few different ways. The most prevalent (and easiest) way to restore Grit is by visiting a Sanctuary area. A Sanctuary area is a specific location in the game world that is considered “safe” for the purposes of being able to regain your thoughts, senses and willpower. Sanctuaries will restore a large portion of your Grit (2000 points) every ten minutes while in a Sanctuary. To fully take advantage of a Sanctuary, you must let your guard down; by wearing armor and not fully committing to a sense of peace, you’ll regain Grit at a greatly reduced rate. You can determine if you are in a Sanctuary by observing the messages given to you when entering a defined region within the game world.



Gaining Infusion

Using Aid upon yourself or others bestows a small amount of Infusion. With certain perks, lending Aid to others bestows twice the amount of Infusion award than healing yourself. Coupled with Abilities that allow Aiding of other players to use less Grit and to heal more hit points, one may find that playing the role of a dedicated supporter may be beneficial to a party.

Skills and Abilities

The effectiveness of your Aid uses as well as your maximum Grit Pool are all governed by the Anatomy skill ( There are also numerous Skill Abilities that augment your Aid functionality. Some of these abilities are listed below:


Grit I

Grit II

Grit III

Nimble Fingers

Supervised Triage