The Legacy of Augustus Acellus

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The Legacy of Augustus Acellus

Post by Carwyn » November 10th, 2022, 2:28 pm

“Sometimes in my bed at night I curse the dark and I pray for the light... Sometimes the light's no consolation.”

Here follow the contents of a small leatherbound book aged by time and exposure to the elements. The text is neat but appears to be written by a trembling hand...

I'm not sure how long I've been back in the First Provence. There's really no point in keeping track of time as one day pretty much looks like all the others as I try to lose myself in the daily grind of work. I work hard hoping to be exhausted enough as night falls to keep the nightmares away. Most of my day is spent foraging for food, both for myself and to help feed the survivors in the refugee camp where I've been sleeping. It is a place of filth and squalor but somehow feels safer than most places I've been.

It's been a long time since last I swung a spear, but it seems to be coming back to me allowing me to harvest small game easier than the rock I first began with. Yesterday I finally found an ill-used hatchet which before breaking allowed me to cut enough wood to craft a handle for a new one and a pickaxe. I scraped and smelted enough ore from the rocks to create some basic tailoring tools as well. Hopefully it won't be long before I can get back to working with leather and can again find some relief in the joy it once brought.

I met a curious (both by nature and appearance) woman the other night who seemed eager to talk. She mentioned that while between jobs, she knew some people that might be opening a tavern. She said that they could most likely use someone like me to tend bar and cook light meals. I mentioned that I might be interested and hope to convince them to let me work for booze and a warm hearth to shelter by at night, though I often find sleeping in an enclosed space difficult. Some nights prayer and liquor are the only things that allow me to sleep, I hope they will continue to sustain me as I struggle to recover.

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