The Legacy of Niklaus Kruger

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Character: Niklaus Kruger

The Legacy of Niklaus Kruger

Post by Niklaus » February 16th, 2024, 10:42 pm


Full Name: Niklaus Kruger
Birthdate: Thawmist, 5th
Birthplace: Reykgarde, Arkhess
Birth Sign: The Cog

Height: 6’2”
Weight: On the heavier side, thick with muscle.
Eyes: Dark, muddy brown.
Hair: Long,dark brownish-black generally pulled back and braided.
Skin: White, tanned due to his work outdoors.
Handedness: Right
Posture: Rigid
Hygiene: Clean.
Scent: Various types of flowers, those familiar with the craft would catch hints of alchemical mixings periodically.

Physical Description: Niklaus appears to be extremely physically fit. He would appear to be of an imposing stature if not for the giants that have come to the First Province. He sports a short, full beard that is neatly maintained. He generally maintains a more placid stare as he moves throughout the Fort.

General Health: He appears to be the pinnacle of health
Profession: Florist
Faction Affiliation: Black Thumb gang, Meddler’s Incorporated.
Languages: Decusian, Northyrian
Accent: Arkhessian- strong by the average standards
Roleplay Tools: Flowers and related objects.

Hobbies: Alchemy, Reading, Meddling.
Habits: Working in his flower shop, perfecting alchemical studies.

Personality Description: Niklaus is generally quiet and reserved in public. His friends would paint a very different picture of the man though, behind closed doors he seems to enjoy humor more than most and enjoys practical jokes.

Niklaus was born and raised in Reykgarde,a large Logging and Coal town in central Arkhess, nestled atop the Eskers.The majority of Niklaus’ family resided in Kalastaa, where as a small child while visiting he would experience Swerve Sphere for the first time, and develop a love and obsession with it.

In his early teenage years, his family would receive life altering news of his Mother’s Aunt passing and leaving to her and his father a tavern she owned, The Salted Pearl. It was with this news that Niklaus was pulled from his life in Reykgarde to the sprawling city of Kalastaa. As time passed Niklaus’ father pushed him into Swerve Sphere and he pursued it with a fervent passion. In his late teens he was drafted to the Arkhess Abusers in the semi-professional league where he stood out for a time, before the rush of adrenals and doping came into the sport.

It was during this time Niklaus became disenchanted with the sport, seeing the rampant cheating that plagued the semi-professional league he decided to make Swerve Sphere a secondary focus and pursue a different goal entirely. This is when he approached Graffen Black Thumb with a plan to corner the market on the very same drugs he despised. With the backing of the Black Thumb, he had access to some of the very best Alchemist within Kalastaa to teach him, and soon Swerve Sphere became nothing more than a chore to him.

Niklaus found great success with Black Thumb and his band but it was during his early twenties when all that went awry, the first boats from Tor began to dock, and in the following months, Kalastaa too would fall to the Torment. With the docks sealed off and Kalastaa entering a state of lockdown, it was Black Thumb who offered Niklaus passage for him and his family out of the city. An agreement to continue his work for him in Redholme and a handshake soon led them all to flee the walls.

Redholme was very different from Kalastaa, the full might of the Republic could be felt with every step on the streets, the Arkhessians had a tough time adapting and integrating into the already contentious underworld that existed within it’s walls. After a few years toiling away and a few too many scraps with local gangs, Niklaus decided to settle on the First Province in an attempt to use his skills to aid in the recovery of the promised cure.

Strengths: An unwavering sense of loyalty and strong belief in Sisu
Weaknesses: An unwavering sense of loyalty and strong belief in Sisu

Governing Virtue: Valor
Governing Throne: Hubris

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