Deft shadow strikes!

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Deft shadow strikes!

Post by Atreyo » January 31st, 2023, 7:46 am

It took her a few moments to notice something was amiss in her trunk: her tools were stacked somewhat neatly to one side, and the emergency copper coins looked decidedly thinner than when Nivellen last appraised them. Not only that, there was some of that fine blue powder sprinkled all over and around the chest. Then it hit her: that was the burglar's parting gift and calling card all in one, as they wanted her to know they had been inside her cabin.

She began to wonder why society's gears kept grinding down the poor, but the Arkhonen's sulk didn't last long; as much as she disliked it, folks carried all her valuables to the banker's watchful eye for a reason, and keeping a large purse at home was only inviting trouble. Mappo's offer ebbed back and forth in her mind, and now she regretted turning him down when better locks were proposed. "Who'd want anything from this smelly shack?", she thought. Well, now Nivellen knew better.

Wrapped tighly in her coat on her way to the fort, she was also aware the thief could've been greedier: both of them knew there was treasure beyond the coins and booze that had been taken, and to her relief most of it was left untouched. The strange kindness made her wish not for the thief's head when all was said and done, maybe a pinky would suffice if they were ever to knowingly cross paths.

She'd save those thoughts for later: now it was time to seek a reliable locksmith, and make good use of her recklessness to warn the commonfolk around the Fort about the slick shadow lurking in their midst.

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