Tailor's of the First Province!

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Tailor's of the First Province!

Post by Malik Azer » March 16th, 2022, 6:57 pm

A delicate parchment written in purple ink and attention to the art of calligraphy is nailed on the bulletin boards of Fort Praesidium and Bright Lantern Camp.

Greetings, I seek masterfully crafted garments of highest quality and durability. See list below.

Hooded Robe - 7,5 gold
(Masterpiece quality, +2 DCI)

Collatian Face Wrap - 12,5 gold (Masterpiece quality, +2 DCI)

Traveler's Cloak - 10 gold (Masterpiece quality, +2 DCI)

If you need my measurements you can find me at my residence. Hearth and Hale Tavern, Fort Praesidium.

-Malik Azer

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