Sought: Painting Structure and Supplies

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Character: Quincy Everhard

Sought: Painting Structure and Supplies

Post by Marlowe » July 27th, 2022, 11:40 pm

*a few flyers are tacked around areas where merchandise is hauled to and fro. The careful handwriting in weak purple depicts some flair, particularly noticeable in consonants crossed with a dash*
I seek a lightweight easel mainly for outdoor usage. Thus, it is imperative to coat such a structure in order to withstand both excessive humidity and extensive sunlight exposure. Moreover, a bonus will be added to the original price should said easel come with proper handles for smooth transportation.

Along with the aforementioned request, I expect an oiling kit for maintenance purposes for the hinges and a fresh set of paint brushes of various sizes. The party who can fully accommodate such an order will see a generous sum coming their way. Seek the footnote of this pamphlet to get a hold of my contact information.

Quincy Everhard

*a brief description of a middle-aged man with burgundy hair is left here, along with far too much detail regarding outfits with dashing hues of the season. The closing sentence offers the address of the Frontier Herald headquarters by the General Store*

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Character: Hollis Maeby

Re: Sought: Painting Structure and Supplies

Post by Hollis.Maeby » August 7th, 2022, 11:32 am

Hollis re-read the specifications on the flier Quincy had given her and made small check makes next to each of the requests. It had taken her three tries, but she was feeling confident that this third rendering was perfect for the man.

The first easel had been too heavy, she'd made it out of walnut hoping it would be sturdy enough to withstand extensive use, but the weight added to it by this choice was too much. She had seen Quincy get winded jaunting up a short flight of stairs, this would never due.

She had resolved the issue with weight by remaking the design in pine, a wood she didn't work with often due to how flimsy it could be, but she hoped it would be strong enough to last. To reduce the weight even further, she fashioned all of the metal hardware out of tin. While this made for a very lightweight product the tin hinges had not withstood the stress test she put it through.

Going back to the drawing board, she had adjusted many things about the third and final easel. This one was pine, the metal hardware had all been made from bronze and she had even come up with a clever way to fold the legs even easier into the carrying case.

Looking over her work, she was very pleased with herself. She placed a spare canvas into the easel and admired how the whole thing had come together. She wondered if she should stain it, but figured Quincy, as a man of fine tastes, may want final say on its visual aesthetics.

Hollis folded up the easel and gave it one final inspection. Now she just needed to find Quincy to give it to him. She had no idea how much she would even ask for such an item. Often times she satisfaction of someone's approval was enough for her, but warm and fuzzy feelings were no longer going to get her through life. Perhaps her merchant Inga could be of some assistance here?

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