Application for Niklaus Kruger

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Character: Niklaus Kruger

Application for Niklaus Kruger

Post by Niklaus » March 12th, 2023, 5:08 pm

Do you have any prior experience with Requiem? If so, please detail when (and what characters, if desired) you previously played:

None at all.

How did you hear about Requiem?

Various other players who currently play here.

What will your character’s name be?

Niklaus Kruger

Please briefly describe the physical attributes of your character, including age, looks, height, weight and any notable features:

Niklaus is a extremely fit and well put together individual, he appears to be in his late 20s, standing around 6'2" and weighing roughly 230 pounds. He has short kept black hair and a short busy black beard. He has dull muddy brown eyes. Nothing aside from his size is notable.

Briefly state your character’s intentions or motivations for entering the First Province:

Niklaus dreams of bringing Swerve Sphere back to the lives of the people of the First Province and opening his own training grounds for those interested in learning and pursuing the game.

Please provide a few short paragraphs with pertinent details or notable qualities of your character’s history. This does not have to be exhaustive nor revealing of any information you wish to keep secret:

Niklaus was born to a moderate well to do family in the city of Arkhess, as a child he was enamored by the sight of Swerve Sphere courts where the athletes would gather and prove their mettle. He spent the majority of his youth training and learning as much about the game as he could, mostly ignoring the goings on in the world. When he was of age and finally stepped foot on the court in his first match he realized there was something very different between him and the other players and he noticed he lagged behind in all aspect. His mood grew more and more dour with each passing game until he found himself sitting on the sideline. It was there he noticed for the first time the other players consuming concoctions to enhance themselves before stepping foot onto the field.

With this realization he began to consume every piece of literature he could in regards to alchemy as a means to supplement his short comings. In time he found work as an apprentice alchemist and was rather gifted in the craft. But his mind always lay on the court and the games to come. As his skills and knowledge advanced he began consuming these alchemical concoctions and noticed a sharp improvement to his game. But it came to late.

As the Torment wracked the lands and the dead piled upon themselves Swerve Sphere was a distant memory to most. Niklaus continued working in the alchemy shop in an attempt to help curb the mass of dead but the Torment proved to potent. Then the dead began to rise, with this Niklaus a long with the rest of the survivors began to flee, with only a single place in mind he boarded the ship to this place called Eden.

Please write a few short paragraphs of an in-character response to the following scenario:

Sweat began to bead from his forehead as the Officiant barked at him, the scene was all too much for him to take it and his head began to spin as he wobbled, catching himself on his heel before he stumbled. Visa? He didn't hear about this, no one had ever mentioned this as he found himself unable to answer as his mind raced, eyes flicking and darting back and forth between Officiant and the line of people.

" name is Niklaus Kruger, I am an alchemist here to aid the wounded and sick, I was told my skills were needed here."

His found cracked as he spoke but soon he found himself able to speak as the guard the Officiant stared silently at him. He stood there steadfast and determined to be allowed forward, as sweat once again began to bead from his forehead.

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Re: Application for Niklaus Kruger

Post by Archin » March 12th, 2023, 5:43 pm

Congratulations, adventurer! Your application is...


Please ensure that your character name is spelled correctly upon exiting the Songmaker's chambers. A GM will approve your character at their earliest convenience.

Welcome to Requiem!

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