Development: Hotfix and Update Thread

Announcements, updates and news concerning the Requiem project.
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Re: Development: Hotfix and Update Thread

Post by Sic » July 28th, 2021, 1:31 am

Development Update List:

Rogue Related Season One Changes

A new mechanic has been added for staff members to be able to approve characters to acquire certain Character Traits (as seen in the Codex) that require GM authorization prior to purchase.

One new mechanic has been added to allow for players to acquire GM-Approved Character Traits in game.

The Home Invader ability has been removed from purchasable skill abilities. Any player characters whom may have had this ability prior to today have been automatically refunded the purchase cost to their Bonus Animus property.

The Home Invader Character Trait has now replaced the former ability; it is a GM-Approved Character Trait.

An Instructional Manual on Modern Locks may be purchased in Bright Lantern for one gold. Using this item when approved by staff will allow the user to acquire the Home Invader Character Trait.

Additional new GM tools put in to place to better track stealing, lockpicking, and snooping.

Palm Item Skill Ability has been added. This is a Finesse-based skill and is within the 30 skill level range. The description is as follows:

Being fairly adept in the art of Finesse, you are able to covertly ‘palm’ an item, hiding it amongst your body for a later time.

[PalmItem allows you to securely hide a small item on your person (such as a key), of which is flagged as hidden and ‘blessed’ until toggled off.

This Skill Ability functions identically to Keistering and has been added to give more players the ability to use it.
Running while in stealth is no longer achievable without the Stealth Expertise Character Trait.

The Stealth Expertise ability has been removed from purchasable skill abilities. Any player characters whom may have had this ability prior to today have been automatically refunded the purchase cost to their Bonus Animus property.

The Stealth Expertise Character Trait has now replaced the former ability; it is now a Mortality-Based Character Trait.
The Master Of Shadows ability has been expanded to assume the function of the Stealth Expertise ability that provided feedback as to how many ‘steps’ were left of stealthing.

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Re: Development: Hotfix and Update Thread

Post by Rex » August 3rd, 2021, 12:44 am

Upped the cost of enchants
Removed Self Repair Rune
Removed Self Repair from all equipment

Reduced damage ticks to every 2 seconds (Previously was ever 1 second)
Lowered damage per hit by 30%.
Removed spell penetration from Auras.
Reduced the damage of "Shatter"
Removed heat stacking on heals
No Longer can stack auras

No longer can cast while under the effects of emasculate

No longer can affect players not in your party
No longer can affect vendors/Towncriers/bankersblessed NPCs

Removed the Following Spells: Deathly Obsession, Intensify, Spell Shield, Sheild of Faith, and Precision

Added cooldown nofitication for any spell that has a cooldown via system message

Renamed "Open Tunic" to "High Collared Tunic" to match crafting gump

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Re: Development: Hotfix and Update Thread

Post by Sic » August 5th, 2021, 1:30 am

Development Update List:

Mortality – PvE

Mortality calculations have been revised for launch status. Mortality is now a scale, with gained points being a value upon a scale of Y to Z.

Gaining Mortality from creatures and PvE elements is now calculated as follows:
X % Chance, Y to Z (where Z is Deadly Chance [ Chance to Obtain Mortality] * 6)

For example, a creature with 45% Deadly Chance will now display as follows:
Deadly, 45% of 1 – 2 Points

Lethal creature designation is applied to creatures with a 75% or higher Deadly Chance, which raises the “low-end” of the scale from 1 to 2.

For example, a creature with 75% Deadly Chance will now display as follows:
Lethal, 75% chance of 2 – 4 Points

Mortality – Character

Incurring Mortality will now display a more prominent message and new popup.

Mortality now decays at a rate of 1 point per every 3 hours in-game, versus 5 hours in-game.

Mortality now decays twice as fast in Sanctuary areas (1.5 hours in-game per point, versus 3 hours).

Forsaken Status

Characters who accrue 13 or more points of Mortality at any time will be considered Forsaken. Forsaken characters can interact with special NPC entities, known as Forsaken Entities, around the map, with various outcomes.

Forsaken Status will display a new, customized Death Codex page to indicate to the player they are currently in Forsaken status.

Agent of Enlightenment Added: The Agent of Enlightenment will offer a specialized Character Trait for purchase when double-clicked. The Agent is a Forsaken Entity, and can only be seen by players whom have been knocked-out or whom are Forsaken Status, and can only be interacted with as Forsaken.

Mortal Blows (Trait) Agent Added to game world.

Object Property List – GUI Overhaul

All creatures will now inherit a new GUI “Single Click” feedback formula to indicate when an NPC is abnormal and unique in some way. Feedback is divided into the following categories:

Revised Deadly Chance Feedback (Display % Chance and Point Spread)
Notable Offensive Capabilities
Notable Defensive Capabilities
Notable Stats (two levels)
Notable Stat Resources (two levels)

Feedback will only be shown when certain notable thresholds are met script-side, and will not display on every creatures – this is a work in progress that may be adjusted up or down in the coming weeks.

Mysterious Creatures added: Mysterious creatures will not display any GUI feedback to the player, to include shrouding Deadly Chance information.

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Re: Development: Hotfix and Update Thread

Post by Sic » August 11th, 2021, 10:48 pm

Development Update List:

PvE Part 2

Winded Status Added (see Dev Journal)

Grit Changes (see Dev Journal)

Keistering/Palm Item

Added an additional exception for Keyrings when using these skills as some instances disallowed certain height/weight combos to be able to use these skills on Keyrings.


Malignant - Removed from OPL

Mort Gump Realigned

Mort Acquisition Fixed (defaulting to 1 in some instances)

Faction Titles Fixed on Players OPLs

Blessed Attribution to certain NPCs

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Re: Development: Hotfix and Update Thread

Post by Rex » August 30th, 2021, 10:34 pm


You can now make Hay (required for specific craftables in carpentry and tailoring items) by using 4 Alfalfa on a flour mill.

Farm plots can now be deconstructed using a hatchet on the field by double clicking the hatchet and click on the 5x5 farm plot - Only a Faction Level 9 or 10, or personal claim owner/co-owner may use this ability.

When you attempt to chop an add-on, it will now give you a warning prompt based on your permissions within the house letting you know whether or not the item will be returned to deed form to destroyed.

Jewerly (including glasses and pocketwatches) can be dyed via the metal enamels in the legacy store.

The Legacy store dyes have been changed to fall seasonal dyes (Season changes in 2 days!).

Masonry crafting: small urn, and small vase has been lowered to match mason feat skill %, starting at 29.

Artisanry clothing has now been added to the RNG for skill clothing, if you have "trappings of the trade" feat.

Changed candle requirement to beeswax for wall sconce recipe, added beeswax to candelabra and candelabra stand.

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Re: Development: Hotfix and Update Thread

Post by Archin » September 10th, 2021, 10:13 pm

Cooking Review Part One Changes:

40+ new recipes have been added to cooking via cooking pot tool

Various changes in existing cooking recipes have been made to utilize underutilized ingredients as well as alterations in item art for the finished products

Flour has been enabled, you can create flour by processing 4 wheat sheaths in a mill

Cooking recipes now offer from Tier I - III infusion rates based on recipe rarity and/or ingredient complexity

Food now gives between 50-1000 Grit based on complexity and recipe rarity

Cooking categories "Pies and Pastries" and "Breads" have been combined into one category, "Baked Goods"

For prepared foods the rate of decay, recipe uses, and uses per item have been increased based on recipe rarity and/or complexity

Faction resources have been separated into two categories QoL: Faction Bulk Supplies and Faction Lunches

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Re: Development: Hotfix and Update Thread

Post by Archin » July 20th, 2022, 10:21 pm

CHANGE LOG: 7/20/22*
(*These patch notes encompass a litany of changes over the past few weeks)

  • OSI Standard books have been expanded visually to be more readable
  • Sanctuary Infusion Bonus now limited to certain areas rather than the entire sanctuary zone
  • [Flip is now a player level command - this allows players to turn items that have multiple directions to the item (ex. chairs, paintings, etc.)
  • Rentals now will display the monetary rent amount and when it’s due on the rental sign for owners
  • QoL Change: Vendor item count has been increased to 500: Vendors are a pain to manage, long term we’d love something for players to have a better time as both consumer and proprietor, but until then hopefully this makes things a little less tedious
  • Legacy Decoration can no longer be locked down to block doors
  • QoL Change: Updated the harvest nodes for Lilies so they’re easier to see and harvest(Used in Colored Paste for Painting and Alchemy)
  • QoL Change: Tumeric, Alfalfa, and Ginger harvest nodes have been updated so they’re easier to see and harvest (Medicinal herbs processed via Mortar & Pestle for various crafts)
  • Arcane Resistance: Body Attunement is now useable in combat and has 2 minute cooldown
  • QoL Change: House Rent & Due date are now both listed on the house sign for the Owner
  • Storage Bins (Fort Praesidium) should now accept Shaped Stone and various log types
  • Storage Bins (Fort Praesidium) should now accept drafting ink
  • Failing Crafting won't consume finished Fermentation Kegs
  • Cooking now allows for makers mark
  • Cooking in pre-launch dev had its quality bonus infusions disabled due to exploit. But Specialist can now access those bonuses when crafting EO+ quality goods
  • For Specialist: Additional uses have been added to crafted foods based on quality
  • Jewelry is no longer locked behind specialization, after review, we don’t think this will hinder the advantages over the Specialist in jewelry craft and wish to keep it available for aesthetic purposes (that said - we’re still working to make the jewelry meta synergize into end game progression, we’ll keep you updated on changes)
  • Bronze ingot requirements for jewelry produced a bug, so we made a new item called “bronze setting” using the same ingredients, it’s an extra step to ensure your material bonuses are properly applied to your end product
  • Add to Jewerly tooltop: "Click to change appearence”
  • Removed Empty Jar Requirement for Paints
  • Remove heat requirement for painting
  • Changed ItemID of Paints
  • Scissors will no longer require uses
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Re: Development: Hotfix and Update Thread

Post by Archin » July 26th, 2022, 2:30 am


Good Evening!

As promised, we’ve begun implementing our Enchanting and Magic balance with tonight’s update. This was originally supposed to be a quick balancing pass but evolved into a much larger rework of the systems. We’re hoping that with the changes we can finally put a nail in mage balance and continue forward into Season One with a healthier environment for players in both PvE and PvP.

DISCLAIMER: Originally we had hoped to complete all the changes, test them, and refine them on the test server before releasing them to live. However, as the patch grew the amount of code in the backlog made it difficult to fix issues on the live server and caused more work for Rex. Because of this, we are releasing the changes in an unfinished state. We are doing this so we can more quickly refine them and polish them and move on to other changes that are needed before Season One.

Just bear in mind when using these systems that they are not 100% complete and tested. Additionally our patch notes we tried to document to be as complete as possible but may have missed a few spell changes, but the spell descriptions in the spell book have all been updated individually describing their conceptual changes (if any). Certain changes listed will not be live immediately. There will be some issues and more changes coming over the next week. Our goal is to have all the changes finalized and functionally as intended by the end of the week. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause all of you guys and just know we’ll be working as fast as possible to fix whatever issues arise and push the rest of the changes.


In addition to magic rollout, this week we'll be implementing the new means to obtaining and applying enchants:

The main thing we wished to address with Enchanting was accessibility to the player base. Enchants are very powerful tools and a fun gear progression that few players have access to. To address this we will be making enchanting possible via an NPC enchanter for a gold fee (We will introduce in game knowledge of this when the time comes). To do this you will have to bring an Enchanting Rune to the vendor who will then allow you to apply it to your weapon/armor/jewelry.

We’ve also changed the way Enchanting Runes are obtained. They will no longer be craftable, instead becoming loot dropped by various end game mobs. Mobs will drop “A Peculiar Rune” which you can then infuse with Infused Particulate (IP) to turn the Peculiar Rune into a rune used for enchanting. The Enchanting Rune received is random, and the amount of IP needed to empower the Peculiar Rune varies as well.

Another thing we wanted was to allow more RP leeway for players who wish to use enchants. The lore frowns heavily upon the use of magical items and magery but with enchanting being such a powerful and interesting system we wanted to provide an avenue for players to justify using them while not completely ignoring anti-mage RP. To do this all Enchants given by the vendor will be Consortium approved and marked as such. While this won’t save you from the most die-hard Decusian purest it does allow Republic-aligned players to engage in the system without having to break their RP and deal with rogue mages.

The caveat to legality though, is only player enchanters will have the ability to “over-enchant” an item, which is the process of applying runes over the normal, stable capacity and imbuing stronger properties. This process is a risky endeavor as over-enchanting runs the risk of breaking the item if pushed too far, as well as injury, or death to the enchanter.


The base damage calculation formula for spell damage has been changed. We realized early on that the changes made to the formula in the first review were flawed. It cannot be understated how much of an improvement this will have on the expediency in which we can tweak and change magery. This will result in a huge change to the damage output mages can expect, especially on lower mana cost spells. Damage will be substantially reduced for lower mana cost spells and increased for higher mana cost spells.

Here are some examples.
For a mage with 120 Arcane Incantation, 120 Arcane Linguistics, 50 (Maximum) Spell Damage Increase, and 125 Intelligence:
  • Current: 20 mana spell results in 94 (on the top end) damage before resists.
  • New: 20 mana spell results in 40 (on the top end) damage before resists.
  • Current: 40 mana spell results in 107 (on the top end) damage before resists.
  • New: 40 mana spell results in 77 (on the top end) damage before resists.
  • Current: 60 mana spell results in 46 (on the top end) damage before resists.
  • New: 60 mana spell results in 113 (on the top end) damage before resists.
  • Current: 80 mana spell results in -87(on the top end) damage before resists. (Yes, negative.)
  • New: 80 mana spell results in 150 (on the top end) damage before resists.
As you can see the curve of the last formula made it impossible to have high mana cost nuke spells and made lower mana cost spells too powerful. With the new formula, it follows a more natural curve scaling with mana cost.

While this seems, and certainly is, a massive nerf to the damage output of mages it does not tell the entire story. The formula just calculates the BASE damage of spells, spell damage can change on a spell-by-spell level. Last review we introduced new mechanics to the magery system for the different trees. Heat Stacks, Plague Stacks, and Frost Stacks being the main ones. With this pass, we’ve further improved and refined these mechanics to try and create a more fun and engaging system where mages are rewarded for ‘combo’ing spells. We’ve likewise given Pagans some much-needed love after being left behind during the last pass of the system.

With the changes, we really wanted to focus on identity for each subclass of mage and further incentivize mixing multiple spells to achieve maximum damage output.


We’ve removed roughly half of all spells. There are several factors that led to this decision. Many of these felt redundant, unused, or did not fit well with the design and balance we wanted for magery. But this is also to help newer mages who are breaking into magery get spells that are useful to them through research. To further help with this we’ve moved several spells into abilities that can be purchased with animus under the skill trees, removing them from the spell research list.

The main reason is that a spell list of 300+ spells is simply not something we are capable of tracking and balancing. As we say often; we’re a small dev team of volunteers and have to choose wisely where we allocate our time and resources. With Rex being our only coder he’s needed for every change that is made and can only do so much. We hope with these changes magery will be in a much more manageable, balanced state and we can devote more of our time and attention to balancing and improving other aspects of the game.

It’s also important to note that this is not the final spell list for mages. We still plan to introduce new powerful and unique spells through the acts that can be obtained through various methods. Some cut spells may be introduced in other ways as well in the future. While the spell list will never reach the staggering levels it once was, it still will be expanded on and improved.

Below we tried to list all of the major changes. There are a lot of minor tweaks to spells that aren’t worth noting or we may have forgotten to list some changes here. Some of the things listed may not be live yet and will come later as we work through the rest of the change.


General is remaining very much the same. There have been some tweaks to how their passive functions but generally it will be the same. With a lot of the utility removed from the other trees General will become more of a utility tree to support the others.

MOVED the following spells into abilities that can be purchased with Animus from the Skill Menu:
  • Energy Aura
  • Blackrock Staff
  • Shield Of Righteousness
  • Levitate
  • Sex Change
  • Telekinesis
  • Greater Telekinesis
  • Fates Embrace
  • Eye Of Darkness - Changed the look of the world when you’re scrying mode, but expect more changes to this spell in the coming week including cooldown and duration changes
  • Holy Lightning
  • Heavens Descent
  • Implosion
  • Magic Trap
  • Magic Lock
  • Remove Trap
  • Camouflage Item
  • Expose
  • Feather
  • Dispel Field
  • Mass Dispel
  • Cloaking Veil
  • Exchange Life
  • Healing Flash
  • Greater Recover
  • Restoration
  • Blade Spirit
  • Energy Vortex
  • Animated Weapon
  • Energy Field
  • Wall of Stone
  • Magnetic Pull
  • Weight
  • Sanctuary
  • Time Spasm
  • Enchant
  • Consecrate Weapon
  • Haste
  • Spell Shield
  • Mana Drain
  • Curse
  • Arch Protection
  • Curse Weapon
  • Gift of Life
  • Cunning


We felt like Archmagic was overall in a good place design-wise, being more focused on CC and utility than raw damage. We wanted further this by allowing different ways to apply Frost Stacks as well as a bit more choice one when the Archmage freezes their targets. We hope the changes will result in a cleaner and more satisfying “combo”ing of spells.

MOVED the following spells into abilities that can be purchased with Animus from the Skill Menu:
  • Ice Sword
  • Obelisk Of Wrath
  • NEW ABILITY: [ColdSnap - We’ve added the ability to choose when you freeze your target via a new “Cold Snap” ability. This will allow an archmage to stack frost stacks on many targets at the same time and choose the best time to freeze them. To go along with this we’ve extended the
  • Frost Stacks (Passive) - All offensive Archmagic spells have a chance or a guarantee to apply 1-2 frost stacks depending on the spell. Frozen Footprint puddles dissipate once a chill stack is applied to a target.
  • Frozen Footprints limited to 1 per tile max (down from 3), These puddles cause chilled stacks
  • Ice Wall - Reduced duration to 10 seconds, no longer applies frozen stacks
  • Shatter/ Wither - Shatter now finds all frozen targets within range and applies damage to them all at the same time. Shatter now has a short cooldown. Shatter damage increased

  • Migraine
  • Air Blast
  • Water Blast
  • Harm
  • Air Vortex
  • Mind Blast
  • Hurricane
  • Tornado
  • Incognito
  • Ice Bridge
  • Purge
  • Summon Fiend
  • Air Elemental
  • Water Elemental
  • Dampen Spirit
  • Motion Confusion
  • Tomb Trap
  • Slowing Spirit
  • Paralyze
  • Water Trap
  • Cold Stare
  • Terrify
  • Feeble Mind
  • Clumsy
  • Avalanche
  • Horrific Beast
  • Wisp


For Diabolism we really wanted to push for the idea of forbidden magic raising the dead while spreading disease across the battlefield. The Plague Stacks didn’t quite function as we had envisioned originally so we redid them to be better in line with our original design concept.

MOVED the following spells into abilities that can be purchased with Animus from the Skill Menu:
  • Corpse Explode
  • Shadow Slip
  • Summon Familiar
  • Plague Stacks (Passive) - Changed the way in which plague stacks calculate their damage and decreased the duration of a stack before decaying to 18 seconds.
  • Infection - Now applies plague stacks and resets the decay timer on all plague stacks on the target.
  • Disease - Applies plague stack and increases the total number of plague stacks on a target by 20%.
  • Plague - Applies Plague Stack and refreshes Plague Stacks on all targets within the AOE.
  • Spread Sickness - Spreads 50% of the Plague Stacks on a target to all enemies in the surrounding area, resetting their timers.
  • Poison Strike- Converts 50% of the total Plague Stack damage into instant damage, removing all Plague Stacks from the target.
  • Raise Skeleton) - Skeletons can now only be raised from fallen corpses. It will attempt to raise as many skeletons as there are corpses around the caster, limited by the caster’s follower cap. Corpses of fallen skeletons can be re-raised by recasting the spell. Improved the combat abilities of Summoned Skeletons.
  • Combine Skeletons- Skeletons can now be combined into 2 higher tiers. Combined tier 1 skeletons make tier 2. Combined tier 2 skeletons make tier 3. Skeletons reanimated with the Raise Skeleton spell always return as tier 1 skeletons.
  • Pain
  • Disease
  • Poison
  • Lesser Anoint
  • Lesser Deface
  • Cursed Soil
  • Greater Deprivation
  • Lesser Deprivation
  • Pain Spike
  • Inner Shadow Strike
  • Deprivation
  • Anoint
  • Deface
  • Defile Hit
  • Greater Anoint
  • Greater Deface
  • Toxic Water
  • Curse Water
  • Blood Pact
  • Blood Drink
  • Leech Poison
  • Necrotic Mending
  • Blade Spirit
  • Summon Daemon
  • Raise Warrior
  • Exhaustion Wave
  • Swamp Sink
  • Rot Flesh
  • Darken Vision
  • Mass Curse
  • Temporal Stasis
  • Succomb
  • Intensify
  • Deathly Obsession
  • Spike Wall
  • Fighting Dead
  • Vampiric Embrace
  • Wraith Form
  • Self Poison


Divine we felt was in a decent place design-wise. They will remain more healing focused than other mage types. We wanted to create more interactions between heat stacks and their offensive spell. We’ve changed the way heat stacks work to become bonus damage, rather than a negative damage debuff.

MOVED the following spells into abilities that can be purchased with Animus from the Skill Menu:
  • Sword of Faith
  • Fire Bug
  • Detect Undead
  • Exorcism
  • Rain of Fire- Each bolt has a 50% chance of generating a heat stack on the target. (3 bolts)
  • Flame Strike - Gain an additional 20% bonus from heat stack crit.
  • Judgment- After a gestation period deal damage to the target. Final damage now increases for each heat stack applied to the target during the gestation period.
  • Wrath
  • Lesser Evict
  • Evict
  • Flame Wave
  • Sun Strike
  • Greater Evict
  • Volcano Erupt
  • Inner Holy Strike
  • Inferno
  • Bless Food
  • Bless Water
  • Fire Seed
  • Reveal
  • Unshackle Spirit
  • Shackle Spirit
  • Cure
  • Heal
  • Arch Cure
  • Remove Curse
  • Lesser Healing Hand
  • Noble Sacrifice
  • Pillar Of Life
  • Fire Fly
  • Call Holy Fire
  • Fire Elemental
  • Awe
  • Fear of Death
  • Night Sight
  • Gift of Sight
  • Shield Of Faith
  • Enemy of One
  • Divine Fury
  • Banish All Evil


Pagans were left in a bad place after the initial pass. We wanted to give them some love and bring them up to par with the other mage trees. We wanted to further give them an identity that focused on pets and summons to differentiate them from other trees.

MOVED the following spells into abilities that can be purchased with Animus from the Skill Menu:
  • Create Staff
  • New Ability: Blessed Bees
  • Lure Stone
  • Field Of Truth
  • Reaper Form
  • Enchanted Grove
  • Leaf Whirlwind) - Now as an additional effect to the spell will buff your follower/summon increasing its attack speed for 10 seconds.
  • Grave Beetles - Now as an additional effect to the spell will buff your follower/summon increasing its damage for 10 seconds.
  • Earth Titan - Reducing its rarity from Artifact to Epic.
  • Unholy Sigil- As an additional effect to the spell will buff all followers/summons within the area of the AOE.
  • Mana Spring - 15-minute cooldown added.
  • Regrowth - 20% increased healing when targeting summons.
  • Hand Of Protection- 20% increased healing when targeting summons.
  • Whithering Grubs - Healing increased.
  • Healing Stone - Portion of all damage is stored into stone. A higher percentage is stored from self inflicted damage from Pagan healing. Summoning now costs the caster’s HP.
  • Life Tree 15-minute cooldown added.
  • Druid Familiar - Completely reworked. Having a familiar out now reduces your total mana from 10-60 depending on which you choose. All familiars (except pack goat) were completely reworked with vastly superior stats and abilities that scale with higher mana cost.
  • Throw Rock
  • Thorn Prick
  • Torture
  • Rock Slide
  • Pure liquid
  • Life Spring
  • Summon Fey
  • Earth Elemental
  • Call Darkness
  • Rising Colossus
  • Snotling
  • Stone Stare
  • Swamp Sink
  • Disillusion
  • Sleep
  • Earth Shield
  • Dull Weapon
  • First Strike
  • Cat Reflexes
  • Weaken
  • Reactive Armor
  • Agility
  • Precision
  • Giant Strength
  • Strength
  • Hollow Reed

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Re: Development: Hotfix and Update Thread

Post by Rex » July 29th, 2022, 7:13 pm

This is the list of active spells.
  • Lightning
  • Energy Bolt
  • Chain Lightning
  • Holy Aura
  • Teleport
  • Call
  • Dimensional Shift
  • Dispel
  • Magic Unlock
  • Mass Teleport
  • Eye Of Darkness
  • Invisibility
  • Lesser Recover
  • Recover
  • Energy Barrier
  • Time Stop
  • Paralyze
  • Protection
  • Corpse Skin
  • Magic Reflection
  • Ice Shards
  • Chilling Breath
  • Glacier
  • Chilling Hand
  • Ice Spikes
  • Tsunami
  • Ice Storm
  • Blizzard
  • Ice Aura
  • Shatter
  • Emasculate
  • Ethereal Voyage
  • Mana Vampire
  • Cleansing Winds
  • Healing Mist
  • Frozen Field
  • Frozen Flesh
  • Ice Wall
  • Arcane Empowerment
  • Evil Omen
  • Blight
  • Infection
  • Disease
  • Poison Field
  • Death
  • Deadly Spores
  • Plague
  • Shadow Aura
  • Spread Sickness
  • Poison Strike
  • Extract Life
  • Stop Heart
  • Siphon Death
  • Deadly Touch
  • Raise Skeleton
  • Combine Skeletons
  • Gather Horde
  • Walking Dead
  • Parasite
  • Blood Oath
  • Fireball
  • Rain of Fire
  • Flame Strike
  • Judgement
  • Meteor
  • Fire Storm
  • Fire Aura
  • Explosion
  • Star Fall
  • Lava Pool
  • Bless Corpse
  • Lesser Regen
  • Regen
  • Greater Regen
  • Hand of Sacrifice
  • Cleanse By Fire
  • Greater Heal
  • Searing Light
  • Immolating Weapon
  • Bless
  • Leaf Whirlwind
  • Grave Beetles
  • Earth Titan
  • Earthquake
  • Unholy Sigil
  • Blend with Forest
  • Stone Form
  • Mana Spring
  • Regrowth
  • Hand Of Protection
  • Good Berry
  • Healing Stone
  • Life Tree
  • Pure body
  • Druid Familiar
  • Beast Pack
  • Grasping Roots
  • Barbed Prison
  • Crystal Chamber
  • Stone Skin

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Re: Development: Hotfix and Update Thread

Post by Archin » July 31st, 2022, 3:27 pm

General Updates 7/26 - 7/31

Enchanting is now live, an overview of the system can be found on the wiki:

General Fixes
  • Various Crafted Foods have had their names/itemID fixed
  • Paintings now are crafted with wood material color
  • Paintings now cannot be flipped with double click when locked down
  • Shields now have a taunt feature: you can double click it to equip it from your back then double click from paperdoll attempts the taunt. It gives you a target to choose an npc. Also there is a 20 second internal CoolDown
  • Carpentry Tiers I-III have been consolidated into one crafting menu (All carpentry tools point to the same menu)
  • Various typos fixed in multiple systems

  • All tools now have a base use amount set to 20 - 30 uses, with additional uses added based on metal type
    • Copper + 0
    • Tin + 5
    • Bronze + 10
    • Iron + 50
    • Silver + 40
    • Gold + 60
    • AlchemicalSilver + 90
    • WroughtIron + 150
    • Steel + 250

Industrial Grinder
  • Empowered Runes give back a portion of the invested IP
  • Peculiar Runes with less than 2000 IP stored will return a full refund of invested runes
  • Recipes in grinder give back 1 beeswax and 1 Acacia gum

Kettle Improvements
  • Kettles now have uses before wearing out like other tools
  • Kettles now need to be near a heatsource, but do not need additional fuel
  • System Messages added to Kettle crafting
  • Boiling Saltwater (from ocean tiles) now correctly produces salt

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