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Content Development Team Application

Post by Sic » September 20th, 2020, 3:42 pm

Good afternoon everybody. I have recently been approached by a few people concerning ways they could help out with the development of the server but without being conscripted into the ranks of a 13 Thrones staff member (as to avoid the mandatory surrendering of one’s immortal soul). After long and careful deliberation upon the matter with Admin Maldonado, we have come up with a new concept that we’d like to give a shot.

Our newly formed Community Content Development Team, or simply Content Team, will be sourced from community members whom have an interest in adding to the in-game atmosphere of the shard but not jeopardize their fun as players by making the leap into staff-hood. Content Team members will be given the opportunity to assist the staff with various in-game content creations. One of the main ways this will occur will be through the concept design of NPCs. As you may or may not know, significant development has been poured in to adding to our NPC’s customizable properties, from tweaking the items you can skin from them to determining how far they can even see. Additionally, every NPC in Requiem is a unique and hand-created creature – we do not use any stock “OSI/EA” distributed monsters anywhere. On top of this, all of our “lootpacks”, or the stuff that you get from killing monsters, are uniquely customized down to the exact potential items and chances of getting them per each NPC in the game – there is no generic loot system that generates loot only a few different ways depending on the NPC.

Due to these game design choices, of which we feel adds to the atmosphere and personality of the shard, the creation of new and unique mobs for the shard takes a considerable amount of time and creative prowess. While we have a ton of cool tricks to show off on the mechanical side of things, sometimes the more subtle art of coming up with monster and animal concepts and designs can be a creatively exhausting process, especially when we’re geared towards the more logistical and mechanical side of development such as designing loot, traps and mechanical elements. Thus, coupled with the repeated requests to help out with shard development we have gotten from a few of our great community members, we’re reaching out to the player base to see who is out there that may be interested in adding to the development of the shard in a creative and fun way that other projects simply can’t offer due to their design methods and resources.

By being a member of the Content Team, you’ll assist us in the concept design of new and unique animals and monsters for the Requiem world that we can further use to populate spawn points, points of interest, and possibly even new dungeons and events. You will be provided with our pre-release files and editing tools that will allow you to reference body-values, hues, and various sounds that help us create and design NPC concepts under requested themes and categories that we will then implement into scripted and programmed mobs in game. Content Team members that get especially good at content creation will potentially later be given access to our actual NPC creation tools as well as limited seer accounts to directly test and balance their creations, as well as potentially helping us develop new and unique loot-pack solutions for the shard.

If you are interested in applying to the Content Development team, please use the following link for our Google Forms application:

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