Pre-Patch Announcement: Crafting Improvements and Introduction of Specialization

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Pre-Patch Announcement: Crafting Improvements and Introduction of Specialization

Post by Archin » April 13th, 2022, 9:52 pm


We’ve been working on a large patch we anticipate going live in the coming weeks - crafting often takes a backseat to the ever-present tightrope walk of balancing combat, and we thought it was time to give crafters the love they deserve.

We’ll give a more approximate time once we’re ready to release it. While a lot of this done, there’s still plenty of roadblocks that may spring up as we finish up - real life obligations, bugs, balance fixes, etc.

The purpose of this post is to give the community time to read over and process the below changes as it can result in meta changes to your character or play-style.

A general thing we are also working on is streamline crafting materials to reduce the amount of esoteric bloat in our crafting system and create more overlap and uses for each existing material and potentially removing some crafting items entirely.

If you’re not a crafter - still keep reading - this patch is also meant to give the community more tools for role-play. From more custom decoration, to identity in your profession.

This patch is one of just a few more to get us to kicking off the fabled season one. These patches are to provide new ways to engage with the game and facilitate your own roleplay stories amongst each other.

After we conclude this patch, we will be setting our sights on a patch to make the world feel persistent and reactive. This will include faction reputations, world events, and quest systems. Also transmog.

As always we will be continuing to be bug fixing and tweaking, we’re a small volunteer team so we appreciate your patience.


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