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Adventurers Association

Post by Rhonja Swiftfox » March 9th, 2023, 4:23 pm

Basics & Logistics

1. Have you read all of the prerequisites and considerations and do you agree to abide by them?
I do.

2. What is the name of your intended Faction?
Adventurer's Association, for short The Association

3. What is the expected or intended size of the Faction in terms of player characters?
As many as possible (since max is 15...15)

4. What is the expected or intended size of the Faction in terms of its’ lore concept, and/or including NPCs?
I want to bring all the players together, to have fun together. Therefore I intend to make two kinds of membership. 'Free' membership for those already in another fraction - they earn the merrits with ranking up, but not all the reawrds from the fractionship. And the full membership (join the Fraction) - the ones with it get all the merrits and rewards.
The Assosication will be founded in the first Province and exclusively there - so up to the characters that want to join it.

5. Roleplaying wise, how influential will the Faction strive to be? Will it tend to stick to itself and not make waves, or will it try and become a household name? How will the Faction accomplish this level (or lack thereof) of influence and reputation?
The Association will not strive to be much influencial, nor they will stick to itself. The Association is and will always stay free for all - I intend to create a space for all characters to gather, a space to find new parties, find new friends, business partners - in general tohave fun. If it gets very influencial - good. if it doesnt - good as well.

6. Does the Faction have any unique colors, sigils, banners, or signage that uniquely identifies it? What is the significance of it?
A silvern Foxhead on black ground.

Goals & Future

1. What purpose, direction or goal does the Faction have in the world at large?
It just exists in thefirst Province, so none in the world

2. What purpose, direction or goal does the Faction have within the quarantined First Province in particular?
Rp Wise the Association will undertake expeditions for the safety of humankind in the First Province, they will support the local crafters with materials and fullfill requested missions from parties or single person.

3. Role-playing wise, what would the Faction seek to accomplish within the next six to twelve months? What are their immediate and long-term goals?
They will explore different regions of the first province, fighting for the safety of human kind within the first province and ultimately seek for improving the life of people in the first province.

4. Is the Faction famous or infamous for anything in particular? Will it strive to be famous or infamous for anything in the near future?
The Association strives to befamous within the first Province.

Concept & Community

1. Please provide the Discord handle of the intended Player Leader of this Faction that will serve to liaison with the Staff in the future:
Lunati#2236 /REQ Discordname: Quanasar/Rhonja

2. Please provide a summary as to the out-of-character purpose of the Faction, what sort of role you feel it will fill in-game (trading guild, PVP, PVM, etc.), and what sort of player character you intend to attract and/or support with the Faction in general.
The Fraction will do mainly explorations and PVM and trading with Merchant, chars and other Fractions. PVP is unlikely.
I would like to Attract player characters that want to work with other player characters to have fun together.


1. If you have anything additional you would like to publicly share with us, to include in-character write ups, descriptions, organization structures or even custom logos and sigils, please provide them here:
Will be provided through the Frontier Herald - I will write an article about the structure, how the Fraction works.

Aeolian Staff
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Re: Adventurers Association

Post by Archin » March 19th, 2023, 3:13 pm


Look forward to seeing what you guys do!

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