A messenger arrives with a letter

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A messenger arrives with a letter

Post by Vee » March 30th, 2021, 1:11 pm

It reads:
Members of the People in the Woods,

My name is Patricia Woods, I am the local chapter leader of the Black Wolf Vigil.

I write to you in the hopes of summoning a meeting with all the known established groups inside the province.
Due to recent events around the area it is imperative that we all sit and discuss on the best way forward.

The meeting shall be held in the Fort Praesidium to erase any and all suspicions of ambushes or second intentions, and it is set to happen day April 2 - 7:30pm EST

Only the leader, or proxy, and one advisor may join the meeting to avoid a large gathering and/or any show of force by numbers.

I await your reply.

Flame guide you,
Patricia Woods

Papa Virgle
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Re: A messenger arrives with a letter

Post by Papa Virgle » April 1st, 2021, 12:51 am

*a messenger waits in the fort with a sack of roasted ribs and hands it to the first of the Black Wolves they see*
"Would you send work to the Leader of the Black Wolves Patricia Woods that the Forest Folk support her plans to assemble and to make the Province safer but at the time proposed cannot muster a representative. Surely another time the Folk of the Forest will sit and also work with the Black Wolves to make the province safer."


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