Application for Salvador

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Application for Salvador

Post by Laz » December 5th, 2022, 9:15 pm

Do you have any prior experience with Requiem? If so, please detail when (and what characters, if desired) you previously played:
First time playing 

How did you hear about Requiem?

What will your character’s name be?

Please briefly describe the physical attributes of your character, including age, looks, height, weight and any notable features:
Salvador is in his 30s, he's tall and slim, has dark brown eyes, long black hair and trimmed beard.

Briefly state your character’s intentions or motivations for entering the First Province:
The tales about the First Province piqued his interest and he's decided that there is where his wealth and glory lie.

Please provide a few short paragraphs with pertinent details or notable qualities of your character’s history. This does not have to be exhaustive nor revealing of any information you wish to keep secret:

Salvador was raised in the Niunasian swamps by the thugs and other unsavory people of Nemus. His father established himself close to the heart but fell deathly ill while Salvador was still young.
With the help of some of his father's companions, he managed to survive and learn the ropes around the unforgiving city. He's spent most of his youth with his bow, hunting the vermin that infested the docks.
He grew up hearing the tales about the riches of the First Province and knew there was more to his life than the stench of the docks and the constant threat of violence.
Salvador eventually took on the role of smuggler, moving both questionable and desperate people to where they wanted to be. He thought the knowledge of the swamps and mountains would be useful to his goals and it was, as after saving some coin for the long trip, he made his way through the mountains and never looked back.

Please write a few short paragraphs of an in-character response to the following scenario:
Salvador observed the ritual of passing some gold to the officiant, but his coins were too valuable to him. He reached for his bag and pulled out a jug he had "legally" acquired along the way and swirled it in front of the man. "You look like you could use a little distraction from this existential dread. This is a sample the firewater that I'm planning to produce here if granted passage."
The officiant hesitated for a moment but took the jug and sniffed it with a grimace. "If this shit tastes worse than it smells, I'll have your head on a pike by the end of the day." The officiant whispered to Salvador before returning to his impeccable composure.
"Yeah, yeah." Salvador dismissed the threat as he walked on.

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Re: Application for Salvador

Post by Coty » December 5th, 2022, 9:39 pm

Congratulations, adventurer! Your application is...


Please ensure that your character name is spelled correctly upon exiting the Songmaker's chambers. A GM will approve your character at their earliest convenience.

Welcome to Requiem!