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Character: Hollis Maeby

Character Application for Hollis Maeby

Post by Hollis.Maeby » July 20th, 2022, 6:16 pm

Do you have any prior experience with Requiem? If so, please detail when (and what characters, if desired) you previously played:
Yes, I've played on and off the last year or so

How did you hear about Requiem?
From a post on Reddit

(Please note: Staff is looking for at least three lore references in your application when reviewing.)

What will your character’s name be?

Hollis Maeby

Please briefly describe the physical attributes of your character, including age, looks, height, weight and any notable features:

Hollis is an average looking young woman of twenty five with wavy, dirty blonde hair, light amber eyes and a fair complexion. She is of average height standing just under five foot six and is average weight for her build. She has the wiry build of someone who does a lot of heavy lifting and constantly has soot under her fingernails and paint upon her clothing.

Please provide a few short paragraphs with pertinent details or notable qualities of your character’s history. This does not have to be exhaustive nor revealing of any information you wish to keep secret:

Hollis has always had her head in the clouds and her feet not quite planted on the ground, a character trait allowed to her by her father's successful steel manufacturing business in Yultac. As the second oldest of four children, Hollis had been expected to learn the ins and outs of the family business but she had paid it little mind, focusing instead on her painting, jewelry crafting or blacksmithing projects. Hollis has had many hobbies and flitted between them at random, costing her father thousands in supplies as she abandoned projects left and right. She had also started several businesses that had failed and cost the family even more. While she was an accomplished artist and smith, Hollis often spent months making a singular elaborate weapon opposed to mass producing anything that could be sold easily. At the age of twenty five she was a burden to her parents, her other siblings had moved out, gotten married and either had successful mercantile businesses of their own and Hollis was still "finding herself".

As Torment began to make its way to the Northern ends of the Midlands the family business began to falter. The usual steady stream of income took a noticeable dive and Hollis’ father was less inclined to allow his daughter to use the family finances as a playground. Not used to such “oppression”, Hollis took out a shady loan for her latest business endeavor; an exclusive jewelry line for pets that failed almost immediately. The loan required repayment, with steep interest and of course she had no way to pay it and this is how Hollis found herself destined for the First Province.

Briefly state your character’s intentions or motivations for entering the First Province:

Hollis' motivations to come to the First Province were not her own. After taking out a high stakes and even higher interest loan from a loan shark Hollis was expected to repay the loan in full. Of course, she expected her father to bail her out, but with Ghaenthgrand cutting ties with Yultac for trade routes he could not afford to bail out his daughter and keep his struggling business afloat. In order to save face and his daughter’s knees, Hollis was booked a ticket to the First Province with hope that eventually the one way ticket would allow her to come back.

Please write a few short paragraphs of an in-character response to the following scenario:

Hollis had traveled aboard a caravan with others who had set their sights on the First Province, merchants who had gone broke in Yultac and hopeful business people alike. The caravan had been the most uncomfortable she had ever been in her young life. Walking long days and barely sleeping at night had caused her once fine boots to nearly wear through their soles.

As Hollis stood in the seething mass of people she felt homesick. She clutched the bag she’d brought with her tightly in one hand and the stack of papers in the other. She watched as person after person approached the Legionnaire and was either turned away or waved through after some discussion. As it grew closer to her turn in line she hoped something would be wrong with her papers, she prayed to Decus that the gruff man would turn her away and she could start the long journey back home regardless of what fate awaited her there.

“Next!”, the man called out impatiently and waved Hollis over to him. Sheepishly she held out the papers and the man took them from her with calloused fingers.

He scoffs and she could feel his hot breath upon her face, “I’ll never understand why you well connected folks want to come here. .” he said flipping through her papers once more.

In his hands Hollis could read the papers, well organized and stamped where appropriate and there upon the first page was the seal of a prelacy family her father knew and had called in a favor for.

The Legioneer looked her over once more before folding the papers back up and holding them out to her. “You sure about this, girl?”

“No, not at all”, Hollis replied

She could still hear the man chuckling as she was waved through and approached the impressive steam engine.

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Re: Character Application for Hollis Maeby

Post by Coty » July 20th, 2022, 6:36 pm

Congratulations, adventurer! Your application is...


Please ensure that your character name is spelled correctly upon exiting the Songmaker's chambers. A GM will approve your character at their earliest convenience.

Welcome to Requiem!

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