Application for Frederick Quincy Xanthus

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Application for Frederick Quincy Xanthus

Post by Kent » December 5th, 2022, 2:43 pm

Do you have any prior experience with Requiem? If so, please detail when (and what characters, if desired) you previously played:

Khalkeus Renatus


Dytryk Shakhovskoy

Jahandar Hassanzadeh

How did you hear about Requiem?

A friend raved about the lore and mechanics one day, enticing me to return to ultima online after several years of abstinence.

What will your character’s name be?

Frederick Quincy Xanthus

Please briefly describe the physical attributes of your character, including age, looks, height, weight and any notable features:

Frederick stands at noticably below average height, though his strict posture and firm build lessen the effect on first-impressions. His flowing golden locks have begun to lighten with age though his well-trimmed goatee remains a fiery golden yellow blonde.

After nearly sixty summers on Vitaveus, his eyes have a certain, almost unsettling darkness about them, and his gaze is often without warmth. His broad and square jaw is by a fine layer of stubble which shades it partly dark.

Briefly state your character’s intentions or motivations for entering the First Province:

Frederick intends to return to Tor to retrieve valuable documents lost to his family in the aftermath of the Three Hour War.

Please provide a few short paragraphs with pertinent details or notable qualities of your character’s history. This does not have to be exhaustive nor revealing of any information you wish to keep secret:

Born in 1289 AS to parents Lothar Xanthus Sr. and Wilhelmina Xanthus (nee Catullus), the third of four sons born to the uncle of the pre-eminent leader of the Parish of Xanthus, Frederick was slated from birth for a life of quiet obscurity. Far removes from the seat of power in his own house, he spent his youth as one of a miniature class of prelacy wastrels in his native Athaerun. In 1313 when the Torment crisis began, Frederick saw his opportunity to escape his woeful position in life.

Enlisting in the Templar for naval service, He was swiftly induced to a military academy in Greatport. During his time in the Greatport Military Institute(GMI), his grades were unremarkable and he was mostly known for his calm demeanor even in the most adverse of practice scenarios.

Graduating fully qualified to command the most technologically advanced vehicles at the time – early steam-driven ships, he began service immediately ferrying reinforcements from the Capitol, Tor, to the western provinces during those early stages of mobilization and conflict against the Sempiternal threat.

After a remarkable career of twenty years, he retired from service to enter public life in Athaerun. His father, Lothar, had served as one of Athaerun’s vicars for many decades and was now retiring. Making deft use of his military service to the church, he swiftly secured victory for himself in the election.

In the Senate of Tor, things were not pleasant. Inter-governmental rivalries and cut-throat politics created a challenging environment. It was an environment well suited to Frederick with his years of problem navigation as a ship’s captain.

Becoming so enraptured with the politics of Tor, he neglected his family and the people he represented. Being defeated in a close election by a rivalling parish’s backed choice, he returned to Athaerun from Tor.

Narrowly missing the fall of Tor by a stroke of luck, He soon thereafter ventured to Redholme and made himself, though he was no longer a Vicar, a political advocate of a reclamation effort for Tor. Reaching a surprising amount of success in this advocacy, he soon found himself victimized by the wrathful vengeance of his political opponents. Accusations of the illegitmacy of his heritage were soon raised in the senate floor itself, and he was forced to return to Athaerun in defeat.

Organizing his affairs over the course of several years, he is now prepared to venture to the First Province and reclaim his birthright in Tor.

Please write a few short paragraphs of an in-character response to the following scenario:


Strolling up to the officiant, Frederick slapped his Visa down on the table.


WHEREAS The holder of this Visa is authorized by the Most Venerated Church of Decus to make entry to the First Province.

WHEREAS His experience and abilities make him an asset towards Reclamation efforts.

THEREFORE All haste should be made to expedite his arrival.

By the hand of Bishop Arcturus Xanthus

In this year One Thousand Three Hundred and Forty Six

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Re: Application for Frederick Quincy Xanthus

Post by Coty » December 5th, 2022, 9:24 pm

Congratulations, adventurer! Your application is...


Please ensure that your character name is spelled correctly upon exiting the Songmaker's chambers. A GM will approve your character at their earliest convenience.

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