Faction Verse: The Qalyan Job

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Faction Verse: The Qalyan Job

Post by Kent » January 6th, 2023, 9:08 pm

The meeting of the minds, over the last weeks, had dug up alot of old literature on Qalyans. But it was the discovery of a whole albeit defunct Qalyan at the Muesem. This enabled Jahandar and Vera to collaborate on notes at the scene, and then later in the depths of the Bistro's Pillowtopia, follow through with designs. Doctor Solomon had written an empathetic endorsement of Tobacco in a variety of alternative implementations that would entice anyone to consider the greater qualities of whole-product tobacco. Drafting a far cruder copy than the original, Jahandar tacked up a copy of the elegant new design they had come up with in the Bistro, for everyone to wonder at.


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Re: Faction Verse: The Qalyan Job

Post by VeraShelby » January 7th, 2023, 8:54 pm

Vera leaned over the glass top of the display case, her eyes intently moving over every minute detail of the hookah. It was fortuitous that one had appeared in the museum in a display of modern tobacco usage, as Jahandar hadn’t stopped blathering about wanting one for the flop room since she’d arrived.

She’d listened to the man theorize how they could obtain one and lament their lack of one since she’d met him a few weeks ago. The conversations always started the same way, someone would light a cigarette or cigar, and Jahandar would launch into the same disjointed rant. She hoped the diagram could be used to make at least a prototype to bring them closer to ending the cyclical conversation about Hookas.

The rusted example in the museum was promising but not perfect. It would take a few tries to get one perfect, but Vera was sure with minor adjustments and a glass vase blown to her specifications, she could make something both functional and attractive.

The catch tray would need to be a touch wider, along with the base of the smoking apparatus. Vera had seen firsthand how treacherous traversing Pillowtopia could be, and she wanted to give the device the best chance of not falling over as she could. A broader base and perhaps a slightly stalkier build would help, but she’d need to test it.

Vera finished her diagram and labeled it along with several notes on adjustments she’d make and where grommets and gaskets should be added. With that, she rolled up the paper and made her way to the exit to deliver the plans to what she assumed would be a very eager Jahandar.

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