The First Torian Legion Opens Recruitment

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The First Torian Legion Opens Recruitment

Post by Lucien » June 15th, 2022, 7:32 pm

Feeling Lost?
In Need of direction?
Do you have a thirst for adventure?
Looking for a way to contribute?

The First Torian Legion and The Northern Alliance has need of you and your skills. The First province is expanding and will need able bodied men and women to help carry the work load.

The First Torian Legion will provide all new recruits with the following benefits:
- Two sets of clothing. In good condition. Made to fit. New.
- Free meals
- Housing/Housing Aid
- Structure and direction in these trying times
- Access to full assembly Craft Hall
- Necessary equipment to preform all required duties

If your interested in enlisting in the First Torian Legion please seek out your local Recruitment officer.
(Discord:[UDL] Dregoth#3633, silvrfist#8159,, Necrobutch#6119)

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Re: The First Torian Legion Opens Recruitment

Post by PhoebusG » June 29th, 2022, 5:01 pm

Amon di Ivelli is seen posting these up all over the fort, and many in the passing roads

Join the First Torian Legion, and help shape the future, one of security and prosperity for all.
Keeping the evils at bay is what we do almost every day.

Show us your contributions to safety or start your training to increase your odds in these perilous times.

With kind regards,

Officer Amon