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Post by Hels » May 12th, 2022, 3:03 pm

I was thinking about the possibility of creating scabbards as some lore friendly item to sheathe your weapons. This would allow for multiple advantages.

1. Not having the weapons in the backpack, and therefore, a much cleaner look of the same one.
2. Having a badass piece of clothing that looks nice.
3. Opening the possibility of making perks around sheathed weapons, so that you can use abilities even when your weapons are seathed, autoequiping sheathed weapons when you toggle war mode (this could be a toggle on/off option in the scabbard) etc.

Essentially, double clickin in the scabbard would give the option to toggle on off the unsheathing on war mode, and allow to create a hotkey to unsheath, that would only work obviously when wearing that scabbard.

I know it is not needed at all, I am aware of it, but the idea looks really cool for me, and in my opinion, adds to the RP thing, instead of having your weapons thrown in your backpack. Whole thing would be to find a sprite for it, or someone that creates one, but it would be a really nice add from the rp, inmersion perspective.

Opinions about it?

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