A Letter

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The Broken Sword
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A Letter

Post by The Broken Sword » April 4th, 2021, 7:20 pm

A letter, composed by Tyr's hand, is left upon the desk of the office.


I have discovered truths most illuminating and profane involving the Order of Decus, and the vice-sworn necromancers that haunt the fringes of our proivnce. Naturally, this information is dangerous, and the Order will work to stain my good reputation to see the veracity of these claims diminished, if not halted completely. My actions were mine alone, and I do not ask you to stand beside me, as there can be no doubt that my discovery will be answered with fire and steel. I will arrange a meeting with friends of the cause, and can only hope that the truth comes to light before my untimely demise is assured.

If I should perish, all that I possess is yours to divide, and I wish you long and meaningful lives.

In Service,


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