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Virgle Jack

Post by Papa Virgle » September 28th, 2018, 6:59 pm

Full Name: Virgle Jack of the Wood (Guardian Who Wanders About.... in his native tongue)
Birthdate: Winter of (33 years ago) (me ha peek-ed thirty ahn three wintars ..... remebars thirty specially tha one me wandered tha Mountains peekin fer me own lass Dances Upon Moonbeams ahn me own ladd Swims in Sunshines BLESSED BEE tha nam-es BLESSED BEE tha memary *pauses to wipe a tear*)
Birthplace: me twere brought forth frum me own Mathar in tha wild places of the Wes whar thar be nary a road unly footpaths an greatsly isolations frum tha oudtsidars

Appearance:*you see a man of 6 foot stature and about 200 pounds in weight. His hair is very long and twisted in many braids ending in carved wooden thorns, the braids from his temples both have a bead with the thorn one silver one blue. His very long hair and great braided beard are greying suggesting he is older than his years but his voice seems younger and his movements are swift and agile and confident seemingly of a younger man. His common is difficult to understand unless he speaks very slow and thoughtfully, it is not his native tongue*
Age: 33
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 200bs
Eyes: steely greyish to bluish seem to shift color slightly
Hair: natural hair color was dark brown but has gone to greying/full grey after the winter spent out in the elements of the wilderness
Skin: dark skin rough from a life in the wild places
Handedness: Right
Posture: stands comfortably straight but reminds you of a wolf ...always shifting and looking around gracefully
Hygiene: clean for a Wildman swims to bathe regularly cleans hands and face with "silvar Watars"
Scent: smells of campfire smoke and often of blood when he has been hunting and skinning

Personality Profile: Virgle is very outgoing and generous but cautious as to what he says to people sometimes starting to say something then stopping and often looking around as if being coached to stop talking. His lifeswork is to strengthen the balance and he is VERY serious about accumulating what he can and redistributing it to strengthen the balance. His first thought is always to findout what someone needs so he can make them more effective for strengthening the balance.
General Health: Virgle is as healthy as a well fed Alpha Wolf
Accent: STRONG unplaceable dialect of Coallation
Profession: hunter skinner ....has worked in gardening and foraging but is known as an odd wilderness hermit by kindred spirits
Languages: Native tongue Coalllation , very POOR common
rp tools: Virgle tries  to use his Silvar Watars and herbal knowledge learned at his mothers knee to help those he can. His mother was the Herbalist for many clans and his father was a shaman (he doesn't speak of that fearing troubles from civilized folk)

*backstory occurring prior to his arrival in this place*
 *The man pressed on through the deep snow longer than he should have trusting he would BE BLESS-ED with shelter when he NEEDED it. He had been flirting with frostbite daily since trekking deep into the mountains in search of his wife and son. Now he NEEDED shelter would be dark soon... it was long hours since he could feel anything in his hands and feet and now his thinking was becoming disjointed tears frozen in his mustache and beard*
*in his native tongue*
"Dances Upon Moonbeams knew I should not have guided the oustsiders through clan lands... but they were of our peoples and tongue ........ worthy of hospitality or DEATH .... my Fathers law"
*looks about as if listening to someone*
"Yes ... hospitality left Dances Upon Moonbeams and Swims In Sunshine at the trappers cabin without me to stand for them... but could I simply kill..... there were women and little ones"
*The crying dying man stumbles and falls in the snow*
"Here in the dark of the snow I can return to the balance what was lent to me..... borrowed.....for a with my...."
*A womans voice sweetly whispers*
"They are well Virgle, rise, I yet have work for you"
*The man slowly, clumsily rises from the snow and........ turns 90 degrees and shuffles towards a rock face that rises before him sheer vertical rock rising up above his line of sight.... he shuffles forward..... two slight hands upon his shoulders from behind steering him ...he beams a frozen smile*
"They ...they..... are ...wellll?"
*The nearly frozen smiling man face plants in the deep snow not even attempting to break his fall.... he is unconscious *
*Slowly after an unknown amount of time the man becomes aware that he is warm and rested laying there in the dark eyes still closed he thinks*
"Have I returned to the balance .... am I frozen and dying?"
*The woman's voice sweetly whispers and Virgle clearly hears this time*
" Virgle wake up but keep still"
*opening his eyes he discerns he is naked under his bedroll snuggled against a great bear...... dim sunlight meandering into the den he looks about seeing no one*
*The woman's Sweet voice whispers*
"You are safe here sleep on....the Ursis Horribilis will sleep her sleep and birth the girls from her womb in the spring afore she awakes ..... you were to be her spring strengthing meal outside her den ... but on occasion I slip my thumb upon the scale of the balance..."
*There is a happy giggle*
"I shall see to her needs... and you Virgle shall serve me as REDEMIT"

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Re: Virgle Jack .... righting the Balance at Prasedium

Post by Papa Virgle » September 29th, 2018, 9:41 am

*some pages are missing from the journal.... cut out it seems*

The man tucks the woman in her nest of vines and straw, within their hidden place, then hides her with an illusion Whispering to her in Coallation*

“My you are a fetching Lass..... Dryad, Mermaid ...what ever form you be.”

The woman replies

“Honey does drip off your tongue more freely than from any beee hive.... winds keep you love”

The man smiles his small feral smile, nestling himself in and wraping a hand to the branch of the “tree” next to him he whispers

“Treemen keeps watch...... Blessed be in all that IS and is to be”

*The man hides himself with an illusion and quickly drifts off to sweet sleep*

The man dreams of the night of the reckoning with Delion ….. running running running much running that night. He sees the Gathering in the tavern, where those that feared not the wrath of the corrupted Foundry Constable but chose to fight his evil grip, assembled. The word was that the signal had come and the assault at the pass would soon was time.

*someone curses in common*
“The blasted catapult is nowhere to be found*

in common
Virgle says “Me cen fetch tha one frum tha forward cahmp budt twill takes time me flies too tha”

he bolts from the tavern flying at breakneck speed to the forward base running running running summoning his goats to haul the catapult to the battle

arriving at the fort when battle sounds eminate from the pass time is of the essence and in the confusion Virgle is seperated from the insertion team headed to hunt the Delions …. he is devastated having wanted to squeeze some important information from that man before his death

Virgle now joins with the small band assaulting the front gate ...mostly a distraction but the breech would prove important should it succeed. The CEU Marines are engaged and many fall ….the poisoning is used liberally by Virgle*

in coallation he thinks

“ That lass Niahms dim is her sight and dim her vision of this magic …. that Marine would have cut all our throats if he had the chance yet I tried to spare him with a bit of encouragement to talk ….. so Allister would not use his hammer.... but see it she can not”

He calls more poison upon the CEU... the catapult is raining down upon the gate and those manning it the CEU without the gate are dropping and an assassin springs from the shadows cutting Virgle down to bone... the next thing Virgle knows Georg Allister and Rheyne ...some others too are chasing the assassin about ...he manages to escape his movements are clearly superhuman*

After prolonged melee at the gate the breech is made and the group rushes in hacking slashing thrusting and smashing through CEU Virgle mops up those on the high places raining down bolts

After a bit of this melee an unknown figure appears and Georg calls for retreat ..something about RESOLVES and CAMBIONS ….. Virgle begins moving the catapult but the imposing figure stops him when Virgle attacks ...the figure lays him low with a mocking insult added to injury....
The next thing Virgle knows Georg is with him at the South Gate
Virgle says “ tha me dun nary knews ladd me dun peeks tha uthars”

Georg twirls his mustache and shoulder shrug flexes quickly
Georg says “ fly to base Virgle while you can ...SAVE YOURSELF ….save yourself …..”

With a rebel yell Georg CRIES “MORE MORE MORE MORE MOOOOOOOOORE!” and runs back into the gate in search of the others that may be facings the otherworldly beasts

* Virgle makes his way to forward base and waits …. soon Niam and Mote appear ...Niahm being jumpy AND unable to see very far, attacks Virgles Forrest Friends*
Virgle says “ Easy lass thay er weith me.... eny werd ofn Georg ahn tha Uthars?”

Soon the three of them are back in the fort seeking Georg and the others ...Virgle finds a deep black spear as long as two men....... he know this is baaad probably that CAMBION thing the civilized folk speak of.

Virgle finds Niahm and Mote … they have no time for talk of the spear ….Mote is badly hurt nearly dissembowled.......

they make their way towards forward base stopping frequently to tend Motes bleeding wound, others join them …. they are all soon bloodied from assisting Mote …. does she even have more blood to bleed? The CAMBION follows after them and Virgle fashions a stretcher to carry mote the rest of the way and make it to forward base ...Mote clinging to life narrowly …. the pall of death creeping upon her visage

* Virgle washes her wounds with the silver waters and applies bandages keeping pressure on her abdominal wound when the bleeding slows he adds some herbal things to encourage the bleeding to stop trying to do so without being seen*

Doc Ephriam arrives and Virgle watches as he works …. listening to Niahm read Delions journal confirming the republic ...Church, Foundry, and Legion, the VIC have taken to a paradigm that is not favorable to the little people out here in the province but uses them as slaves and laboratory test subjects.

Alistair limps in lamenting
“IT did not even count me worthy to be slain”
clearly the VIC is despondent after a confrontation with the CAMBION
* after Virgle perceives Mote will live ....Virgle quietly leaves the camp to watch from with out....hiding nearby keeping watch over the civilized folk*

Virgle murmurers in his sleep “blessed be all that is and is to bee”

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Re: Virgle Jack The Camp in Tennabrae Wood

Post by Papa Virgle » September 30th, 2018, 4:27 pm

sitting at the fire in camp with Tekla Virgle remembers coming to the camp with the civilized folk

speaks coalaltion
“Tekla ...that night was dangerous yet encouraging to my heart ….. after the civilized folk set up camp here in the wood the need for supplies and crafting shop equipment led to a raid of the Riverside ruins …. pirates are living there now so it was dangerous but Wade and John made good leaders that day ….. John put the Wolf lass ..Leandras on point to lead the way ...that lass does well as a ranger”
Virgle tends the fire and shows Tekla a new note on her flute
“There hold your fingers so and practice that one”
he nods and smiles
“With the melle ladds and my treefriends we made it into riverside fairly easily and held the shop against the pirates that assailed our squad as we dismantled shop equipment for our bounty ….that is where I got your loom and wheel “
nods and smiles
“Wade I think it was.... searched specifically for medical supplies …. blessed thing too”
*Virgle shows her how to hold her fingers just so for this note nodding and smiling*
“There like that, you are nearly ready for a tune”
He nods smiling
“It was on the trek back that we ran into trouble was late in the day and the Cambion set upon us out in the open ….. snatching Alexander and beginning to fly off with him... a hail of arrows and a flurry of mantras got it to drop Alexander but the fall knocked him senseless... after we saw to his wounds it was neigh unto dark and John told Leandra to take the most direct route to camp instead of winding about to confuse trackers. We arrived at camp but the Cambion followed... it snatched Leandra and drug her up past the guard tower before the quiver it was holding broke and she fell to the ground ...lucky that lass was. We hunkered down in the tent by the fire but the Cambion dragged Jax out and dashed her upon the rocks … she looked dead when I got to her but she recovered enough to get inside again. Someone decided the log bunker was a better place to hole up so we made a dash for it …. but the Cambion snatched Rheyne ….as he slashed at it with his skinning knife I was able to get a couple mantras upon it and it dropped him ….. injured but the ladd was able to make it to the bunker.
He adjusts Tekla hands upon her flute ...nodding and smiling
“Like that dear …. AND then ther Cambion stalked about a long while before attempting to get inside the bunker … the archers let fly at it and I used a mantra and it backed off sulking about ….harassing the Legion Guards ….Leandra then gave it one more arrow and it left us. We had driven off the Cambion ….. it COULD be done!
Virgle tends the fire and plays a tune on his flute nodding to Tekla

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Re: Virgle Jack Civilized folk trouble in the camp

Post by Papa Virgle » September 30th, 2018, 4:34 pm

Virgle had been searching for Rheyne for some time now …. the man must have found a grand hidey hole. Virgle stopped to rest in a small grove blending in with the grove he spoke to his TreeMen whispering coallation “You are grand ladds a wee” Nodding and smiling he gives them each a snack and gets comfy sitting against a tree eating and drinking some himself.
In common he says “wheres er ye Rheynes..... me ha peeked highs ahn lows fer ye ...neithers hides ner hairs doo me find-es budt er weil ….ye learns athin er threes oudt thar in forwards cahmp bys yerself-es soas longs. Me think-ed sure tha civilize-ed folk twere ta burns ye sure upons a pyres fer drops ofn bloods upon tha posies of tha Lass garden”
*shakes his head chuckling to himself*
*thinking back to that night he says in coallation to the TreeMen but mostly to himself*
“The Ranger wanted to parley with the Lass of the Wood ….. they call the Hag.... I told him I thought not that she would oblige but that her garden I would show him the way..... turns out the Ranger were not about when the civilized folk were itching to go parley with the Lass of the Wood for her aid against the Legio X. I led them to the garden learning more of the Lass of the Wood that day.”
*he nods smiling at the TreeMen offering more snacks*
“Rheyne spilt a bit of blood from his hand upon the garden and the Lass appeared in three forms the Old Hag the Matron and the Child......the Old Hag spoke for them and told how she ...the wood itself protected the CAMP at cost to herself ...keeping the Cambion at bay mostly.... but they did not want to hear of it and only wanted her aid in fighting the Legio X.... there were some of the civilized folk the Lass clearly knew were trouble in her wood ….. they would be gone soon.'
*Virgle looks about scanning for danger*
“The trip to camp was uneventfull and I spent a few moments with Tekla about the campfire and walked her to her tent ….there was trouble brewing with a crowd against Rheyne. So after seeing Tekla to her tent I went back to see what was the commotion and they were speaking of burning Rheyne and had him bound..... WHAT FOOLS”
*Virgle spits for emphasis*
“I tried to bite my tongue and stay out of the civilized folks troubles but deep in my own self I knew this once I could not keep silent as they burned another good man in this place of all places... so the Inquisitor was sent for and we had words ….. how can I strengthen these fools to help keep the balance when they burn eachother for such things.... some of the civilized folk hold strong beliefs about blood anchoring the soul and would burn a good man for drops of blood in the Lasses Garden. Thirty and Three happened by and we spoke as the civilized folk convened in the bunker ….they came out and proclaimed Rheyne had chosen a pyre over losing a leg..... again I tried to reason with them to no good end …. the Inquisitor then implying that he had authority to pyre me for paganism so I chose to leave Rheyne to their hands rathar than kill many of those I need to strengthen the balance and reach an end to the Torment. I left saying “Lass Abbot Crane and Abess Niahms can testifys to me meny offerins an supplications aht tha altar of tha Ladd Decus.... me goes of e own wiell ….ye sends werd whan ye wunts me agin” I intended to let them learn about survival in the wood by letting them die on their own until those remaining learned a thing BUT the Lass appeared to me in the wood that night and spoke wisdom and I continued to aid them. Now it seems the ones that were troublesome have died or left but the rest are getting “Camp Fever” and behave a bit strange even for civilized folk..... who knows what they will do next?”
*Virgle stands tossing the last of the loggers ears to the TreeMen*
“Weil lets us peeks aboudt a we mures fer Rheynes aye?”

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Re: Virgle Jack Crossing the East River

Post by Papa Virgle » October 6th, 2018, 7:04 pm

Virgle stands watch at the Tenabrae Camp hidden in the wood... watching listening as the rain drips down around him filtered into gentle dripping by the thick canopy of the leaves. He waits he watches he thinks of the others and the night of the crossing. He remembersTekla being frightened following along with the others at riverside when he caught up with them there soon engaging the Brigands then the Cambion.

“Are you frightened dear …. do you wish to return to Tenebrae Wood?” he whispered to Tekla, waiting anxiously for her reply as he assisted here and there with the fighting ...from a distance.

Tekla thought a moment replying “Yyyes dear I want to go back to the wood and wait a bit longer.”

Nodding and smiling Virgle replied “Blessed You are in all you are... and do, follow me.... stay near... the Cambion is about and it is strengthened against my Powers.”

Virgle and Tekla made it safely near Tennabrae wood when he stopped to hug her whispering “You are safely away frome the Cambion now ….run to camp ...I should return and strengthen the others in the crossing over. Blessed are you in all you are and do, run like the deer my Tekla”

Virgle made his way back to the others at riverside ….still battling the brigands and Cambion in the huts to the south of the shop. ….Ephriam was bleeding and perhaps in shock ...Alanna was very frightened …. Virgle spoke to Alanna “Lass me cen hides ye if ye liokes?”
Allana nodding ascents “ hold yer ground bestihls ahn quiets” Virgle hides her in an illusion of a tree.

Virgle mutters “Weish tha me culds uses tha gift o tha serpents ahn spidars ohn tham brigand laddds budt ...tha Abesses....” He shakes his head using his powers to heal the wounded and hinder the brigands and Cambion...the Ladd Ephriam suddenly falls …...
Virgle sets his Treemen to the brigands about and the group is pressing forward to the shop ...soon the ladder is deployed ...Allana breaks cover and joins the group in crossing over.

There are afflicted locusts in swarms that assail the band of refugees ….they fall easily but there are many. The group presses on eastward along a road to a crude palisade fort... where someone shouts for them to hurry inside.Virgle looks about ...this does not look to be a good place a to hold up.... there is trash and rats and ferral dogs. They are ushered into a Common Hall ...Virgle looks about for signs that this place has been a killing place before ….it seems not.
A voice calls out “ NO WITCH TREES IN HERE!”
Virgle bolts for the door calling his Treemen to follow but they are dispelled ..sent back from whence they came as he clears the door and makes haste for the crossing. There he summons more friends and hides waiting to see if he is followed.

He says to his Treemen “ Well it seems no one follows ...lets take a round about way home just in case.”

Virgle tacks a note up in camp, in the tent, in the warded area … informing stragglers he will help them cross over. He says “ An here me er nowa peekin ien ohn tha cahmp fer stragglars wha needs halp a crossin ovar.'

He calls to his Treemen “ Weil frens lats us finds a dry place fer tha sleepin eh?”

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Re: Virgle Jack (From crossing Visiting the Plantation to the VIC offensive)

Post by Papa Virgle » October 21st, 2018, 10:07 pm

In Coallation....
“I wwwould like to check on the settlement across the river ….IIII should be there to help them with my crafting .. my hands NEED to help them.” Tekla says to Virgle a bit nervously.

Virgle answers “ It is not a pleasant place … dirty and barren with little but grasses growing about garbage rats and feral dogs …. like civilized city...
* He frowns pausing...thinking sighing heavily*
Virgle continues “Your hands have been made for the strengthening of the balance and your skills will be needed there.... but is is not a place to live oh my nooo.”
*Tekla gives him her best doe eyed look*
*Virgle sighs heavily again* “I suppose we should check in on them …. the folk there don't like my Tree Friends so I think it not wise to stay long but we should see if there are needs you can help with.”

*Tekla smiles, hugs Virgle and starts off at a fast walk* “I will gather some things to take along to be ready to do some repairs and simple stichings oh and some food of ccccourse... perhaps I can stay there if it seems well when we look it over”
* Virgle nods and smiles sighing heavily*
“ Yes it is good that you will be able to help them along and strengthen them ….. it is an unpleasant place.”

The crossing is dangerous and Virgle goes ahead to secure the way returning to find Tekla when the way is made clear.

The two approach the palisade of the settlement Virgle calls out in common “ Hallllllooooo ien tha caaaahmp!”
There is no response so after a few moments Virgel takes his treemen a stones throw from the gate and tells them to wait there. The two enter and roam about the settlement a few folk sleeping in the main hall ...and some vendors ….Virgle speaks with a ladd in the hall “Are you well have you etn?
*He hands the ladd some food stuffs which the ladd immediately consumes*
The ladd speaks “ Oye I'm fair been hungry but fairly safe here”
Virgle asks the ladd “Hows er tha folk what live-es heres? Thay ha eny odd requirements-es ofn ye er importants rules me shulds knews ..thay dun liokes me treefrens ien tha hall heres last me visits....”
The ladd nods agreement “ Oye they don't allows for the withcing here in there plantation.. there are VIC on this side of the river..”
Virgle nods ..remembering the VIC tha burned Riverside … tough soldiers they were “ Do ye peks tham VIC oftens ..does thay patrols the nears ta thies place oftens? “
The ladd repeats “ Oye they don't allows for the withcing here in there plantation.. there are VIC on this side of the river..”

Virgle settles close to Tekla as she is doing some stiching and chatting with a vendor in the hall... he decides to talk a walk about and see the area outside the palisade ..he bends close to Tekla and whispers in coallation “ I will have a looksee about this place and see what kind of flora and fauna there are.. if you will be allright here without me...”
She nods at him “Yes by aaall means have a look about this will take me a little while”

As Virgle leaves the palisade a patrol of VIC swords men spearmen and archers accost his tree men “WHAT SORT OF MADDNESS IS THIS!” and they immediately attack the tree men.

Virgle fortunately had been traveling with his cowl concealing his face …. he looks about weighing his options …..he goes a distance and as the treemen fall he begins a slow walk of the width and breadth of the place between the rivers …. not a very hospitable place ...certainly not a place to wage guerrilla warfare with the VIC. He can't stay here neither is it safe for any of them. After a full circuit of the lands ...including the handiwork of the VIC torturous execution area he returns to the road near the settlement waiting for Tekla.... she is ahead nearer to riverside and she is mad as a hornet. “YYYOU KKKNEW TTTHER WWWWER VVVIC HER?”

Virgle nods and smiles “ Yes dear I knew they were on this side of the river but I did not know they patrolled the settlement …. I specifically asked when we got here and the only answer I could get was ...”They don't aloow withcing here” ….. when I saw the VIC it was too late ….. I did walk the breadth of the land ...the VIC have many victims nailed on poles and flayed... this place is not safe of a good place for anyone....”

A ladd with his face concealed steps from cover behind a fence “ Virgle we can not have you bringing the ire of the VIC upon the people here ...they will want blood now....”
Virgle answers” I did not know they patrolled here only that my Tree Frens were not welcome inside ….. but there is no place for me here ...this is a barren place AND under VIC control I will not show my face here again....”
The Ladd says “ that is not what I said Virgle but as you wish... the VIC will not be easily satisfied...”
Virgle nods and smiles “ Ifn iet make-es iet easy-er upon tha folk heres ...sends tha VIC ta Tenbrae Wood fer me”
The Ladd says “ If we do not protect eachother what are we?”
Virgle says “Alls tha sames tha VIC er cruels ofn hearts …. thies er no places fer me heres... ifn iet saves ye treble heres ..sends tham ta Tenbrae Wood”

The Two make there way to Tenabrae Wood ….
Virgle says in coallation “I am deeply sorrowed dear that it is not a good place there were you can work to help the others but perhaps you can still be of help ...sending your worked things over by another...... With the VIC in control it is not a safe place for any to be. If we do help those in the settlement I am sure the VIC will be aided by it as well …. they likely take what they need as a “TAX” for the “protection” they provide.

Virgle patrolled the land between the rivers....Tenabrae. The Dark Loggers the Diabolists and their unfortunate cobbled creations he would put to rest the Savage Raiders he would reason with ...attempting to enlist them among his Redemit. He missed his Lass Tekla dearly and the patrolling kept his mind busy. The outsiders ..the 109th had come and requested help with this new sickness … culling the sick ones and bringing their bodies in to their palisade.
Walking along the forest path he spoke to his followers “weil me Viney frens ...tham oudtsidars cumes ta tenabraes fer ta deals weith tha sickness ...thay dune cumes heres cept fer tha sickness er ravagin tha republic fierce liokes. Ifn thay cumes up weith tha cure …. thay liokely dun shares weith us tha tha Rebublic frowns upons ….. naary by thar chooosins.”
Virgle stoops to tend a plant that he started from a cutting in the Forest Tenabrae “Blessed Bee! Ye er rooted weil ahn grewin” He nods and smiles.

After clearing the Dark Loggers and the Dark Magi …....Virgle has his followers dispose of their carcasses.... “Ladds gathar up tha basytards ahn tosses tham upon tha flames thay ha kindeled ien Tenabrae Wood”
He tenderly caresses the logs of Tenabrae Wood sighing sadly.
Virgle tends to damaged trees ..trimming them back properly “ah me trees of tha Tenbrae Wood ye weil recovars aftar tha Dark ones ha paid nuff ien blood tha thay dune cumes nary mures” He wondered to himself “howa meny weil me ha ta pudts ta blessed rest afore thay nary cumes stihls” He searches out healthy plants to make cuttings and spread cover around the injured forest. “Blessed BEE ...comfrey thies weil aid tha mendin” He digs up a plant and makes splits off the root planting several in the general area chattering away in sing song as he does. “Comfrey ye mender of menfolk ahn woodland-es dig-es down ahn pulles up tha gran thins ta feeds yer nearkin aboudts BLESSED BEE fer sech ye er given ahn sech ye share-es BLESSED BEES!” So he continues on finding the plants that will aid in the work of restoration and helping them along in their work.
Then Virgle stops frozen in place and ever so slowly looks about smiling his feral smile seeming to listen to something he nods. Speaking coalaltion “ Aye Lass the Diabolists,” He spits bitterly. “ Them that trouble the dead ….I will go and lay them to blessed rest. AND my Tekla will you watch over the lass for me and send a song bird to cheer her heart?” He nods and smiles.... finishing patting the soil around the yarrow he just planted. “Blessed be ye tha cheers tha soul of ladds ien teas ahn stems tha flowin wound blessed bee ahn grows ahn prospars”

Virgle makes his way through the old cannible fort …. clearing the place of the Diabolists and the dead they have troubled. He removes the recognizable human parts from the poor unfortunate cobbled things and burns them them blessed rest and releasing them to work in the balance once again. Then Virgle stops frozen in place and ever so slowly looks about smiling his feral smile seeming to listen to something he nods. Speaking coalaltion “ Aye lass something civilized this way does come.....”
A ladd enters and works at a poor unfortunate cobbled thing with Virgle but being forewarned, Virgle can sense the intent of the ladd and though entreated with kindness the ladd would have only one ending this day …..
The Ladd says” Who the hell are you?”
Virgle nods and smiles “ are ye weil ? Ha ye eatn?”
The ladd says “Your one of the apostates aren't you?”
Virgle smiles “ Me er the Warder of Tenabrae Wood ahn ye ...wha do yer mathar calles ye?”
The ladd replies “ Johhnaes Thaslohoffaar Head Hunter”
Virgle replies “Ladd we best jaws aboudt thies er wrongs me taint nary apostates...” He whispers to his followers and they come to point.
After a brief melle the ladd is laying in his lifes blood Virgle telling him “Ye er wrongs ladd DEADS wrongs”
He sighs heavily “Anuthar mathars sons gone ...nowa blessed be yer rests” Virgle quickly looks through the ladds things to determine if he is part of a larger group or acting on his own.
Virgle looks down on the ladd “Blessed be yer rests” and he leaves the old fort heading to the wood.
He returns to his work of tending the damages trees of the wood and propagating of the plants.

After finishing his work in the area damaged by the Dark Loggers Virgle puts to rest the sickly ones he can find.......
“Aureliuses me ha mure tha sickly ones fer ye” Virgle speaks muffles by the mask. After cleaning up with silver waters Virgle takes out the writs he brought along and looks over the supplies to be purchased from the 109th folk. “ Blessed bee! Ah me weil has sumes refine-ed pain reliefers ahn sume tha presure relifers ahn two tha masks ahn half dozen tham filtars” He pauses to think “ ha ye eny bacons? Tha lass doa liokes bacons” he nods and smiles.

Carefully looking about and listening to all that can be heard and to things most others can not hear Virgle makes his way slowly as one stalking the wood. He finds the place of the cache and leaves the things to be found. “Blessed be ye who find-es thas thins ahn werks fer tha strengthenin ofn tha balance weith tham. Blessed bee!” and with that he slips back blending into the wood making his way to his den being carefull not to be followed ...doubling back to watch over his trail. “ Cume me frens lat usn rests a wee...... tha darkness cumes Blessed bee ye ahn blessed be me Tekla may tha lass findes peace weith tha loss of nears kin.”

Visiting the Garden

Virgle was concerned with the changes to the Tenabrae Sylve. The loggers he was sure were there as part of the demonic plans to weaken the Wood..
Virgle walks the Wood trimming damages branches and tending to plants he has been transplanting and splitting into new plantings to encourage the renewal of the Wood.
Virgle sing song says “Blessed be ye comfry-es ye er takin roots ahn doin yer werk of restorin yer nearkins pulls yer tha good thins frum below fer tha strengthenin.”
Virgle looks about continuing to speak now in coalaltion “You all will play your part in the strengthening of the Tenabrae Wood. These loggers are come at the works of dark forces that wish to weaken the Wood and the Lass as part of their plans to free the dark ones held in chains from ancient times.... the Dark Forces move in men of power and those men have sent the loggers …. they know only there is coin for the work but we know they are sent to weaken you Tenabrae Wood to make the way for dark ones to come and destroy the power of the Wood and release that which you have been charged to keep in chains here. The Sickly Wolves and Revanants ..the shadowy Dae..... Shadowy Statues and weeping obliesks the chocked pathways …. all are signs the Dark Forces have advanced much ….we must work together to strengthen the Tenabrae Wood and so the Lass and keep the Dark Ones in chains so as to foil the plans of the Thirteenth.”
Virgle makes his way to the Garden deep in Tenabrae ...the way is difficult but when he arrives ..”BLESSED BEE! A boar!
He takes the boar to the flowery Garden and spills all of its blood. He waits and waits singing the coallation songs of the forest but the Lass does not appear.... he can only hear her humming along with his song and see the movement of her unseen form as the flowers bend and sway where she trods. He leaves disapointed that the Lass did not or perhaps could not come to him bodily.
In coalaltion he says”Perhaps the Wood needs to be restrengthened before the Lass will come to me? I will work at it and slay every of the loggers I can find...their blood WILL make the green things grow! Perhaps I should seek the Abess to find if there is more to know of the Dark Ones behind all this?”
And so day after day the loggers were slain their blood flowing into Tenabrae Wood their bodies burned and the ash scattered for the strengthening of the wood. Untill the day the loggers seems like men possessed and as they charged the 109th palisade and died to a man.... they had accomplished the goal the Dark Ones had for them in uncovering the Dark Statue that held the daemon chained within.... the loggers returned no more but the statue and the damage still remained to be dealt with.
NOW there was the daemon one step closer to being loosed and one more step forward for the Dark Ones plans to make the way for their Mistress.

Virgle sought answers but at every turn ...there was no path to follow. As always when in such dire straits he followed the path of his Father ….. Virgle collected the things needed for the journey. From the frogs some of their essence, from the mushrooms some choice slices ...from the Datura just a leaf..... the seeds were easier to use judiciously but it was not their time.

Virgle sat in the solitude of the den a small fire before him the hunger had passed in the second day of his fast and now he played his flute wending his way through all his emotion as the day drew close to the middle of night. He rolled out the bedroll and from his pack took out the ground up ingredients pouring them into a stone mug and mixing them with Silver Water.

In coallation he spoke while holding the cup in a toast to the fire “Lass Of Tenabrae Wood blessed are YOU in all you ARE ...BLESSED are you in all you DO! TAKE ME to the place of your knowing and guide my feet along the path of knowing!”

Virgle drank down the powerfilled cup in a long gulp. Sitting on his bedroll setting the cup aside he felt his grip on this world slipping away. He said “World you loosen your grip upon Virgle and I will walk the full path of knowing ….. I will come again with the knowing.....”

He picked up his flute and played a childs tune of coallatia nearly finishing before he fumbled the flute and his eyes rolled back in his head and he fell backwards splayed out on the bedroll twitching and flailing before becoming still ...his breathing shallow. Virgle floated up out of …..Virgle; and stood in the air near his body looking down at himself smiling, hearing again the rushing of the ether Virgle rekoned his bearings FEELING his way to his people and place then looking down upon his body he whispered “Guardian Who Wanders About ….. you look so very old..... it is a wonder that Songbird flits about with you.” He smiles looks back towards the place of his people and moves his hands in a parting motion and steps through the parted curtain of ether into the place of his people ….there at the fire of this den are his Father and his Fathers Father and so on back a dozen generations. There are mountain man backslapping hugs all around and then Father says “ Guardian Who Wanders we your Fathers answer your summon in this place of the knowing …. “
Around the fire of this great den the ether gently flows two of the Fathers speaking the same words in unison imparting the knowing....two Fathers each speak in turn giving knowing to Virgle... tossing a good berry to him with each knowing told.
“The Wood you Warder was vast from great waters to mountain at the time of the CHAINING”

“The Dark Ones are kept in chains all about the ancient boundaries of the Wood”

“The chief among then is The Lake Dweller his chain has been weakened”

“Ancient Ones seek the release of these Dark Ones from the smallest up to the Lake Dweller … they wish to make the way for the Destruction to come”

“The Dark Ones deceive and use many …. the undieing ones of our own tongue …. the civilized folk ….many civilized folk”


Virgles Father embraces him in a great backslapping mountain man hug whispering in his ear
“Beware the skulkers” he gives Virgle a goodberry, kisses Virgles cheek and places his hand on Virgles forehead and forcefully launches Virgel back through the curtain of the ether and Virgle snaps instantly back into his body with a start and a gasp.

Virgle opens his eyes in the den ….the fire is out and has been for some time, he rolls off the bedroll and dry heaves there being nothing in his stomach, his mouth is parched and he is weak.
Virgle begins to meditate gathering himself to know and focus himself. He rises placing the 7 good berrys in his pouch. He looks in his pack and drinks silverwaters and eats some of his own good berrys, leaving the den sneaking to the Forest Tenabrae... he finds the Dark One is no longer chained in the statue and there is an Arcane Circle upon the forest floor ….. it bears energy. In coalaltion Virgle says …. “ My journey to the knowing took some time ..I must find what has become of the Dark One that was chained to this statue”

The Lass vists.

Virgle and Tekla were in camp sitting at the fire snacking and sipping tea while chatting in coallation.

Virgle “mmmmm dear you prepare the tastiest venison's this stew is delicious ...if we live long enough ...Mother is going to just love you. ” * he winks nodding and smiling*
*Tekla smiling and diping her head* “We had a visitor today that was figuring what is needed to place a gate to secure the camp at night... there were sickly wolves prowling the camp twice these recent days.”
Virgle nodding “That would be blessed work ..gates to make the nights safer...... I saw the well is getting some attention ...being cleaned up...”
Tekla “Yes Mister Red and I have been working at it .. it is down to sand now just needs to settle a bit...”
Just then Mister Red comes by wearing only pants and dripping wet “I have spent more time down wells than I care to confess.” *he chuckles* “ there should be potable water in a day or two”
The three sit at the campfire chatting when Virgle Vines begin to twitch excitedly.
Into the camp strides the Lass Of The Wood!
Virgle ”Blessed Bee! Me ha sought yer face ...the paths twere chok-ed weith growths, Lass er ye weil ha ye etn?”
Lass Nodding” I am well...the path will be made clear for you”
*there is the sound of cannon fire towards the plantation*
Lass “the children of iron will come against this place but will not prevail …. resist them and you shall be protected” *the Lass offers the three a token of her protection*
*Virgle nods and smiles as he enjoys the morsel* “Blessed bee.” Then in coalaltion he says ” Lass the Wood Tenabrae how may I work to strengthen the Wood.”
The Lass nods smiling “keep at the work your hands are about and gives succor to the lost children but keep the children of iron from the Wood.”
Virgle asks in common again “wha ofn thas dark ones chained aht belows Tenbrae?”
Lass “They will remain in defeat while the wood is strengthened... be about your work”
The Las chats with the three and a fourth that drops into the camp ….she rests upon the Vines as she speaks. After a time of talk the Lass takes her leave and walks into the thicket which parts way for her to meld/pass through.
Virgle burst out in loud song of praises of the Lass and the Wood Tenabrae.
The group about the campfire excitedly chatters about all that the visit means to each of them.


Tekla and Virgle were in the Tenabrae Wood camp when they smelled wood smoke. Scanning the sky through the overhead canopy it looked as if smoke rose from far south in Tenabrae.

Virgle says in coallation “I should check on this smoke rising ..perhaps the Apothacary palisade is in trouble. Will you stay in camp or come along?”
Tekla being concerned for Virgles safety and curious speaks in coallation “I will come along to have peek and to keep you out of trouble.” *She giggles smiling*

The two set off …...Virgle and his forest friends leading the way Tekla following along keeping an eye on their backtrail and covering their tracks a bit. Soon Virgle comes back to her whispering “The dig ...there are thugs encamped there but also plantation folk.... they parley ...let us approach and listen in.”
*Tekla enters the palisade keeping close to the entrance ..Virgle watches from outside the palisade, stroking his forest friends soothingly...... one of the civilized folk turn and gapes in horror at Virgle and his forest friends shouting an alarm* “WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!”*the ladd raises his bow* Virgle says in common “No ladd dun doa tha” * But it is to late the ladd lets fly an arrow and the nearest forest friend whips a tendril over the palisade cracking the ladd around the circumference of his head and throwing him to the ground*
*Virgle runs a way back calming his forest friends then again approaches the palisade ...others are tending to the ladd on the ground seems he is still alive*
Virgle aproaches saying” Ladd dun a be doa tha..... me taint here-es fer trebles ye”
*The ladd stands wobbily saying *“Is it dead?”
*Virgle nods and smiles laughing*”Nary ladd thay taint deads an neithares er ye nowa settles yerself er Warder of Tenabrae Wood no treble do me intends-es”
The parley gets back on track ...Virgle and Tekla listening ..Virgle notices Tekla caressing her bow with arrow knocked....watching the worrisome ladd ...the talk is of the civilized folk of the plantation and the civilized folk of the ruffians working together against the republic …. it seems as if some small headway is made in sharing of information and leaving the plantation folks be, though in Tenabrae they ruffians will ply their trade. Virgle smiles petting his forest friends.*

*Virgle feels something.... a power hungering and reaching out from below the dig site from the Cairns. A dark one more powerful than the previous and it has been trifled with... someone or something is working to loose them ...and Virgle believes he knows why... it is unsettling and must be dealt with. He moves about the perimeter of the palisade unsettling some of those within those who have drank the tea of the VIC and would take his head if they could ...not caring what he has done and will do for their own good.* “Abbess Niahm me neds fer jaw ye lass...”

*The other magi felt it to and they stand a few paces away from the palisade speaking of it …. it will be studied after the bandits move on …. Virgle and Tekla decide to leave and scurry back to the Wood for rest and discussion of the parley* Virgle says in coallation “Beautiful Tekla get comfy...” Tekla says”The ruffians said they will ply their work in Tenabrae ….”He tucks her in hiding her in an illusion “such a beatifull Dryad lass you make” *he nods and smiles saying* “If they have bad manners they will learn ….they stay alive by learning it won't take them long to mind their manners... you just give them some room while I teach them a thing....”


*Virgle and Tekla chatted away in the camp enjoying tea together. Virgle sniffs his tea smiling at Tekla*
*Tekla sips her tea smiling she says *“One of the visitors is arranging gates to keep the sickly wolves out of the camp at night. He wants to make the camp safe for those who sleep here.”
Virgle nods and smiles finishing his tea”that was delicious dear ….if my Tree Friends can do any of the heavy lifting we are available.... and that is a wonderful idea when the rainy season passes ..we should have a feast of celebration here in camp and invite all the folk that come and go perhaps a chance to dance you about a nice bonfire .” *he smiles broadly at her ….he looks north in the camp to the bunker* “The barred bunker up yonder …. did I mention that I noticed the floors are of crystal ….. I reached in to clean them a bit ..hardly a legio bunker standard ….. perhaps it has to do with the thing the Lass of the Wood spoke of..... there was a crystal in the dark ones statue in the loggers clearing. Perchance the crystal has to do with the chaining.”
Teklas eyes go wide “No I did not notice the crystal floor ….. the barred gate it is bent as if someone small may have forced their way in.”
Virgle rises quickly to go inspect the bars”How long ago were they bent? Has anyone shown interest in the bunker? How did I miss this ...this important.... this is very important”
Tekla follows him” It has been a few weeks ...I though I mentioned it to you one has shown interest while I was here at least.... someone tiny would have been able to pass in...”
Tekla peeks in cleaning the dust and debris away and pats the crystal floor “ oh my yes this is ...odd for a legio bunker surely there is more to it... as you have said...... of the Lass …..and the dark ones kept in chains … who would be small enough to squeeze by this small bend in the bars?”
Virgle says quietly”This is important ….the others must know ...we need to strengthen the chaining ...every chaining in the Tenabrae.... the Fathers said to seek the Seal of the Chaining of the blood.......”

Virgle hugs Tekla tenderly ”There is a meeting of the Magi … I need to be there ...working together is vital and will mean survival when the unchaining commences as the dark ones have planned …. perhaps there will be an ear to hear me after the loggers uncovered the statue and now the Cairns have shown they chain a dark one there ….. someone or thing is trifling with destruction …...weakening the chaining” * he frowns*
Tekla hugs him tenderly whispering” Please be careful dear I do not trust many of them ...and you …....should be more careful to return to me”
Virgle nods and smiles”tonight is only a meeting to discuss working together and perhaps with the other folk for our mutual survival ….if we are to survive the hunting of the republic, if we are to defend the chaining of the dark ones and if we are to end the torment we will have to work together and take some risks” * I will be back to bother you before you know it..... he kisses her forehead and heads off north with his forest friends following ...whistling a cheerful tune”

Virgle arrived at the Tower, half a dozen or so magi already gathered
Niahm who had called the meeting Called out Greetings “ AH there he is ..almost every one now ….”
*Virgle looked about smiling and nodding* “Thar er a thins we needs fe ta jaw boudt ..sum wunts fer ta werks weith tha magi ahn promotes cooperation-es...... ahn tha dark ones chained aboudt Tenbrae thay er bein trifle-ed weith ...weakenin tha chainings”
*Niahm looked about catching the eye of all present she said*”There has been a development ...with Kaiden the Daemon from the Cairns has possessed him bodily and he requires exorcism.....”
The magi looked about at each other making small talk of rituals and past success and of deaths... waiting on a full showing and in minutes there was.
Niahm began” Kaiden has been possessed of the daemon we felt at the cairns …. exorcism will be dangerous perhaps deadly I will not think less of any who choose not to render their aid ..but Kaiden would do it for each of us. We may drive it from Kaiden ...into one of us...the daemon will take the path of least resistance that could be through one of us.....” She paused waiting for any to back away from the task.
*Virgle nods and smiles* “taday er a gran day fer ta dies..... tomarrows wulds be bettars thoughas...” *he laughs*”budt ifen this dun pudt me ta blessed rests ...Tekla surely weil...... whan tha Lass hear-es of iet.”

Niahm explained “ Kaiden is held in alchemaical silver chains that Allister left with me before he gave himself up” * she looked to Virgle* “and an reliquary urn from the dig site that will contain the daemon when we have slain it on the consecrated salts I have scraped together... it will be just enough ….. it must be... consecrated salts.... the ashes of the saint ...the urn ….. it has to be enough ”

*Virgle approaches Niahm and speaks softly*”Ahs me ha jawed ye afores ...thar er meny dark ones chained belows ancient Tenebrae Wood ahn someyones er werkin ta looses tham …. ahn tha barr-ed gates ta tha Lake Dwellars place of chainin ha beein trifl-eds weith..... he pauses then adds pleadingly “Ifn me passes ovar thies day … befriends me Lass aye watches ovar tha Songbird fer me?” *Niahm smiles a sad smile placing a hand on his shoulder*

*Niahm explains the ritual to all ….. three will maintain their focused might upon runes and Niahm will exorcise the daemon from Kaiden ….at that point it is critical that Emory Authwys and Rufus maintain focus on the runes as Niahm Cato and Virgle battle the daemon and force its essence into the urn. *
*They journey to the serene mountain spring where Kaiden is kept in the silver chains*
*Athwys speaks to Kaiden*”The ritual will require a bit of your blood freely given for the scibing of the runes”
* Kaiden nods holding up his arms for the letting of blood*
*Athwys scribes the runes as Niahm speaks to Kaiden*”The ritual is frought with danger any of us may die.....YOU are critical YOU must WANT to be FREE!”*Kaiden Nods and writhes a bit clearly struggling with the daemon within*
*The salt is spread ...torches placed the runes positioned quiet supplications made to at least two dieties and they begin*
*Niahm speaks with power and authority far beyond her small frame the words of pricipatus rolling out of her as if an angel unseen has come to strengthen her.... Cato commands the daemon to come out ...Virgle sings softly in coalaltion commanding the dark one to come out reminding it that it has no place in this realm that this relm is of physical balance..... out the daemon does come and is quickly slain as it is forming a physical being avery very dark churning mass of chaos. Niahm takes the reliqary urn from her pack and the entity is sucked in as iron to the load stone *

*Virgle stops his singing thinking*”That was to simple …..”*he looks about* Niahm is exhausted and Kaiden is seriously wounded.....Virgle tends to Kaidens wounds but steps aside when Niahm begins to assess Kaidens condition Virgle looks about every one is worn ..some worn thread bare*
“whare weil we keeps tha urn nowa? Tha Towar?”
*The blood all over the ground begins to animate and slither to the urn encasing it the magi directing energies against it. The urn begins rocking and denting seems it may fail...... *
*Cato is in meditation probably choosing the best course of action in this untried ground*
*Cato says*”perhaps we can feed energy to the urn to strengthen it before it fails”* and he begins infusing the urn with arcane energies quiet the rucus inside the urn then falling to the ground in exhaustion*
*The blood encasing the urn has been removed and the urn is more stable the exhausted Cato rises and grips the urn as Niahm still tends to Kaiden Cato says as he sets off as fast as he can*”The only course that may succeed in the containment is the alcahemaical silver runed chest n the tower ….we have little time”
*Emory and Virgle leave the others tending to Kaiden and follow along behind Cato heading to the tower and hoping the urn will hold though it is obvious it will only hold temporarily unless the daemon within can be weakened..... Virgle stopping to deal with a pair of boars that block the way …..trying to ask them to move along*
“eh ladds would ye feeds ovar yandar.... thies path musdt be keep-ed safes fer jes nowa.....”













Virgle saw smoke rising over the plantation so …...he pulled up his cowl and went to investigate...

In the main hall there were a pair of Apothecary ladds talking “we burn a lot ..of dead ones and some live ones …... a lot of live ones really......“
There was a lot of talk of the tormented worms that had been at the Fort Prasedeium some time ago ….and then the Apothacary mentioned tunnels connecting The Mansion and Tenabrae containins “all manner of heretical things” That Virgle heard loud and clear ...soon someone burst into the hall with news that Rose had been infected bu the worms and everyone rushed out.
Virgle slipped away and headed for the Mansion thoughouly searching for these tunnels ..just has he already had been doing in the Tenabrae Wood. He found nothing but once agin went to Tenabrae and thoughouly searched once more for hidden entrances to cave dens and tunnels ….finding nothing new ….....

Crying time again...

*Virgle sits in the dirt of the Tenabrae camp the warded tent ..he has played his flute all through the night sitting in the dark playing softly next to the cot where an exhausted weakend woman lays unconscious murmuring through troubled dreams that torment her* “Blessed be lass eit er well nowa soas rests weil ye er safe hereas” *he straightens out her tossled hair and with a cloth dampened with silver waters dabbes her face neck and hands the woman rest quietly now and Virgle writes a note to post in the camp stopping to wipe a tear several times before finishing he posts the note then wanders off into the wood beginning to sob as he gets away from the camp*

Virgle wanders out into Tenabrae wood playing his flute in low somber tunes shuffling along to a clearing he sits in the dirt and plays the flute. Thinking back he remembers swimming near the caravans with Lavender sitting on the river bank braiding each others hair ..the bead she took from her own to add to his and the carved thorn from his own mane that he braided into hers. It was near there that he last saw her over 20 moons ago ….she was with child and they slept at the bonfire his vines sheltering them. Then she was gone...he had searched every where they had trod ...the places they had hunted and the places they had picked flowers.... everywhere and …..nowhere was there a sign she had passed that way. When She had come to him in Tenabrae wood just days ago it was as if he received her back from the dead. Lavender was week and exhausted, passing out mercifully giving Virgle a chance to talk with Songbird. With great joy he received her but then his heart sank ….. his love …...Songbird..... he knew Songbird was not of the custom of second wife and now his head began to reel. Hoping against hope he took Lavender in her weakened state to Songbird for medical care explaining how he thought Lavender to be dead after going missing some 20 moons ago. It was clear Songbirds custom would not allow for her to be a sister wife. The shock and pain he now inflicted on his love Songbird was greater pain in his own heart than he had known before.... his world reeled the balance swayed and now after talking with Songbird again …...

he could not feel the balance..... any longer …. everywhere.... as before.

Songbird was hurt and now hated him she had uttered “ Virgle I hate you” and thinking about it a moment he had replied ..” I ….. hate ….. me …. too”. He meant it with sincerity but now Songbird did not trust anything about him. He thought of the many times Songbird and he had swam in the river near the old stable ..the rope vine she had braided to get up and down the river bank …. he thought about Bendeck ….the brat was right about one thing Virgle had broken Teklas heart and now he could not make amends for the damage he had done. Songbird refused to take the small fortune they had set aside to make a happy farm cottage in some secure valley where they would raise many children and grow old together.
*Virgle stopped the playing on the flute and sobbed his head in his hands shoulders heaving*
When he had no tears left to cry it was nigh unto dark ...he walked among the wood and gathered the things needed for the journey. From the frogs some of their essence, from the mushrooms some choice slices ...from the Datura just a leaf..... the seeds were easier to use judiciously but it was not their time.

Virgle sat in the solitude of the den a small fire before him the hunger had passed and now he played his flute wending his way through all his emotion very dark and somber tones of low vibration the day drew close to the middle of night. He rolled out the bedroll and from his pack took out the ground up ingredients pouring them into a stone mug....
a voice whispering in his ear “to much datura!” but the words were caught by shadowy the things that clung to him and he only heard “much datura!” and he added more ….mixing them with Silver Water.

In coallation he spoke while holding the cup in a toast to the fire “Grand Lass!, blessed are YOU in all you ARE ...BLESSED are you in all you DO!
TAKE ME to the place of your knowing and guide my feet along the path of knowing!”

Virgle drank down the powerfilled cup in a long gulp. Sitting on his bedroll setting the cup aside he felt his grip on this world slipping away. He said “World you loosen your grip upon Virgle and I will walk the full path of knowing ….. I will come again with the knowing.....”

He picked up his flute and played a dark somber tune of coallatian tragedy nearly finishing before he fumbled the flute and his eyes rolled back in his head and he fell backwards splayed out on the bedroll twitching and flailing before becoming still ...his breathing shallow.

Virgle floated up out of …..Virgle; and stood in the air near his body looking down at himself frowning a nod, hearing again the rushing of the ether Virgle reckoned his bearings FEELING his way to his people and place but he could not feel the way or the balance ….then looking down upon his body he whispered “Guardian Who Wanders About ….. you look so very old..... and the Songbird you have harmed.... I … hate …. you ...too!” * he looked up again rekoning the way to his people and place the rush of the ether about him. He feels a pull in his chest and is drawn towards it reaching before himself and moves his hands in a parting motion and steps through the parted curtain of ether into the place of his people ….there at the fire of this den are beings of darkness sucking the light from the fire in their midst. He realizes he is lost in the ether and this is not his place... quickly he brings his hands before himself but before he can part the curtain of the ether two dark shadowy figures partially emerge from his torso and grasp his hands wrestling them apart and immobilizing him*
From the midst of this den among a dozen of the dark shadowy figures is the form of a lass imminently dark and shadowy in form “Grand work Deciet and Selfish a bless-ed prize you have brought me.” She emphasized the word bless-ed mocking Virgle smiling a dark smile she continues” “Pooer pooer ladd ...can't feeeel tha balance.... Er Ye WEIL Virgle? HA YE ETN?” *She continues to mock him* “Protector Who Wanders indeedy ….... you protect NOTHING.... you are Shamed One who Wanders”
*Virgle frowns and nods* “Yes Dark Lass you have me in your den as you will it is no matter to me any longer” *he spits at her trying to anger her hoping for a quick death there is no fear in him only resignation to his deserved end*
*The Dark lass laghs a chillingly evil growling * “Oh dear Virgle this meal I have enjoyed many times will have to do better than this ….you will fear before we are through and be much.... much more eager to die ...but not yet... DECIET ...SELFISH restrain our guest that I may entertain properly....” Virgle is hoisted up arms and legs held tight and immobile ….. the Dark Lass with a flourish of her hand pulls a knife of long slender blade from the air....looking at Virgle over it …..still showing a disinterested face Virgle says* “Lady Dark I deserve as much”
She answers scowling at the knife” oh no.... no you don't ...this is a knife of mercy ….I rarely use it” *she tosses the knife into the air and as it comes down … orb appears to Virgles right at chest height a Songbird nestled in a Lavender plant set on a levitating platform the Knife of mercy pierces the songbirds wing and she grasps the lavender plant in her beak.*
The dark Lass laughs a delighted evil laugh “ now that is better Virgle fear me and what you have wrought with my help” *with a flourish of her hand the Dark lass pulls a short hooked knife from the air* “Now..... this is the knife you deserve” * she slowly moves behind Virgle raising the knife* “let me give you wings like your loves namesake ...oh ..I mean your lost love..” vilely she laughs making a motion and Virgle clothing is ripped off …...while working the knife to cut out flesh between two of Virgles ribs on his back she whistles a mournful tune..... Virgle now in fear and crying out in pain. “ one of my favorite tunes Virgle did not whistle it since the coming of the Songbird.....I missed it....” * The Dark Lass pulls some of Virgle lungs through both holes and saunters in front of him licking and them poping the flesh she had excised from his back into her mouth. Virgle can no longer scream as he can not fill his lungs properly* “ like this the toad” *the Dark Lass puffs her cheecks …..closes her lips..... and constricts her cheeks * “ you can get air that way you pathetic toad”* Watching Virgle struggle to get air she pauses* “Delicious …... now this may hurt a bit more...” she hooks the knife in his abdomen right at the bottom of is ribs and opens his diaphragm his abdominal muscles holding his innards in like an open bag now he lets out a pathetic silent scream ..she reaches in through space where his lungs used to be up into the chest cavity and grasps his heart caressing it as a lover might caress her love ..briefly before squeezing it.” “Delicious Virgle ...much...... much better” *she smiles actually pleased...........Virgle then feeling as if he will burst ...every cell in his body under great pressure from within Virgle passes out* “ Now now redemit Virgle this won't do ..I want you delicious....” She plucks a leaf of the lavender the songbird pinned by the knife of mercy ...flapping wildly as the dark hand draws close ….. the Dark lass rubs the leaf between her fingers and under Virgles nose... his head lolls up at the scent not of the flower but of Lavender. The dark lass again reaches into his chest up through the diaphragm griping his is pure agony and he silently screams between toad gulps of air. Then managing a loud sentence he prays*
“This...... I..... deserve …..the.... lasses ….not... GRAN LASS MERCY FOR THE SONGBIRD AND LAVENDER *

While this scene plays out in the lower vibrations of the ether ….....above there is the den of Virgles people and place where gathered are his ancestors in the place of knowing a wisp of Virgle in their midst...........
and above that another den in the higher vibrations of the ether is a den with twelve wispy beings of light gathered around a Lass Of Light and a thin shadow of Virgle in their midst....
*The Lass of Light says* “IT IS ENOUGH!” simultaneously in the middle and upper dens of the ether the twelve ancestors and the twelve wisps of light move as one the ancestors draw their skinning knives and slash their forearms showering blood upon the shadowy Virgle in their midsts and the twelve wispy beings of light hold their hands up ….light pouring forth and into the shadowy Virgle in their midst ….... with a voice of thunder the lass of light says “REDEMIT!” *In a flash of lightening the Lass of light is instantaneously in her realm of the higher vibrations in the middle den and in Eden in the den of Virgle ...the shadow Virgles slung over her shoulder she flings the shadow Virgles into unconscious Virgles body and with a swift motion her hand slams into Virgles neck..... the Knife of Mercy pulled from the air mid arc ..the slender blade sliding in along his esophagus severing the carotid and jugular she pulls the blade out 3 inches and angles it to reach the other side of his neck and those vessels …... blood spurts high in the air in two arcs as she whispers “It is finished” The blood spurt stops from the now closed wound and continues through the air splashing on the den floor.*
In the very same instant of time in the lower den of the ether.... Deciet and Selfish crumble to the ground and the twelve shadowy dark figures are jolted back by power that sweeps over the den ..Virgle becomes wispy ..translucent and the Dark Lasses grip slips..... he grasps the Knife of Mercy and flings the Songbird off the blade ...she lands in his left hand and holds the lavender in her beak and talons ….. Virgle slams the knife of mercy into his throat the slender blade sliding in along his esophagus severing the carotid and jugular he pulls the blade out 3 inches and angles it to reach the other side of his neck and those vessels the blood gushing in a geyser over the Dark Lass and he is instantly yanked through the ether into his den into his body ….seeing the Lass of Light standing over him Knife of Mercy in her hand his blood finishing the arc across the den and splashing on the den floor and for a brief moment looking in her eyes he can feel the balance again... she is gone. He springs from his back onto his hands and knees retching dry heaving then collapsing.*

A dark low voice is heard in the den of light. Then in a sphere of darkness the Dark lass appears
“Greetings dear sister” They both say flatly to each other.... the Dark Lass continuing “He is mine now you know …..I will have him ….. why don't we share? You can have the first bite ...your REDEMIT are sooooo delicious....” *she holds a still beating ethereal heart out towards the Lass of Light ...Licking the blood from her other hand....the Lass of Light scowling *
“The Lass of Light says ...does Mother know of your minions working in my Redemit upon Eden ….”
The Dark Lass says “Does Mother know of your wayward thumb upon the scale of the balance?”
Mockingly the Lass of Darkness Giggles an exaggerated happy giggle and mockingly high pitched tone “sometimes I slip my thumb upon the scales of the balance …... and you Virgle shall serve me as REDEMIT!” *She laughs long and demonically*
“We shall finish this game you and I ….. you have your pawn still but I have his heart …. it is my move and I have two queens upon the field.” *she smiles smugly*
The Lass of Light says “He is a bishop and no pawn.”
The Dark Lass says “ So you say shall we play.”

In his den Virgle rolls on his back inspecting the new scar just below his rib cage running his finger over it...his heart aching a bit.....tiredly he whispers....

”the balance I can not feel everywhere as SongBird is lost to me.... Grand Lass make a way where there is no way to bring her back to me”

*Virgle lays in the dark den crying*

shadow of a man

*Laying in a heap in his den who knows how long he awakens rubbing the nagging feeling in his chest looking around orienting himself feeling the fear not knowing why ...he feels hunted* “ Gr gr gr Gran lass........... if you hear me st st still.... “
*He staggers to his feet moving out of the den* “ Can't sstay …. must mmmove” *He looks about rubbing his chest then runs off clumsily through the woodland through the night he creeps tree to tree stoping long enough to look allaround then moves a few paces repeating the process*
“can't stop.... must keep moving” he keeps this up day and night until exhausted he stumbles to the woods camp starved dehydrated and mumbling nearly incoherently to the SongBird*
“Bbbbee Blesss-ed Dddances Upon Moonbeams ….. “ *He looks all around carefully as if expedcting an enemy to lunge at him.....hugs her nearly falling*
SongBird says “Virgle you're ….. what happened? You're in terrible shape let me get you something to eat..sit at the fire and rest”
*He shakes his head ….staggering towards the Wood * “ccan not stay.... must keep moving”
*SongBird takes him by the hand and drags him towards the campfire* “Come and sit a moment and tell me what is happening....I need to talk with you about something”
*He follows her and sits sighing feels good to sit and rest forgetting he must keep moving …. that he is the hunted that the trackers don't rest that they are always just out of sight but getting closer each moment*
*SongBird ssets Virgle at the fire and prepares Venison while she talks* “Virgle why don't you play me a song of spring festival upon your flute...would you please?”
*Virgle gets out his flute licking his parched lips*
Songbird says” Here have some water before you play” * and he drinks much being extremely thirsty then begins playing his flute the tune coming slowly as he pauses to remember then eventually after a few repetitions playing at normal speed...... the food is smelling delisious..then Virgle remembers the trackers will smell tha fire and the cooking.. he stands looking all about the camp and the sky* 'must keep moving ….can't stop moving...”
Songbird says “Sit Virgle I have venison for you just he way you ...I need to talk to you”
*Virgle sits eating enjoying the first meal in days but nervously looking about having his stomach full he begins to doze off but his head snaps back up and he jumps to his feet clutching at his neck wild eyed looking all about*
Songbird says “Come in the tent Virgle do you remember the spring festivle songs the spring festival songs for me”
*Virgle sits on the bunk playing the flute becoming calmer*
*SongBird gently ...slowly gets him to lay down and covers him as he keeps at the flute music*” oh Virgle ...I can almost see the spring festival with all the youth in their fine dress and dancing about the pole ...can you see them ….and the games and all the food ...and friends..... such a fun safe good and blessed time”
*He drifts off to sleep and she tucks him in deeply concerned for what has happened.....she notices a newly healed scar upn his throat where he had been clutching in fear earlier*

*Virgle awakes …..looking about …... he is in a cot in the camp …..looking about..... he finds the flute next to him and plays the tunes of spring festival..... remembering....he feels tired and physically beat still ...he rubs his chest feeling the scar there ….remembering where the scar came from......suddenly jumping up and peering out the tent door hurriedly making for the wood where he is not trapped inside walls*
Virgle says “ I must keep moving ….she will come ….her minions will come.....”


*Virgle awoke in the great tree cradled by his Forest Friend Vines, his flute laying across his chest …. he looks about and plays softly on the flute remembering ….. he WAS remembering again ….. getting accustomed perhaps to his current state ….not being able to feel the balance …. not finding the SongBird or the Lavender..... being addled, he remembered searching for them..... and not finding.
Perhaps he was improving …. he had begun eating and drinking enough and slept now before descending into a uselessness shuffling husk of a man that only the SongBird was able to deal with …. how many times had he awoken in the camp not remembering how he got there but surely tucked in by the SongBird. He caresses the Vines inspecting them for their health and contentedness*
“Well my Forest Friends lets finds a meal for you to start this day … would you like that?”
*Virgle pulls his hood up and they descend from the great tree …. and head of in search of game. Quickly they take game and are well fed Virgle speaks to the Vines as he roasts some meat over over a fire and the Vines consume the rest of the carcass as he tends to the cooking* “Well Friends I hope I am better company to you now that we take better care to feed and sleep proper”
*The Vines sway and make growling sounds that Virgle seems to understand …. he rubs his chest looking all around and up into the trees*
“This living by reason is so much more troublesome than feeling the Balance ….. sometimes I think I hear Her whisper to me …. but not quite ….. it is a portend that She will again come unto me …. the Balance I shall feel again …... if I live long enough to heal”

*While the meat roasts Virgle plays softly on his flute... the tune of Spring Festival, it reminds him so of the SongBird …. one of the three things in life that he finds soothing and settling to his troubled mind … the other two being Lavender and SongBird... who were not as accessible as his flute... the meat being cooked enough, Virgle eats a bit disinterestedly but knowing he must eat drink and sleep to maintain some semblance of balance in his life.... He leads his Vines to the river taking the rope twisted from plants and hidden by the Songbird at their swimming hole, he baths with the Vines inspecting himself and them for any wounds and finding nothing new..... He rubs the scar on his chest remembering the Dark Lass carving upon him.... he shudders looking all about and to the sky and the river below ...he scurries up the rope dressing in haste and hiding the rope once again*
“ Come Friends lets have a look about for the SongBird”
*They patrol all about Tenabrae not finding the SongBird and begin to head to the plantation when near the old Legion Forward Operating Base they are met by a ladd with troubling news*

The ladd says “Warden … the Vic intend to assault the Pagan camp ...there are preparations made to stand at north bridge..... but only one there working now...”
Virgle replies Nodding and smiling “ Er ye weil Ladd? Ha ye etn? Victuals me ha roaster-ed this vary morn.... Wha ofn tham VIC ...thay cumes ta Tenabrae Wood? North Bridge werks fer a stan agin tham?”
*Nodding and smiling Virgle tosses the remainder of the roasted meat to the man as he hurries towards North Bridge*

*Arriving at North Bridge he finds fine fortifications and a cannon in place and a hooded figure laying traps in the funneled kill zone at North Bridge. The one having done the hard work of assembling the defenses speaks while finishing the laying of the traps*
“I have prepared the palisades to funnel them to the traps and cannonade … but I have just two volleys …. then I must flee as I am no warrior.”
Virgle answers “Ye ha dune weil … tha pallysades er fine-es ahn strongs …. tha funnelin weil peeks tha VIC pays dearly in bluids and limb-es fer crossin tha North Bridge thies day ...YE HA DUNE WEIL wha avar cumes ofn iet er ien debts ta ye”

*The hooded figure nods* “it will not be enough but I hope...... enough of a difference that I still have a place to roam in peace”

*Together they wait.... and eventually the VIC come rallying in formation on the east side at the bridge as they struggle to cross over the bridge and through the mined killing zone the cannonade is given with great effect before the Blessed hooded figure retreats of the VIC making it past the defenses and somehow causing Virgle to black out several times without coming near or seemingly engaging him Virgle awakes from a catatonic state standing watching the VIC engaging the Viney Friends ...he knows with this strange power the VIC has that Virgle and his Vines must flee perhaps they can lead the VIC off to the Wolves Wood*

“AYE YE VIC DOEG CUMES AFTAR A LADD AHN LATS THAM VINES BEES!” * He makes loud kissing lip smacking sounds*


*Virgle leads the lone VIC off towards the wood of the wolves ...keeping enough distance so that theVIC's strange power does not cause Virgle to fall into catatonia again ...then Virgle abandons the VIC to the Wolves and heads for the Forest Camp when for the first time since the Den of the Dark Lass he feels the balance and hears the sweet voice whisper*

“Redemit Virgle keep still and hear, go to the great tree and wait for me to send for you.... be still and wait for me … you will feel the balance and hear me as before …. if you but live long sister contends for you must trust in me and the balance..... now go and rest”

*Virgle makes his way to the great tree nestling in with the vines ...he can see a glow in the sky from Tenebrae wood......*
“If I live long enough indeed ….. perhaps too long”
*He plays very very softly on his flute*

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The man sat in the dark nestled in the crook of a great tree his forest friends watching over him.
Still as death he sat deep in thought his mind wandering to happier times. He sees himself swimming in the river with her..... beautiful as any mermaid ever were...... wholesome as the balance itself. That thought made his eyes involuntarily pop open.
*he rubs his chest while looking all about and up*
“Tha balance ….. me dun nary feels eny mores”
*he softly whistles a tune of the spring festival*
“tha Gran Lass doa whispars in me own ear tha weil cumes agin toa me ...should me live-es so long as....”

*the man gets comfortable and begins to meditate to find direction ….. he sees himself as a wee ladd pressing his Father in stick fighting when all of a sudden his Father disarms him and sweeps his feet*
He whisppers in coallation “ Father always let me win until that day …. I thought I was whooping upon me own Fathar all those years until I was 6 wintars.....”

*he sees himself tracking his father in a game of escape the trail ends in a tree.... the boy looking all around for further spore*
He whisppers in coallation “The old man taught me well the things for the keeping of the balance
…......all the things.....”
*his minds eye goes to a captive civilized man found in clan territory ...his Father pointing to the various points on the mans body and explaining what wounds to each area will cause then Father having him practice binding the man and giving the prisoner until dusk to escape and run for freedom ……. all part of the training to keep the balance*

*the man continues in meditation until the peeking of the dawn then after scanning the area climbs down from his roost and begins his patrolling*

he says “wundars me whar all tha folk er hiddin thas dayas..... ifn tha VIC ha taken tham....mebe tha Foundry …..Wundars me wha tham VIC ha beein werkin ohn tham firey throwers, thay liokely ha mure thins up thar sleeves-es?”

*as is his custom the man leaves supplies for the strengthening of the balance in several locations where they might be found by those in need*

*He bids his forest friends to wait in the wood and leaves a bag of supplies in the plantation tavern and chapel.... the hospital is still abandoned *

*he rubs his chest looking up and all around* “Tha fat preist … tha ladd er rightly thins ien tha ways a ladd decus wulds cumes fer ta blessess tha folk weith a chance ta be free frum tham darkones ….. tha one er a sight mure wiseer than tha folk wha wunts ta gathars powar n riches fer tham selv-es and do iet in tha guises ofn tha church”
*he sniffs*
“thies place doa smells horribles ….civilized indeedy”


The man stands a stones throw off and calls to the Savage Raiders in Coallation “Food is abundant these days ...not as it was in the starving time before...... serve Virgle as REDEMIT and live!”
The ragtag group of Raiders looks on not answering and Virgle calls out in common “Eh ladds er ye weil ha ye etn? Victuals er plantifulls nowa ….. serve-es Virgle ahs REDEMIT AHN LIVES!”

The Raiders cry out their battle cry as they charge ….. one swinging for Virgle but being intercepted and tossed back by the Forest Friends …..Virgle whispers gazing intently at the group of raiders and two fall to the ground unknowing the third is beat down by the Forest Friends. The Raiders waken from their stupor and Virgle again offers them their lives “Ladds Victuals be plantifulls nowa serves me ahs REDEMIT ahn live-es!” They press the battle until one lies upon the sod one arm wrenched from his shoulder...... fingers clutching the hammer still the other arm mangled and broken above and below the elbow flailing about uselessly as the Raider writhes upon the sod.... the remaining Raider yeilding and going to a knee.
Virgle speaks to the man on one knee ….. “ REDEMIT ets manfleashes nary mures ahn slays tham wha doa …. mercy fer tham wha weil serves ahs REDEMIT.”

Virgle whispers looking intently at the Raider writhing upon the sod and the man slumps into blessed unknowing stupor ..Virgle cradles the mans head in his left hand drawing his skinning knife he says “Tha civiliz-ed folk ha wrught terrable upon tha balances ..cutting tha Godspines through ahn pilin up stone ahs thay ought not aht thar “ *he spits* “Anglespires tham a killin ahn burnin averone ahn averthin in thar ah peekin *spits again* “wretched iet er tha tha vilest ahn cunning ladds wha weil always dominate tha kindar genteel folk ahn tha, serpents amoungst tham gets fer ta steers civilized folks be tham ien thar governments er ein thar churches.” *sighs rubbing his chest with the knife still in hand, looking all about* “Thar civilize-ed push through tha Godspines ahn civilize-ed slayin ahn burnin..... tha er wha brought aboudt sech resolve ein tham ofn tha west wha ha wrought thies ere Torments” * Spits rubbing his chest knife still in hand, and looking all about*
“Anuthar Mothers Son gones too soons ...BLESSED BE YER RESTS NOWA” * He slides the knife in along the esophagus severing the jugular vein and carotid artery and quickly repeating the well practiced motion on the other side of the mans neck blood spurting the life out of the man in seconds*

Virgle rises and calls to the wood in an unintelligible feral sound then turns to the Raider on his knee whispering “Rise be healed ahn strengthan-ed victuals me weil leaves fer ye regulars in yondar tent fer ifn ye be ahn hungare-ed...........ets man fleash-es nary mures ...slay tham wha doa ….mercy fer tham wha weil be REDEMIT. Blessed be!” Virgle hands the Redemit a few days supply of food.

An odd assortment of forest creatures have assembled at the woods edge peering out..... Virgle beckons to them in that feral call once more, and they slink and trot from the wood to the fallen Raiders feasting on them.


10/ 7/ 17

*The magnificent harvest moon had set leaving only dim starlight on the brisk cloudless night.. The man sat in the dark nestled in the crook of a great tree his forest friends watching over him.
Still as death he sat deep in thought remembering, mulling and ruminating ..... his mind wandering to happier times. He sees himself swimming in the river with her..... happy and beautiful as any mermaid ever were...... wholesome as the balance itself.... that thought made his eyes involuntarily pop open. *
In coallation “There was purpose and fulfillment then.... the balance I felt ….hope for a future with her, children and a farm but that ….. now gone darkness and shamed wandering.....”
*he rubs his chest feeling the scar there where the Dark Lass had carved …...while looking all about and up*
“Tha balance ….. me dun nary feels eny mores”
*he softly whistles a mournful tune stopping abruptly mid note remembering the words of the Dark Lass while he was a captive in her den, in the place between the winds…...while working the knife to cut out flesh between two of Virgles ribs on his back she whistled a mournful tune..... . “ one of my favorite tunes Virgle did not whistle it since the coming of the Songbird.....I missed it....”

*Just then the first buzz of the coming dawn begins, the song of the cricket, the chirping of the birds, the stirring of the leaves from the breeze all added to the night sounds the owl and loon and frogs*
“Tha night ofn tha VIC burnin…... tha Gran Lass doa whispars in me own ear tha weil cumes agin toa me ...should me live-es so long as....”
*The man strains to FEEL what he knows is there...... the balance still there still tottering ….but it is he that is broken and swaying unsteady and unable to feel the balance... yet he strains to be one with the balance to feel it again.*
The man says to his forest friends speaking coallation “almost I can feel it... it is all about is it not?...and the buzzing chirping croaking the rustle of the leaves....... almost can I feel it”
*the man sighs heavily and gets comfortable beginning to meditate to find direction …..this is exactly the kind of situation that called for a journey to the place of knowing ….... the place between the winds but he can not make that journey ...the Dark Lass waits for him there*
*he rubs his chest looking up and all around* “I expected the Dark Lass to come here after me but perhaps restrained she is from this realm...”
*after meditating through the dawn the man stirs fingering the scar on his chest once again he scans the area before descending from the tree and cooking up breakfast for him and his forest friends*
“The boars have been so thinned out from over hunting this is the last of the ham for a while ….it shall be venison from here on until the hogs rebound.............. Well look at you bright songbird ..welcome is your song”
*The man addressed a songbird that alighted upon his pack setting there by the fire ..the songbird singing delightfully........ it is the same breed of bird that was in the den of the Dark Lass ….. he remembers.... being restrained until suddenly Deceit and Selfish crumbled and he was able to grasp the Blade of Mercy freeing the Songbird and Lavender before thrusting the blade into his own throat …. he feels the scars there on his neck and chest looking all about and up*
“You came for me then Lass of Light have said you will come again ….I will wait...”
*The songbird flies a stones throwaway to alight on a branch singing is sweet tune*

*the man tilts his head listening to the song of the songbird...he rubs his chest looking all around and up*

“You come for me? Your song is pleasant to my ears but I know not what you say....”

*The songbird takes flight again landing a little farther away looking back and singing*

The man says to the bird “Lead on and I will listen and follow”
*rubbing his chest the man trots on after the songbird knowing she is an omen but wondering weather a for good or ill he thinks he discerns some message about feeling the balance in her song but is terribly unsure.... the songbird flits and flutters leading to the spring in the north mountains and there several folk set at the fire ...mercenaries two Swordsmen and a Scout roasting game*

The man calls out “ ELLO! Er ye weil ...ha ye etn?”

*The startled trio stare at the hermit and his forest friends a moment still as statues not saying anything but then drawing their swords and knocking an arrow*

The man says “ Me means ye nary harms ..peace be stihl iet nary blessed here-es aht tha spring ien tha mountains?”

*The larger of the two swordsmen steps forward * “You ARE the crazy old coot of tenabrae wood ain't you? Apostate Warder of the Wood.....?”

*Virgle sighs deeply looking to the songbird sitting on a branch watching …. still he wonders.... an omen of good or ill?*

Virgle says “ Nary er me oldar than ye bees ….. ahs late... tech-ed mebe sums...” *he brings his pointer finger to his ear making a circular motion* “apostate me jaws nary soas ….. tham whats treble-es tha dead er me sworn enamiy-es” * he spits* “Me fren leads me here-es fer jaws weith ye..... er ye weil? Ha ye etn.... ha ye needs fer sech ahs might be ien me hans?”

The lead swordsman says “ Send your beasts away and talk we will over the roasting game.”
Virgle answers “ A wee teched me er budt nary soas fer ta be taken unaware-ed weithoudt me frens by me sides..... jaws we as we bee …..distance me weil keeps … ahn me frens means ye nary harms”

*A similar group ..two swordsmen and an archer approach from the south pausing 15 yards from Virgle and his forest friends one of them calling out* “What is this here? Apostate comes to breakfast?”

The big swordsman from the group at the fire answers “nah no apostate ...the Warder of Tenbrae wood ...the crazy old coot.....”
*Virgle rubs his chest looking all about and up ..looking to the songbird as she sings softly* he says”Treble doa me nary wunts ..unly cumes me fer to jaws aht tha leadin ofn tha songbird”

One of the swordsmen calls out ..”The old coot ….he knows of the where abouts of the Songbird ...take him alive....” *the swords men rush towards Virgle swords in hand Virgle is stuck by two arrows the forest friends leaping and whipping into the swordsmen Virgle backs up against the cliff wall whispering and staring intently at the two archers who crumble into unknowing stupor then he pops a blessed berry in his mouth and whispers again staring intently at his forest friends and they are strengthened for the melle two of the swordsmen falling to retreat from the beating Virgle stares at the remaining swordsmen whispering and they soon fall to the combined efforts of Virgle and his friends ...quickly Virgle whispers staring intently at the stirring archers and they slumber deeply once more *
Virgle says to his forest friends “ Ladds ye ha dun weil ….. goa ahn finishes tham ladds wha runs offn.”
*The forest friends growl and make off on the trail of the wounded swordsmen Virgle following....soon they are found and soundly thrashed until they move no more*

*When Virgle and his forest friends return the Archers are tending to the swordsmen ...but they are beyond help the archers spin and let fly arrows striking Virgle again before retreating ...and again Virgle whispers , staring at them intently until they fall in slumber …. he again removes the arrows and eats a blessed berry before advancing to the slumbering archers whom his forest friends set upon eagerly*
Virgle says “Holds ahn follows me.” *The forest friends coming to his side still growling.... the singing of the songbird now being noticed again …. trying to tell him somthing*

*one of the archers is clearly dead the head at an impossible angle for the living.... the other has a badly broken arm ….Virgle moves closer his hand goes to his knife*

In slumber the still Archer mumbles through sleepy lips ...
"Here in the dark of the snow I can return to the balance what was lent to me..... borrowed.....for a with my....."

Virgle quirks a brow “….snow ...what snow? “ *The songbird sings her song loudly now as Virgle trys to understand ….she alights very near on a branch*
*Virgle stoops down and cradles the Archers head in his left hand drawing his skinning knife he says ….”Another Mothers Son gone to soon …..” Virgle sees the archer is no man but a woman and her face morphs before him into that of his beloved SongBird and then of Dances Upon Moon Beams and then of Lavender and then of the Dark lass then of the lady of the Wood then the Lass Of Light ….Virgle stares confused and distraught the Songbird lands on his knife hand singing loudly Virgle tries to understand the song of the songbird....... the Archer stirs...... Virgle moves the knife into the well practiced position to make a quick end of this archer lass but the songbird flys to his face grasping his mustache in her talons and flapping and pecking at his face singing her song .....*

The songbird says in coallation “Redimit you have waited, I come to you ….be still”

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After an undetermined amount of time has passed......the requiem continues.....

The man moves silently slowly cautiously carefully looking all around, front and back, up and down, more cautious than a hunted cougar. He makes his way along the swampy path avoiding engaging the forest and swamp creatures and especially man folk. He pauses to listen, is there anything or anyone waiting ahead or following behind? He waits for the clouds to part and allow the moonlight to reveal the path ahead. Thinking as he waits, remembering the visions he has seen dancing in the flame of the campfire and upon the surface of the springs, "The Grand Lass has work for me here, so shall I strengthen the balance where I am placed. Troubled waters in a troubled village, a dark shadow in a dark swamp, the Lass sends me among then again, so shall it be."

The clouds part revealing enough light for the man to slip silently about the place and he makes a pass about the perimeter and out buildings. Making note of the pit lagoons filled with the remains of the living and perhaps reanimated.
He considers the large tunnel below the building and the tract leading to the lagoon, *he spits* thinking "The smells of the troubled dead are about this place, something wicked this way dwells, it will not trouble your balance my Lass."

He moves on farther, silent as a shadow, still looking all around and up rubbing the scars on his chest and abdomen fingering the scars on his throat where he himself has thrust the Dark Lasses knife of mercy in an attempt to end his life, hoping to snap the silver cord that bound the SongBird and Lavender there in the den of the Dark Lass with him. Softly as a breeze he whispers..."Lass so as you say so shall I do" His eyes shift all about again, realizing he is drifting again to that place of loss and unbalance he shakes it off and concentrates upon the task at hand ...given to him by the Lass.

He listens to the water splash out of a spring and down into one of the pit lagoons …. the water sounds troubled as if bearing an unnatural burden... the vines at the spring cry and sway in the breeze, but the man does not understand their cry, he listens striving to be one with them, to understand their cry, a tear runs down his nose and into his mustache. There is much death and troubled energy in this place ...the balance is troubled here …. troubled even more than he himself.

The man moves along making note of the strange totems of bulls heads placed about the village ...upon posts and other prominent places. There is an unnaturally large serpent in the north perimeter the aura about it in conflict with the balance ….. he thinks. The troubled water in the river …. unnatural, he senses and smells the trouble in it, the dark energy that is out of place... out of balance …. troubling the balance. He eyes a large building next to the troubled waters pondering his next steps.

He hears her whisper, " It is there …. tread lightly but go ...see"
*he fingers the scars again ….. wounds that should have killed him ….wounds that the Lass healed. He creeps into the building moving like a cat both hunting and hunted.
He moves deep into the large building when he begins to feel an overwhelming oppressive cold press in upon him, he imagines the touch of the Dark Lass with her hand thrust into the gaping wound she made in his chest griping his heart... for a moment the insanity grips his mind again. But then there is warmth and her voice, his Lass, "Be still you have waited and I have come, this is what you were to see, go now see the village above"

He moves about the shadows of the village smelling the troubled waters and sods, there is a mark of the troublers.... of them that trouble the dead upon a large tree in the village. * he spits* As he leaves the village something stirs in the pond and he waits to study it but it is more wary than he, and is gone. He slips from the village and into the night and he too is gone.

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The Grand Lass gives work for Her Redimit to tend to.

The man moves about the Wood slowly always stealthy as a cougar on the hunt. He is about the work his Lass has given for him to embrace. He strengthens the herbs and shrubs even the great trees of the Wood. He nurtures them with plantings and cuttings, watering and swales to retain water or shed it to better use for the nurturing, great quantities of compost had he tucked in to nurture this place. He can feel the smile upon Her lips as he strengthens the Wood. As he places newly divided roots in Her blessed spring to strengthen for the replanting the water stirs. He is enthralled as in the green flash of a spring meadow. As the pool stills again She is there “Virgle it is time to gather the folk which speak betwixt the winds ….to unite and strengthen them for they will soon be required to right the Balance.
There is much trouble upon this place and much more to soon be. The weapons forged by the children of stone and iron will not be enough. Gather them and strengthen them I will place in your hands all that you shall need for the work. Blessed be! My Redimit Virgle”
Virgle nodding and smiling simply replies “So as you say….. so shall your Redimit Virgle do …. Blessed BEE!”
The spring stirs one again and She is gone. Virgle refreshes himself with the blessed water and sets about the task he has been given. He walks the width and breadth of the land after dusk leaving trail sign for those that know. He leaves the old sign of wood and hide for the less discerning. As the sun nears dawning he heads back to his place of rest immensely satisfied to be about Her work now.

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