Possible to open door even when its locked

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Possible to open door even when its locked

Post by daquorm » April 29th, 2023, 5:41 am

I don't know if this is specifically to this room (I've tried it on other rooms a few times with no success) but even when I lock the door, when I come back I am briefly able to open the door if I double click it. When I try to double click it again, it says it's locked. This as lead to me being robbed of items a few times already. Today I came back with the door open, I was able to close the door, but double clicking it again gave the message "the door is locked". So apparently the bugs works both ways.

To reproduce it:
exit the room, lock the door
go away for a bit and come back.
Directly walk to the door and double click it: sometimes it will open, sometimes it won't and give the message locked
when it opens double click it again to confirm it was actually locked

This is the NE basement room in fort Praesidium.

Edit: apparently logging out works as well. after logging out for about 5 minutes and logging in again. I was quickly able to open and close the door again after it finally said "that is locked".


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