Parish Happenings

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Parish Happenings

Post by Lexi » May 18th, 2021, 3:54 pm

A list of things those around the Parish might be aware of.

Month of Flowerbloom:

- Homes have been being erected with some regularity as the number of citizens grows.
- Josephine has rejoined her family at the Parish.
- Youngest de Ravin, Dominic, has recently arrived to join his siblings.
- Due to a recent surge in break-ins, the inner sanctum of the Parish has been flooded with light to discourage those who would sneak about from entering. Lady de Ravin has been heard remarking that she doesn't understand the interest of such individuals as there is not much worth stealing or overhearing.
- Foot traffic in and out of the Parish has grown exponentially and word spreads that the de Ravins welcome all who are in good standing with the Church.
- Many, if not most, of the Parish have been seen together at Highfield and the Fort of late, gathering and traveling as a group. Even the elusive Lady has joined them, often in the company of the known Templar, Kaine.
- The sound of a lone carpenter, working well into the night, has filled the warm evenings recently.
- Kalisto Krauss has been elevated to the office of Diplomat and tasked with aiding with foreign relations.
- Josephine de Ravin has accepted the position of Commandant over the Parish's armed forces.
- A force of no less than fifteen people left the Parish on the evening of the 20th, marching north and through the feral pagan lands, clearing them of any heathen who raised arms against them. They came across a house in the middle of nowhere which, after knocking, it was discovered that a prominent couple in the Province was using it as a "love shack". They all got quite the eyeful!
- Graelynn de Ravin has returned home! It is said she returned on one of the last evenings of the month and is currently staying with Josephine.
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Re: Parish Happenings

Post by Drucilla » May 19th, 2021, 2:16 am

-Hierarchy of the de Ravin Parish armed forces is established within the First Province. It is loosely as follows: Commandant, Chevalier, Officier, Aides.
-Regular hunting trips are scheduled to happen on [Thursdays] in order to hone group cohesion.
-An odd occurrence happens at the de Ravin Parish, involving an outsider. The details are being kept quiet for the most part, but all guardsmen seem to be saying is that Laurent de Ravin could be heard shrieking in rage, saying "FUCK YOU, BITCH!"

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