The Legacy of Bartholomew Ellsworth

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The Legacy of Bartholomew Ellsworth

Post by drowking » January 8th, 2024, 10:30 am

Character Introduction


Fortune Plango Vulnera

Full Name: Bartholomew Ellsworth
Birthdate: Thawmist, 1st
Birthplace: Pontufex Hill, Redholme, Eastern Baronies
Birthsign: The Fool

Age: 25
Height: Tall
Weight: Average, but toned
Eyes: Vivid green
Hair: Redhead
Skin: Pale
Handedness: Right-handed
Posture: Tense, always uncomfortable
Hygiene: Obsessively clean
Scent: Incense, aromatic candles

Physical Description: Bart looks young, although his demeanor might suggest an older age. A serious and stoic expression is perpetually stamped to his face. Vivid green eyes, an aquiline nose and thin, usually pursed lips are framed by curly redhair and a strong jaw line. His hair is held in place by a golden stripe, which might resemble a halo on his head. Albeit quiet, when he does speak his voice is deep, with an obvious Redholme accent. Around his neck is a silver necklace with a pendant shaped as a sword with two scales hanging from its cross-guard - the Church of Decus symbol.

General Health: Blessed by Decus (according to him, at least)
Profession: Knight in training
Faction Affiliation: Once a novice in the Church of Decus
Languages: Decusian, Nothryian
Accent: Redholme
Roleplay Tools: Faith, Church of Decus symbol on his necklace, citing Creationis

Hobbies: Reading sacred texts, purging Ill and undead
Habits: Praying to the One True God Decus, helping those in peril

Personality Description: Quiet and observant. Quite serious and stoic for his young age. Mysterious and hard to read.

History: Full story here

Strengths: "Decus is on my side"
Weaknesses: "Father, forgive me, for I have sinned"

Governing Virtue: Justice
Governing Throne: Wrath

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