The Ninth Virtue

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The Ninth Virtue

Post by geeg » January 8th, 2024, 1:57 pm

Basics & Logistics

1. Have you read all of the prerequisites and considerations and do you agree to abide by them?


2. What is the name of your intended Faction?

The Ninth Virtue

3. What is the expected or intended size of the Faction in terms of player characters?

5 at the beginning, possibly more in the future.

4. What is the expected or intended size of the Faction in terms of its’ lore concept, and/or including NPCs?


5. Roleplaying wise, how influential will the Faction strive to be? Will it tend to stick to itself and not make waves, or will it try and become a household name? How will the Faction accomplish this level (or lack thereof) of influence and reputation?

We plan to stick to our own community mostly and not strive for influence, however some of it might come due to various in-game events. However we fully allow for the possibility of some members being more open to the outside world, according to their character’s concept.

6. Does the Faction have any unique colors, sigils, banners, or signage that uniquely identifies it? What is the significance of it?

No, however our members wear mostly colors natural to the woods – greens and bronzes.

Goals & Future

1. What purpose, direction or goal does the Faction have in the world at large?

All Faction members come from Murandesh region or are somehow related to it, so they share same goal like sustaining their region culture, working mostly in their own community and protecting their land from the Torment by their own efforts.

2. What purpose, direction or goal does the Faction have within the quarantined First Province in particular?

The Torment penetrates deeper and deeper into the forests of Murandesh, which forces its tribes to act together. One of actions taken by them is to send envoys, nomads, spies to the outter world. Tribesman who have had previous contact with the outside world, those who are most educated, strongest or most adaptable, are sent to try to fight the „outlanders curse” and gain information about it. Faction goal therefore is to fight the Torment, without help from the outlanders, unless its on Faction’s terms.

3. Role-playing wise, what would the Faction seek to accomplish within the next six to twelve months? What are their immediate and long-term goals?

Establish settlement, gather resources and work on mastering their skills. Scout accessible part of First Province. Then slowly, but surely work on fighting the Torment, while trying to ignore politics of outter world.

4. Is the Faction famous or infamous for anything in particular? Will it strive to be famous or infamous for anything in the near future?

It’s not and it will try not to.

Concept & Community

1. Please provide the Discord handle of the intended Player Leader of this Faction that will serve to liaison with the Staff in the future:


2. Please provide a summary as to the out-of-character purpose of the Faction, what sort of role you feel it will fill in-game (trading guild, PVP, PVM, etc.), and what sort of player character you intend to attract and/or support with the Faction in general.

We want to appear as a hard-to-reach and secretive community that is reluctant to contact strangers, even though its goals may closely overlap with theirs. We hope that this aura will interest players in trying to interact, both friendly and hostile. We will for sure play a lot of PvM and eventually we want to engage in some PvP.


1. If you have anything additional you would like to publicly share with us, to include in-character write ups, descriptions, organization structures or even custom logos and sigils, please provide them here:

Although Faction originates from Murandesh region which is said to be inhabited by wild tribes this is not how the members should be percieved. As stated previously, members present in First Province had to take a long journey from their homeland that could take years. During this time they surely had to adapt to new environment and culture. Some of them may still not know the common language well or adhere to strange norms, but they should no longer be percieved as wild savages, but more like distrustful newcomers from afar.

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