The Legacy of Luna Torres

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Quanasar Runathag
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Character: Quanasar, Luna Torres

The Legacy of Luna Torres

Post by Quanasar Runathag » February 17th, 2024, 10:03 am

Full Name: Luna Torres (known as Luna Delgardo)
Birthdate: 13th of Highsun
Birthplace: Redholme City, Redholme
Birthsign: The Fool

Age: 24
Height: 1,75m
Weight: light
Eyes: hazelnut brown
Hair: bright blonde
Skin: a bit pale
Handedness: both handed
Posture: joyful
Hygiene: clean
Scent: old books and white lillies

Physical Description: Luna looks younger than she actually is, maybe it is her joyful behavior that makes people think so. She isnt very big, merely average and also not very strongly build. Her hazelnut brown eyes glitter with curiosity and joy whenever you meet her. Her bright skin seems a bit pale from long time stufying inside. She has long wavy bright blonde hair. Her tone is mostly joyful with no accent, in the times she studies something mostly a bit sluggish.

General Health: good
Profession: Doctor (Student), Artisian (hobby)
Faction Affiliation: Her parents were newly rich from Redholme, owning several big factories
Languages: Decusian, Nothryian
Accent: None
Roleplay Tools: Notebook, Sunhat

Hobbies: Artisian, Exploration, hunting Undeads
Habits: Greets everyone joyful, either stranger or aquintance

History: Origins: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3724

Strengths: "I dont like to prag!"
Weaknesses: Growing up as well situated daughter, she doesnt really know how the world works
Governing Virtue: Spirituality
Governing Throne: Sacrilege

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