Skill Name

Arcane Incantation

Skill Category


Description of Skill

Arcane Incantation is considered to be a character’s overall aptitude in summoning forth magical energy and transforming it into end effects. Arcane Incantation acts as a modifier for all spells that utilize scaling. For example, Incantation determines the amount of hit points healed from a Healing spell, the duration of a summoned creature, the overall damage of an attack spell, and so on.

Animus Costs

This skill can be raised 1% at a time for a cost of 2 Animus. A total investment of 200 Animus points will raise this skill to a 100% skill value.

Purchasable Skill Abilities

ArcaneIncantation Grandmastery

Arcane Opportunism I

Arcane Opportunism II

Runic Spellbook Creation