Skill Name


Skill Category


Description of Skill

The Archery skill determines the overall damage dealt to targets when using an Archery weapon in combat. Archery skill also determines what Archery related special weapon moves you may acquire and use in combat. Utilizing a weapon belonging to this Skill class without appropriate skill (under 70%) will result in a damage debuff. Weapon Skill Damage Modifier % = ((Weapon Skill * 0.75)-50), add an additional 5.0% bonus if Weapon Skill >=100%.

Animus Costs

This skill can be raised 1% at a time for a cost of 3 Animus. A total investment of 300 Animus points will raise this skill to a 100% skill value.

Purchasable Skill Abilities

Archery Focus I

Deadly Archery I

Archery Focus II

Deadly Archery II

Crippling Shot

Dazing Shot

Double Shot

Moving Shot

Poisoned Shot

Archery Focus III

Deadly Archery III

Archery Grandmastery