Skill Name

Paganistic Arcana

Skill Category


Description of Skill

Paganistic Arcana is used directly to determine the likelihood of casting an Paganistic Arcana spell. Little is known about the field of Paganistic magic, though many conjecture that it has been around for centuries, practiced in secret by the backwater peoples of the Western Territories. Often involving spells and incantations relating to nature and the manipulation of various elements, Paganistic spells are a peculiar and unique collection. Little else can be said about this mysterious Arcana.

Animus Costs

This skill can be raised 1% at a time for a cost of 2 Animus. A total investment of 200 Animus points will raise this skill to a 100% skill value.

Purchasable Skill Abilities

Earthen Might I

Earthen Might II

Earthen Might III

Paganistic Grandmastery

Weapon Profane

Blessed Bees

Lure Stone

Stone Stare

Deadly Nature I

Deadly Nature II

Deadly Nature III