Skill Name


Skill Category


Description of Skill

Skill value in Skinning determines the ability to be able to skin resources from a corpse of an animal, creature or human and additionally determines the success rate in doing so. For more details on skinning, reference the Skinning Guide located on the website.

Animus Costs

This skill can be raised 1% at a time for a cost of 1 Animus. A total investment of 100 Animus points will raise this skill to a 100% skill value.

Purchasable Skill Abilities

Beginner Bonecutter

Bush-Leaguer Butcher

Conservation Connoisseur

Dabbler Dentist

Efficient Skinning

Efficient Skinning II

Fledgling Flayer


Novice of Necropsy

Outlaw Optometrist

Pupil of Pluckery

Skinning Grandmastery

Specimen Specialist

Student Slicer