Ability Name

Grit II

Description of Ability

Your experience in combat has led to a deeper understanding of the tools and tactics required in order for you and your allies to survive the battlefield. Expansive wells of adrenaline, concentration, morale and extensive first aid experience allow you to shrug off glancing blows, steel yourself against the barrage of battle, and patch up minor wounds that would otherwise best a lesser warrior. Bolsters the character's innate Grit pool, bestowing a formula of [Anatomy Skill * 40] as opposed to [Anatomy Skill * 30] to determine maximum potential Grit pool. Successful heals with [aid and other medical applications recieve a 1 to 2 hit point bonus.

Governing Birthsign

Ability Command

None (Passive)

Animus Purchase Cost


Lifetime Animus Required


Ability Pre-Requisite

Grit I

Skill Requirement 1

50% in Anatomy

Skill Requirement 2


Skill Requirement 3