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I looked, and behold, an ashen horse...

...and he who sat on it had the name Death


Requiem is one of the last true enforced role-playing shards left in the Ultima Online player-ran community. Versions and instances of Requiem have been operational for nearly ten years. Over our long history, we have cultivated a strong core community of veteran role-players, talented map makers, proficient programmers and experienced game masters.


For the past two years, the original staff of Requiem has come back together to re-open the doors of this project for one final foray into the abyss. We have worked closely with our community in determining what our players expect from us. We have examined what has worked and what hasn’t for not only Requiem, but for other enforced role-playing shards. Combining all of these lessons learned, we have embarked on creating what we feel to be one of the most unique, interactive and engrossing role-playing experiences to date within the UO community.


Welcome to Requiem; a medieval Grimdark role-playing experience that’s been around for over a decade. Our humble project boasts more than ten years’ worth of development and community building, all of which is focused upon three key ideas; role-playing, character development and above all, immersion. From custom artwork, sounds and music to deeply developed magic, crafting, combat and experience systems, Requiem is a project built to provide an immersive and deep game-play experience, exclusive to those that value community and role-playing. In Requiem, we offer a truly unique and different setting and role-playing experience – one that removes the high-fantasy orcs and dragons of normal settings and instead replaces them with blood, marrow and the legions of the damned. If you’ve a penchant for Grimdark, Victorian or Diablo-esque role-playing, than you’ve come to the right place; come delve into the First Province, and experience what Requiem has to offer.

For all the earth will be devoured...

By the fire of My zeal


One of the most important tenants of Requiem’s design philosophy is that of character development and customization. In order to promote a sense of true individualized development of one’s character, we have created a completely custom skill system which incorporates both traditional Ultima Online style skill gain through use along with a skill purchasing function, allowing players to develop their character how they see fit. In addition, each skill offers a plethora of “skill perks” that allows players to further customize their skills and their behavior. Become a legendary blacksmith by investing your time, skill points and perks into abilities that will make you known throughout the lands as an expert in your trade. Master the arts of the arcane by specializing in one of many schools of magic and mystical studies. Conquer the battlefield by specializing in one of many different weapon skills, including Firearms, and augment your fighting abilities further by utilizing one of many supporting skills.


Welcome to Eden, a world within the throes of the apocalypse. There are no fairy tale endings for our forsaken protagonists and characters; only the forgoing of the inevitable. Requiem is a roleplay enforced exercise in masochism and unbelievably visceral RP inspired by survival horror games and dark fantasy, and is complete with a fully realized perma-death system. Your character can very well find their demise at the hands of game mechanics such as the Torment, hostile monsters and NPCs, or, more likely, other players. Challenge yourself, and create a character that will face the horrors of the First Province boldly. Life is fleeting in the apocalypse; will you be able to survive?

For the trumpet will sound...

...and the dead will be raised imperishable


Within the grim and dark world that is Eden, you may very well find kindred spirits whom seek both glory and salvation. These fellows, like yourself, have come together to form the community that is Requiem. We have poured our blood, sweat and tears into creating this world for you to enjoy – we only ask that you treat your fellow guests with courtesy and honor.

New Horizons

"Requiem was, to me, a hesitant venture into an even unknown part of the RP world... But it stood fast to the test of time and dared to inflict Torment on the mind and heart and create an atmosphere like no other from the ravages left behind. Come on in and succumb to the horror; You might just call it home."

- Galoko

Visceral RP Action

"Sure, it uses Ultima Online as an engine, but it's so much more than just a near ancient MMO. It's a roleplay enforced exercise in masochism and unbelievably visceral RP. To give you an idea, some of the phrases used to describe the experience are as follows: “Hardcore”, “Survival Horror”, “Awesome”, “Like Thief, Warhammer fantasy, and the Walking Dead had a baby”."

- Agustus

Heavy is the Head

"Heavy are the crowns of Thirteen Thrones, heavier are the bodies beneath them. "

- Alteripseity

Final Destinations

"If your still playing UO, Requiem will likely be your final stop."

- Dirzan