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Donate to Requiem


Donations that are made to the Requiem project go directly to server costs, shard development, future potential marketing and to the continuation of our efforts in making Requiem the premiere role-playing enforced destination of UO players everywhere. We sincerely appreciate any and all support given towards this endeavor.

In appreciate for your support, you will be provided Legacy Points in recognition of your donation. Legacy Points are generated at a rate of one point per day by active characters and can be spent on various cosmetic upgrades and items through the use of the Legacy system (using the command [legacy in-game).

The Legacy System does not offer any sort of skill or progression alterations to your character; everything available through this system is purely cosmetic, and will not provide game play advantages in any way, shape or form.

Legacy Points are provided as appreciation to donators, and are bestowed at a rate of 1:1 USD.




Account Name

Character Name


Legacy Point to USD is 1:1 ($1.00 USD = 2 Legacy Points)

Please allow for up to a 24 hour processing time for donation rewards to be processed. Please assure that your Account Name and Character Name are entered correctly.

All donations provided to Requiem shard are that; donations. They are not to be considered a digital purchase of goods or services. Legacy Points are provided solely as a means of appreciation for helping support our community.

All donations are final. Donating to Requiem does not exempt a player from the rules, terms of use, stipulations and community decorum expectations. A perma-killed character or banned account will not warrant a refund of donations.

Legacy Points will be distributed to your character when you are online, within 24 hours of processed donation. If we’re unable to catch you online, they will be added to your character while you are offline.